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The words of the red friar of "Qingtian Medicine Sect" fell into Han Xiumo’s ears.

Han Xiumo blinked and felt that the name of this clan seemed familiar.
YunMing deep sound also reached up at this time 【 this is where Qingwu Zun is located 】
Oh, so this is where the cheap master lives.
Chapter 3 Sister Luan Xuan
Han Xiumo listened carefully to Yun Mingyuan’s words. When he heard that he had left the range of the array test, he suddenly thought of something: "Will a monk come to you to give you some pass certificates during the call?"
It’s like the former red friar gave him a token.
Yunmingyuan face a stiff.
To tell the truth, he didn’t think there was such a possibility
After blasting the law, he rushed to feel the direction where China and South Korea were repairing ink. Did he stop near that law?
Even if there is any reward, it has nothing to do with him.
Han Xiumo felt that his expression was not quite right and looked at Yunmingyuan suspiciously. "Isn’t it a test that there is an ordinary law?"
Yunmingyuan didn’t know what to say at the moment.
He shook his head with some difficulty. "I don’t know."
"Don’t know?" Han Xiumo was even more surprised. "How could I not know?"
If Yunmingyuan doesn’t meet the person who gave him the token or voucher after the communication, it means that there is an ordinary law.
Unless … Yun Mingyuan’s root is not a normal way to crack the law, and he didn’t wait for those who gave him rewards after leaving the law.
He’s a little naive. If this is really the place where the Sect of the Great World came to test the apprentice … Does Yun Mingyuan know what he missed?
Yunmingyuan rubbed Han Xiu’s ink hair. "Don’t worry, it’s just a lost opportunity."
Yun Mingyuan’s understatement makes Han Xiumo more resistant, but think about it. Yun Mingyuan is really not in the law. Some studies have certain attainments for refining vessels and ofuda. It’s not that you can’t continue to try and pass their tests if you have the opportunity to meet the clan who is proficient in these two techniques.
But YunMing deep points have successfully cracked the law card.
Think like this, I still feel a little worthless for Yunmingyuan.
Yunmingyuan saw Han Xiumo’s idea of holding people in her arms and patted Han Xiumo’s back. "Don’t worry, it’s no big deal, believe me."
Everything has happened. Even if Han Xiumo is worried, there is nowhere to tidy up his mood. Yunmingyuan continues to wander in the underground palace.
Maybe it’s because they came out of the array. This time, before they saw the underground palace, there was a big difference.
The underground palace is not as broken as they saw before. On the contrary, the palace first appeared in sight, but it was not as broken as before. It should be that the array near the front altar affected their vision.
In addition, there are many large and small buildings scattered around several huge palaces. These buildings are also not dilapidated. For example, Han Xiumo just saw the huge medicine tripod as one of these many buildings.
In addition, a huge sword stands not far away, and a huge knife stands across a position. In some places, people can see at a glance what it is, and in some places, there is a small bell floating in the middle, but they can’t see what it is.
There is also a unique location, which is full of smoke and broken as if it had just experienced a fierce battle.
Han Xiumo noticed that position and immediately looked at Yunmingyuan around him.
Yunmingyuan looked down at his eyes and felt guilty.
That impressively is he directly break the law all the way.
He looked away.
Han Xiumo understood that it was Yunmingyuan who blasted the law position here.
Looking at the seven broken conditions, Han Xiumo didn’t know what to say at the moment.
He suddenly some regrets "you may be right not to wait for those monks to appear".
Yun Mingyuan is puzzled. "Huh?"
Han Xiumo took a meaningful look at the place where some debris was left. "If they catch you, you may be compensated for arranging the law materials."
Yunmingyuan "…" Although I think that the big world Zongmen friar should not do this, it is more correct to slip away first in case of one thousand.
There is now completely silent.
Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo also looked at the hapless law for a few times and quickly shifted their eyes to several palaces in the center.
If this is really the test place for the world to accept disciples, then we can probably see the distribution of forces in the world of the moon from the distribution of the underground palace.
There are five palaces in the central government, which are probably the five largest forces in the world of the moon. These forces can be on an equal footing, and other forces are lower than these forces, or many of them can’t lift any storms in front of the five huge forces.
Yunmingyuan and Han Xiu ink glances have produced an idea.
However, they haven’t acted yet. Suddenly, the law on the top of their heads fluctuated, and two monks looked up. Two monks fell from the law on the top of their heads. When Yun Mingyuan and Han Xiumo fell, they were all covered in yellow sand. The situation was different. The two monks were covered in black mud and smelled strange.
Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo are far away from them.
It took the two men a while to react. Now the situation seems to be something wrong. Immediately, they cleaned up the things that smelled strange, and at the same time, their eyes fell on Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo.
Chapter 31 Five palaces
Yunmingyuan some nai to Han Xiu ink sound.
[Have you ever thought that he might want to learn from the elder sister Luan Xuan? 】
Tianjiao has his own temper. People who are not as good as them are generally blind. At the beginning, Luan Xuan was a little inferior to Long Yun in the ten big competitions, but it was a dubious advantage.
Yun Mingyuan noticed that Luan Xuanshen’s breath had changed, and he gathered a lot more than before. It should be that he got some adventures, which caused Long Yun to argue.
Now it is not certain who these two people will win or lose.
Han Xiumo was dumbfounded. "Huh?"
This is a possibility he never imagined.
Long Yun’s eyes for Luan Xuan’s elder sister are really ambiguous. It’s normal for him to think crooked, right?
Han Xiumo muttered in his mind and secretly looked at Long Yun for several times. He found that Long Yun’s eyes were full of fighting spirit and there was not much ambiguity in his actual body when he was fighting for Luanxuan’s elder sister.
Han Xiumo "…" Well, he knew that even misfits had nothing to do with him.
He’d better not worry about other people’s affairs.
Long Yun’s contention comes from Jinglongyuan, but Jinglongyuan still has great power in the world of the moon and occupies five palaces in the underground palace. I know there are more news than Yunmingyuan.
But they can’t compete with Long Yun to choose the same test