6, Jun 2024
This indifferent attitude and indifferent attitude make Zhao Chunping, who is staring at Su Ling, get stuck in my heart and how to relieve it!

Chun-ping Zhao climbed many wrinkles, her eyes glistened with cold light, her hands were tight and her teeth were tight at her side. "What do you think? How dare you come back?
Don’t you forget that you admit that you are not our prime minister’s house in front of the whole Beijing people!
How? Do you want to go back on your word now? ! "
Zhao Chunping’s words are very sharp and sharp, and her direct statement of Su Ling’s identity proves to some extent that she is not going to continue to pretend!
This sharp question made Su Ling frown. "Who stipulates that I can’t come if I’m not a daughter of Xiangfu?"
At this time, Su Ling still looked at Zhao Chunping indifferently!
Although she has no radical words or actions, it doesn’t mean that she has no opinion on Zhao Chunping!
Some things have accumulated in her heart for a long time. Zhao Chunping doesn’t mind telling all the things she knows if she is still ignorant!
Zhao Chunping angrily stared at Su Ling’s mistress demeanor and continued to ridicule "what an uneducated thing!"
No wonder you did such outrageous things as slapping the queen! Su Ling, if you still have a conscience, I advise you to stay away from us while you can!
Otherwise, don’t get into any trouble again, but let our whole house take the blame! We don’t have the honor! "
"Shut up!"
Zhao Chunping’s words suddenly opened the door of the room!
As if a hurricane hit Su Baosheng, the hair in Zhao Chunping’s ear was dazzled!
Su Baosheng’s face at the door of the room was cold, his eyes were cold and cold, and he gasped with anger. He looked at Zhao Chunping with his hands still holding the door and the latch was getting white!
Su Baosheng thundered and stepped out as soon as he released the latch!
Then his eyes seemed to be a little apologetic, and Su Ling took back her sight and condensed Zhao Chunping. "Have you said enough? !”
"Have I said enough?" Chun-ping Zhao couldn’t help but point to his nose and ask with disbelief.
And at the sight of Su Baosheng, she looked at herself like an enemy. Zhao Chunping’s fragile nerves were triggered again. She sneered and continued, "Sir, you are biased towards her every time! You have been like this since she and Feng Rujun appeared in Xiangfu!
Have you ever wondered who is taking care of the whole xiangfu and who gave birth to your two children?
And what about her? Where’s Feng Rujun? What did they do to you? A woman who doesn’t know self-love and is pregnant has you as a baby!
Now she Su Ling is almost so arrogant that the whole Xiangfu is devastated. Do you still prefer her? What’s so good about them? ! "
At this time, Zhao Chunping is hysterical!
In her heart, she can accept the fact that she is unloved, but she can’t accept Su Baosheng’s treatment of her for so many years!
She knows how many things she has done and how many people she has hooked secretly!
She will be condemned by her conscience every night!
But she became like this, and all this was caused by him, Su Baosheng!
Today, he still prefers these two women, and he doesn’t ask why. If they do everything, he will support them!
What on earth is this based on? !
Su Baosheng turned pale after Zhao Chunping screamed at the top of his lungs!
Breathing is getting thicker and thicker, and breathing becomes the only embellishment sound around the quiet!
Su Ling didn’t speak in such an atmosphere!
She is not afraid or forbearing to choose silently because she doesn’t want Su Bao to be in trouble!
Suddenly, however, there was a slow, steady and rhythmic pace around.
This step is steady, slow, deep and clear!
It’s footsteps, but it makes everyone feel a little depressed and suffocated!
Zhao Chunping’s face changed, and after two turns of eyes, Yu Guang suddenly flashed and stared at him, clearly seeing the tall and straight figure behind Su Baosheng at this time!
Damn it!
Why is the dust king here? !
There is no denying that Zhao Chunping’s eyes are full of obscurity and fear when he sees the burning dust!
Su Baosheng also noticed that he felt depressed behind him and turned around. He couldn’t help frowning and nodded slightly. "Let the king laugh!"
Regardless of whether Huang Yinchen is his little husband or not, their identity still makes them have a show of courtesy!
Su Baosheng apologetically looked at Huang Yin’s dust and knew that he must have been angered when he saw that he was half-paid for silence!
Don’t say it’s the dust king. Even when he heard Zhao Chunping’s words, he was a little angry, let alone loving the dust king!
Indeed, as Su Baosheng thought, at this time, Huang Yin’s dust was low and his brow seemed to freeze!
After Su Baosheng got out of the way, he slowly stepped out of the cold eyes step by step, but it was like quenching poison, and it didn’t instantly coagulate Zhao Chunping!
"This is the mistress of the house?"
When Huang Yin dust was in front of Zhao Chunping, his thin lips moved with biting coldness and plunged into her body without mercy!
Don’t say at this time the dust king is extremely angry!
He never knew that anyone dared to speak ill of Su Ling!
And this person is Su Ling who once respected Mrs. Xiangfu!
When she slapped her mother, he knew!
However, the foreign affairs that happened later in Xiangfumen were solved by Xiao Si, who knew the result but didn’t pay too much attention to the process!
If he hadn’t just heard what Zhao Chunping said, he didn’t know that Su Ling had suffered behind his back!
Burn three-dimensional dust a heavy coldness don’t recognize emotions!
It’s that feeling of being frozen for nine years in the middle of winter that makes Zhao Chunping’s forehead radiant with fine cold sweat!
Huang Yin-chen stood in front of Zhao Chunping with a negative hand, staring at Zhao Chunping!
Seeing that she hasn’t been out of her mouth for a long time, "Mrs. Zhao answers the king!"
The words fell in the room, and Su Ao appeared at the door impartially!
At that time, the atmosphere in the world outside the door became more and more solidified!
And Zhao Chunping cheeks also gradually lost color …