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Therefore, he stopped in front of the Jing Xiao Temple, and no one in the historical records passed this pass, but with the appearance of Chen Han, history is doomed to be rewritten.

The late guards of the immortals are similar to puppets, and they are transformed by jade symbols, not people who really have the ability to think for themselves.
When Yi Hao shouted a cold response, a piece of Yin Hua appeared on the pike in his hand, and the overwhelming gun shadow seemed to seal the whole world.
Do not escape!
Once you enter the test, the surrounding space is completely locked. Unless one party is completely extinct, the surrounding enchantment cannot be eliminated.
The martial arts that really come from the celestial world are by no means comparable to those in the fix true world, but they are nothing to Chen Han. You know, it’s also a first-class method to record and play the emperor’s extreme shaking heaven in the celestial world. The emperor’s extreme opening heaven style is also the highest and deepest extreme lighter. The guard’s lighter has a certain increase compared with those who fix the truth, which in turn falls behind compared with the emperor’s extreme opening heaven style.
Chapter 457 Magic God Palace 2
The increase is always relative. No matter the talent, magic weapon, elixir and fighting skill, the increase of Chen Han’s basic combat power has reached a great level, precisely because of the emperor’s extremely shocking record and the emperor’s extremely open-minded style. If the absolute advantage of art and fighting skill is thrown away, his own increase is only a grade, which is not as good as the five-element spiritual body that is common in the fix-true world.
He is not the kind of gifted wizard, which others may not know, but he knows better than anyone else.
However, the mind and the fighting skill are the advantages!
Compared with those immortals, the supreme secret method passed down to Junlong has absolute advantages, which is why Junlong is more powerful than all immortals in the same order and has become the target of public criticism.
In front of the guard, the lighter is very strong, which is better than the lighter in the fix true world. However, there is still a big gap compared with Chen Han.
In other words, the guard’s lighter has a certain increase effect for Yi Hao and them. Compared with the puppet guards, Chen Han’s lighter still has a certain increase. To put it bluntly, the increase of the guard’s fighting skill is completely invalid for him, which means that the guard’s fighting power is at the same level as that of Qi Jianqiu.
There is no suspense in the three-style volley. The guards fly upside down like fallen leaves in the wind, and then fall in the blow of tearing the wind gun.
There is no bloody scene of blood and rain all over the sky. The owner of the Magic God Palace can’t imagine it. The body, armor and pike of the guards in the late fairy period turned into a silver glow, so they disappeared out of thin air.
"Your lighter …" Yi Hao stunned speechless.
"I have always stressed that I am not a genius." Chen cold helplessly shrugged his shoulders.
"Indeed, you are not a genius."
Yi Hao’s eyes brightened and he laughed. "Fortunately, you are not a genius. This trip will create a miracle!"
If his growth comes from talent, the gap in fighting skills is enough to shorten each other’s strength.
Since the increase comes from the fighting skill, his fighting skill is still stronger than the guards here, which means that the gap will not be shortened because of the weak fighting skill. In this way, you will have the opportunity to fight against stronger guards, and even have the opportunity to break the history of hundreds of thousands of years and enter a deeper palace.
What are the natural talents and treasures in Jingxiao Temple?
Where is the Jingxiao Temple in the future?
One secret after another has been hidden for many years. In this trip to the Palace of Fantasy God, there is hope of dawn, which will be an important moment to change history.
"Ice pupil, give me your flying sword and battle suit." Chen cold suddenly held out his hand.
"How …"
"Don’t ask, just give it to me."
Ice pupil also don’t understand what Chen Han wants to do. She has two top-grade fairy wares. The moon Lingjian was given by Ji Jianqiu when crossing the sixth heavy celestial disaster, and the fairy clothes were the resources that Chen Han handed over to Ji Yuanqing in those years. After refining, Zong Tianxiu personally gave them to her.
Nowadays, there are so many fairy devices that it has already reversed the situation that compared with the super power, the top-grade fairy devices are nothing for Chen Han. What does he want with his magic weapon?
But Chen cold don’t say she won’t continue to ask, don’t say there is that kind of relationship between two people, even ordinary friends, as Chen cold can’t covet her treasures.
Conveniently took the fairy sword and fairy clothes to disown the Lord, Chen Han dropped blood on the two magic weapons to disown the Lord, and then handed the wind-tearing gun and the silver star armor to disown the brand.
"This … I can’t have it!"
Ice pupil repeatedly shook his head to refuse, which is also a top-grade fairy. Tearing the wind gun and the silver star armor are completely different from her previous two pieces.
Li Fenglie’s personal magic weapon from spirit of war Shengge Qianzhang Sect, this is not a fairy device refined by the fix-true, but an authentic fairy device refined by immortals. Even with the cultivation of scattered immortals, it can only exert a layer of power at most, and its increase effect is a whole level higher than her original fairy.
What does this level represent?
If you face an opponent with the same realm and the same increase in all aspects, if the other party uses the top-grade fairy device refined by the fix-true, and she uses the top-grade ancient fairy device with both offensive and defensive capabilities, the attack power and defense power will be one level higher than the other party, from close to absolute advantage.
Although there are not many top-grade immortals, the top ten Xuan doors add up to three or four thousand pieces.
However, there are no more than 40 top-grade ancient immortals hand-crafted by immortals and handed down from ancient times, which are even more powerful. Take Taiyi Xianmen as an example, there are only three top-grade ancient fairy wares in the whole sect, two of which are in the hands of the contemporary palm sect.
Although Qi Jianqiu was killed by Chen Han, Chen Han could only return the top-grade ancient fairy to Taiyi Xianmen because of his relationship with Bingjia and Fengjia.
Prior to this, due to the double factors of magic weapon and talent increase, there were many gaps between Bing Pupil and Chi Zhu.
Once she has these two magic weapons, the gap between them will be greatly shortened, and it will be not so simple for Chizhu to beat her again.
"With tear wind gun and silver star armor, your combat power can be improved by at least three times, which is a grade. There will be little gap with the combat power of Chizhu, and it will not become a burden to our team, understand? "
"But …"
"Yi Hao already has a top grade ancient fairy flying sword, although there is no equal armor, but ghost repair has no body, which is an advantage. What’s more, you should be very clear about his fighting power, more above you and Red Pearl, whose talent has increased by more than two products, and the top-grade ancient fairy wares with both offensive and defensive abilities are in hand. Without these two magic weapons, do you know how much worse you are than them? You need our help when you are in danger, understand? "
"Take it."
Yi Hao smiled with a sly smile, and when he saw Chizhu’s pale face, he said solemnly, "Chen Han’s fighting power comes from strength, and his little immortal strength is poor, so it is used to sneak attack after strength fighting. A real head-on confrontation is useless at all."
Although it doesn’t sound very nice, it is right. Chen Han shrugged his shoulders and said helplessly, "Yes, since it is a sneak attack on ordinary top-grade fairy wares and top-grade ancient fairy wares, there is actually not much difference at all. These two magic weapons are in my hands, and they are almost meaningless. It is better for you to use them than to dust them, which is good for our whole team. "
After thinking for a moment, Bing Pupil felt that this was indeed the truth. With his immortal strength, top-grade ancient immortals could not exert their power.
Six robbers scattered immortals who don’t have any talent increase, even if there is an increase in top-grade ancient immortals, how powerful can the foundation be?
"I won’t hold you back."
Ice pupil tears the wind gun and the silver star armor. At this point, although her combat power is still the worst of the four, it is only half a gap compared with the ice pupil, which is no longer an amazing comparison of more than one grade.
"Time is limited, don’t pay attention to the treasures along the way, and go directly to the Lost Soul Sea outside the Temple of Danxiao!"
"Hehe … this time, I will definitely return home with a full load."
Yi Hao looked at the gorgeous lineup of the squad and couldn’t help laughing: "If I can’t get the baby, even for hundreds of thousands of years, no one can take away a blade of grass. Open the way, go straight to the sea of lost souls, get enough yangshi first, and then go straight to Jingxiao Hall! "
As long as you don’t move the natural resources and treasures here, there is actually no danger in the Phantom Palace except the battle to enter the entrance of each temple.
Two late-fairy guards in Qingxiao Temple killed Chen Han with one person and two breaths!
Three late guards of Bixiao Temple, Chen Han killed one person and four breaths!
An early guard of Taiyi Jin Xian in Danxiao Temple, four people joined hands to kill with only three breaths!
Along the way, Chen Han finally knows what a baby is. Around the corner of the palace, next to the cloud column and the attic, there are all kinds of magic weapons, elixirs and jade charms scattered, and all kinds of lingshi, refined gold, medicinal materials and beautiful jade can be seen everywhere in the wild, all of which are fairy-grade treasures.