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Smiling strangely, "the real thing needs to be inspected."

Qiao Yun shook his head. "Isn’t my partner the same Bank?"
Mo ran nodded and blinked. "My partner and I are the same cloud."
Qiao Yun slipped his throat. "Then you said the object of confession-"
Strangely stopped nodding and suddenly got one inch closer. "It’s obviously your classmate Qiao Yun."
Chapter 66 Chapter 66
Mo Ran said before that he told his partner in the game that he liked his partner, but he dared not say it, but dared to do it.
The reason is also simple: all men, it is really hard to accept that this matter should be suddenly confessed.
Qiao Yun agrees that he may hit him.
But Mo Ran also told Xiao Nan that he was straight.
This logic is a mess in Qiao Yun’s mind, and it can’t be understood for several days
So what if he’s straight? Qiao Yun is also straight-
Qiao Yun’s low eyes
I just can’t get through it when I meet a stranger.
The words "how to do" filled Qiao Yun’s whole thoughts.
He’s already in a mess
He even asked Liu Xing whether this kind of situation belongs to nerve bifurcation and has a dual personality.
Liu Xing threw a bag of potato chips in front of him. "Is it delicious? Really? You won’t open it yourself?"
This woke Qiao Yun.
Oh, what does the stranger mean? He just takes it apart and looks at it.
So Qiao Yun began to launch a tentative plan without moving his color.
Before the stranger ran, I didn’t like that he had physical contact with Liu Xing. He insisted on playing with Liu Xing in front of the stranger ran.
Didn’t Mo Ran help him wash his pants before, and he sent his clothes to Mo Ran in public.
Didn’t Mo Ran give him a gift before, and he hinted that Mo Ran’s Valentine’s Day was coming.
These test parts told Qiao Yun that they had all been done.
See him and Liu Xing play stranger but cold face before stop.
When the dirty clothes are washed, they will be delivered to 54 in a proper manner.
On Valentine’s Day, Mo Ran will quietly buy gifts and surprise will appear in front of him.
On this day, Qiao Yun sent one last temptation.
If Mo Ran passes, he has prepared a big surprise for Mo Ran.
April is as warm as spring. Qiao Yun has been waiting for half an hour in the tree-lined path of C. At this time, she has returned to her dormitory.
"If you don’t come, my blood will be sucked dry." Qiao Yun looked at the other end of the trail while driving away mosquitoes and murmured.
Half an hour later, a slender figure appeared in the alley eloquence.
"Finally," Qiao Yun complained and hid behind a tree.
Strangely walking along the path with two bags, I took a few steps and stopped.
He corners of the mouth slightly Yang paused and walked on.
Ten, nine, …
Qiao Yun counted in his mind.
Mo ran’s footsteps were light, but he could hear them clearly in the silent night.
The footsteps are getting closer and farther away.
Three, two, one time!
Qiao Yun quickly rushed to the back of Mo Ran with one hand around his neck and one hand against his belt with a mobile phone, teasing and deliberately sinking his voice. "Are you interested in playing?"
Strangely, I didn’t move. The whole person was very calm. I was caught in the throat and rolled slightly. "How do you want to play?"
Does Qiao Yun think he should be afraid? Should not resist? Shouldn’t ask him who he is?
"How else can you play?" Qiao Yun deliberately changed his tone and said, "I’ll let you go today after grandpa."
Strangely, however, I let go of the bag and strangely raised my lips. "Don’t blame me for what you said."
Qiao Yun scoffs lightly.
Suddenly, Mo Ran suddenly turned around, grabbed his wrist with his right hand, and put his left hand around his waist to firmly guard against Qiao Yun.
The surprise attack made Qiao Yun stunned for several seconds.
Because it was too dark, there were no street lamps on the path, and people were pushed to the ground, so they couldn’t see each other clearly.
Qiao Yunfen fought back, grabbed Mo Ran’s shoulders, rolled and pressed on Mo Ran’s body, raised his knees and touched Mo Ran’s lower abdomen.
Suddenly suppressed stranger ran upward and kissed.
This is the second time that Mo Ran met Qiao Yun’s lips. His arm was loosened, and his left hand wrapped around his thigh and his right hand held it, so he turned over and pressed him to the body.