6, Jun 2024
As burn old voice falls Su Ling heart condescension continues to take the moment, she felt that the inky figure in front of her eyes flashed, and then the front was burned by the iron gate. The glass was pushed aside directly by burn old, followed by a deafening broken iron gate, which almost shook the whole palace!

At this time, the iron gate that was smashed by the old man’s palm was falling and scattered all over the ground, and all kinds of discordant sounds came to an abrupt end in an instant.
Obviously, the good thing was interrupted, and Sister Wang’s tone was also decisively angry. "Who is trespassing in the prison palace! How bold! "
Prison palace? !
When I heard Sister Wang calling Su Ling to the temple, my heart rose again and I was disdainful of Xia Fei Mian, so I went to the dungeon.
When the iron door came to rustle and rustle to dress, Huang Yin’s glass quickly came to Huang Lao’s side from one side, but his thin lips seemed to be rippling with a little nai.
He’s the one who’s so handsome. If he was hit by his third brother with a big turn, can you save some noodles for him?
When Sister Wang finally put on her last dress and walked to the outside together with three other female guards, four people’s cheeks were still slightly flushed, and naturally several people’s faces were quite ugly.
However, when I saw Lao San, who stood towering outside the iron gate and was handsome and imposing, I could still see the extraordinary spirit of burning the glass even though my face was covered with a mask. Sister Wang and others’ faces changed rapidly.
"Hey, what’s going on today? Do you know that the official recently sent two poles specially for lack of meat?" Sister Wang’s eyes are constantly spinning around burning her old body with obscene light!
Such handsome and manly people seem to be extremely rare in Nanxia country! Maybe they are also maids in the queen’s harem? !
Sister Wang’s thoughts kept fluctuating. Even the other female guards beside her suddenly became ambiguous and unpredictable. For a man like Lao Huang, hiding his body and cooperating with his cold expression, his face was very motionless, which gave people a strong visual impact. What’s more, at this time, Sister Wang and others were waiting for insatiability to see him. It was natural to start dreaming!
"Sister wang, it seems that the queen is really nice to you! But are they also waiters? It looks a little unfamiliar! "
Su Ling was suddenly angry at what Sister Wang said at the moment, and she felt that her possessions were coveted!
So thinking about Su Linglian’s slight movement, but just taking a step, the flint suddenly heard a scream. The sight of the company was that Sister Wang and three other female guards were indecent in posture and were slapped by the old one. Finally, they just took their seats. Su Linglian’s four feet were pressed together like a pyramid, and Sister Wang was miserable and directly pressed by the other three five big three thick female guards!
Su Ling looked up at the iron gate with his mouth open and burned the old man. He felt that the veins stood out on his forehead were exposed and looked quite angry.
Sister Wang kicked the iron plate this time!
"ouch ouch! Get up quickly, you damn it! " At the moment, Sister Wang was lying on the most intuitive surface, and her chest gas was going to be squeezed out, and she finally took a sigh of relief and let out a cry.
But with her, such as call face, three people have no response all the time, and you can’t blame them. Who let the burn old hand be overweight and directly stun these people!
And I still have Sister Wang, who naturally wants to know some secrets from her that outsiders don’t know!
Su Ling saw that Huang Lao’s temper suddenly increased and her heart suddenly got two. This seems to be the first time she saw him so angry!
Damn it, it’s a little scary
I want to return to Su Ling’s heart. It’s important to get down to business at this moment! She was dressed in neat black and light, squatting behind her and looking at her face for a moment. Sister Wang said, "Sister Wang, long time no see!"
Sister Wang’s real name is Wang Ping, who heard Su Ling sound at this time. She had to look up when she saw Su Ling’s familiar face, but she couldn’t remember where she had seen her cheek. She frowned and asked, "Who are you?" How dare you break into the prison palace? Are you … are you dying? "
Su Ling smell pie pie "my life is good! But there’s one thing I’d like to ask you. If you tell the truth, maybe you’ll still have a good career, but if you don’t say it, your future fate is hard to say! "
"You dare to threaten the officer? What do you want to know? " Although Wang Ping’s tone also reveals arrogance, she can still clearly distinguish her faint panic from her flashing eyes.
At that time, Su Ling crouched as far as Wang Ping could and heard her words. Su Lingfeng’s eyes flashed completely and then she dragged Ba with one hand and asked, "You have to tell me that Mrs. Shinohara is now in the office, so I will let those two strong men let you go!"
"You … you are Princess Qi Chuchen?"
Wang Ping’s expression showed a quite clear look, and she directly spoke Su Ling’s identity without hesitation, which also surprised Su Ling.
I couldn’t help but look up at a face of indifferent Huang Lao and indifferent Huang Yin glass hands and say, "Am I so famous?"
Burn three-dimensional glass "…"
Burn old directly nod!
"It was you! Su Ling, if you don’t want Qi Chu and Nan Xia to get into trouble, you’d better release the officer quickly! Otherwise, if the queen knows, she will definitely not let you go! Officer but the queen … "
Wang Ping pour out that importance of wanting to show his identity, but at last Su Ling didn’t have the patience to wave her hand and interrupted her. "Cut the crap! Just tell me, will you say it or not? I can remember that you just seemed to * the queen man! Even if that man is taken up by the queen, how many people dare you touch the queen? What do you think you would do if I told the queen about it?
Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you that the strong man you liked just now was the dust king of Qi and Chu! With what you said just now, it must have been enough for the Chu State and the Southern Xia State to make bad friends! Maybe in the end, you are the culprit that led to the war between the two countries! "
There is no lack of threats and banter in Su Ling’s words, but Wang Ping is worried about Su Ling’s words in her heart, although she has more venting and less intake at this time.
She said it was true that the waiter was still a queen man even if he made a mistake! And maybe when he will be recalled by the queen. If Wang Fei really tells the queen, I’m afraid she will have disastrous consequences!
But the most surprising thing for Wang Ping is that the handsome man just now was the dust king of Chu State? How can that Yamaraja prince, who is famous in the battlefield, be him?
Wang Ping eyes panic mood flashing rivers obviously Su Ling effect has been achieved and although she kept silent at this time, she kept thinking about it in her mind as a choice!
Seems to be saw Wang Ping hesitated Su Ling and then continue to speak "sister wang, we just want to know that Shinohara snow actually even if you don’t say we can find her! But if you tell us now, maybe you can sell us a favor, and everything you just did can be ignored!
I think that although the Southern Xia Kingdom is a female emperor, the queen can’t stand such a thing as a court female officer robbing a civilian man in the street! "
Give a stick to a sweet jujube. This is Su Ling’s way to deal with Wang Ping now! She told Wang Ping everything she had to say. Finally, if she chooses, she can see her mind.
Intuition Su Ling feels that they are running out of time. According to Bao Da, the news is very obvious. The Queen has sent people to watch around her. Now she has disappeared for so long, and Bi Rao and Bao Xiaosan are waiting for her. If she can’t make a quick decision, it is likely to rock the boat!