4, Jun 2024
"What’s the matter?"

Just Che Jishu ran and joined Qian Guijun and them.
"It seems that there is something wrong with this room at present."
Qian Guijun has always had a dull face and a burst of anxiety. "This way!"
Jishu followed Qian Guijun.
There used to be a small room on the first floor and the second floor stairs.
"We asked the doorman. The doorman said it was sundries. I came to open the door and found there was something wrong with it."
Because Feng Guangyao was investigated by the police and involved in many major cases, the whole company fell apart. At present, only one doorman is still dutifully guarding it.
The police have pulled up a fence at the door to prevent other people from entering.
Two police officers Wang’s hands are here. It is estimated that Qian Guijun has already reported it.
Jishu crossed the cordon and entered the first floor, so he saw that there was something wrong with the little door.
"We can’t open this door, even if the doorman takes the key."
Jishu stretched out his hand and knocked on an iron gate, which was sealed and stuffy.
"Later, we borrowed a sledgehammer from the guard uncle and found that we couldn’t open this sundry. It must have been transformed!"
Ji Shu glanced at the rusty iron gate and said to Qian Guijun, "I want to talk to uncle doorman."
But later Qian Guijun came over with a chubby uncle.
Uncle looks about forty or fifty years old, smiling kindly.
"Has anyone been here the day before yesterday?"
Uncle a face of meng carefully recalled a.
"Boss, you say our boss had an accident that day? No one came that day. In fact, I read the newspaper. I know that something happened to our boss and everyone in the company almost ran away … "
Ji Shu didn’t talk nonsense and asked, "What about some time ago? Is there anything strange? Has this door been modified? "
Uncle scratched his head and was obviously thinking carefully.
"I remember that nothing strange has happened recently, but more than half a year ago, several construction workers came and said that the stairs were leaking to repair them. They left early for one night and I didn’t know what the specific maintenance was."
Uncle pointed to the sundries and said, "You said that I pass by here every day and I’ve never heard of water leakage here. Besides, it’s just a staircase and there is no water at ordinary times. It was a bit strange at that time, but I didn’t think much about it."
JiShu want to white busy uncle said "thank you"
She quietly slipped uncle money. She had hundreds of dollars in her bag. Uncle has a lot of information, and this reward should be given.
The two police officers also heard the conversation and came to their senses. "Boss Ji estimates that this place has been rebuilt. There may be a door behind the rusty iron gate that can’t be opened. We have applied for the fire brigade to help break the door. Wait a minute!"
I didn’t expect officer Wang to be so powerful. Ji Shu’s anxiety has improved slightly, and now he is almost excited!
Qian Guijun and Luo Qianqian also rushed over and embraced Jishu.
Everyone has hardly fallen asleep these days, and now they are a little tired after a long breath.
It’s only been 36 hours, and there shouldn’t be anything serious in it.
Jishu tried to call several times, but the sound insulation effect of the room was very good, and there was no sound inside.
In the anxious eyes of the crowd, three firefighters were holding large saws and preparing to dry.
However, the firemen were busy for a while and found that the iron gate was really strong, and even a saw could not cut a big enough mouth.
A fireman said with a big sweat, "It seems that our equipment is not good now. Let’s apply for a forklift or other large-scale demolition tools-"
"Ah, how long will it take-"
Guo Feixia said halfway through Ji Shu suddenly said, "Comrades, can you stop the forklift?"
Everyone looked over and realized that this was a construction company!
Demolition tools. Isn’t this ready-made
"But this may damage the building. We have no evidence to prove that someone inside this procedure …"