2, Jun 2024
Almost at the first time, the powerful demon race was completely isolated in terror, and all the forces in the original Coalition stood together. The strength of the two sides is also equal. If you really want to fight, it will definitely be the result of both sides, and no one can bear it.

The dark-skinned and lanky right assistant handsome, the head of the Sun Protoss, Melkins, came out and shouted with a heavy voice: "The allied forces are still the former allied forces, and the demon race is not a part of the allied forces, and the two sides have nothing to do!"
Obviously, the strength of the two sides is quite equal. As long as the allied forces huddle together, the dream of uniting the forces of uniting the demon race will be completely dashed, which is also the way for the weak to survive.
Several giants of the demon race exchanged glances with each other, and finally chose to leave. Before they thought of the corresponding plan, they didn’t want to have a confrontation and burn everything.
As a result, the demon race has set up a camp outside Wan Li, and the two sides stick to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in their own way, ready for possible demons.
After all, the inferno is the common enemy of all parties. Before the inferno is completely exterminated, attacking each other is undoubtedly a seasoned road.
Whoosh …
Three days later, two swords flew rapidly from the west, and the allied scouts immediately sent back the news. The commander-in-chief who had disappeared for a month finally appeared.
When Chen Han walked into the main account of the Coalition forces, the forces of all parties who had already gathered here were the first, and somehow they felt relieved. Even they didn’t notice it themselves. In a short time, Chen Han, the commander in chief, was recognized in a faint way and became the backbone of the whole Coalition.
First, Reese gave a brief report on the allied forces, then the knife passed by to attract fire, and finally Chen Han brought shocking news.
The surprise attack on the inferno should have been at the Vatican!
Destroy more than 500 thousand medium and low-order demons!
Kill nearly five thousand Du Jie elite!
More importantly, more than one billion demonized civilians and a large number of low-level practitioners who were sent to the five Jedi were all obliterated in the dark.
The original plan was just to kill a group of people in the inferno first, to provoke Mundus to contain the army of the inferno with the allied forces, and then to attract fire with a knife to create opportunities for Chen Han, so as to kill the demonized civilians in the Jedi. Never imagined that he could slay hundreds of thousands of infernos, including thousands of Du Jie elites, under the condition of completing the task perfectly.
Among them, along with more than a dozen princes and princesses of the inferno, all died in the array of the mysterious immortals, which is definitely a great blow to the inferno.
Of course, about the fact that Xueyun was seriously injured by the secret technique itself and fell into a deep sleep, it was concealed by Chen Han without telling anyone.
On a large scale, the existence of snow clouds is a thousand times more deterrent to all forces than himself. Without the snow cloud, it is impossible for him to become the commander-in-chief of the Coalition forces, and even because he is too outstanding to affect the balance of power, he will be tried to get rid of it.
Through several explanations, we can be sure of one thing. The inferno has fallen into such a huge plan this time. Although the top elite has not suffered much, the battle Coalition forces on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau have suffered far more trauma than the inferno. However, the comprehensive war damage of the two sides far exceeds that of the Coalition forces.
Therefore, it is certain that Mundus will learn a lesson and strengthen its European defense, but it will never go to war before it is sure enough.
"The threat of the five Jedi has disappeared. I got the news from the inferno master by soul searching. It takes more than ten years for the starry sky transmission array to send all the infernos on the other side of the starry sky." Chen cold eyes swept Reese and Myers Perkins, at this moment only three of them are left in the camp.
"So … they will be stationed in the five Jedi to place a sneak attack and stick to the Vatican." Reese made the most logical reasoning.
"That’s right!"
Chen cold corners of the mouth provoked a sneer, nodded and said: "So, the starry sky transmission array and the five Jedi, so that the forces of the inferno had to be dispersed. As long as we continue to launch surprise attacks, the inferno is bound to be left and right, and eventually all the people will be consumed! "
He was not the only one who thought of this layer, but Reese and Melkins also thought of it, but they obviously saw the hesitation on their faces.
If you launch a surprise attack, it will definitely be cheaper for the demon race. Even if the allied forces divide and conquer with superior forces, there will always be some losses more or less.
At that time, even if all the demons are exterminated, the allied forces will be weakened. How can we fight against the powerful demon race then?
On the other hand, as long as you tell the demon family about this plan, they will also think of this layer, and it is impossible for them to join forces.
Chen cold thoughtful frowned, if you want to break this deadlock, the only way is to make the coalition stronger. As long as their side is strong, they can even subdue the demon race first, and then take the inferno to pacify the world. Or destroy the inferno before subduing the demon race, which is not infeasible. The key is to have sufficient strength.
"In this case … withdraw!"
His decision made the two assistant commanders stunned, and immediately explained: "If we continue to waste time here with the demon family, the final result will be that the inferno will take the opportunity to sneak up and upgrade, which is equivalent to creating a powerful opportunity for the enemy. This is the most stupid thing."
Reese looked at him deeply for a long time, then nodded helplessly and murmured, "It seems that you are sure enough?"
After thinking for a moment, Chen Hanwei smiled and shrugged his shoulders: "Maybe, but my ambition is not here. From beginning to end, my goal is only one, and that is to be free from being controlled by others and to live."
"The result is still the same. If you are not subject to others, you can only restrict others. The reversal of heaven and earth has not fulfilled your majesty, and it has not fulfilled any forces, but it has made you soar."
"Even if there is no reversal of heaven and earth, I am afraid it will still be like this."
If something was pointed out, Chen Han immediately got up and said with a smile, "All right! Li Si, the left deputy commander of the Coalition forces, and Melkins, the right deputy commander, listened to the order and told me that the Coalition forces should immediately withdraw their troops and stop fighting. If they voluntarily return to their respective stations, they don’t have to stop them. However, Yanhuang welcomes all forces to live in one place to cope with the possible actions of demons and demon families at any time. "
For all forces, this is undoubtedly a great news. It is impossible to concentrate on training all day long on this Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and only by withdrawing troops can we really recuperate. At that time, as long as all parties send some scouts to be stationed around Yanhuang, they will be alert to possible changes at any time, and others can practice and improve their strength with peace of mind.
The supreme commander’s order has been effectively implemented, and millions of practitioners from all over the world have traveled from the desolate Qinghai-Tibet Plateau to the prosperous East.
As for going back to their respective territories, no force will be stupid like that. Doesn’t that mean giving the inferno or demon race a chance to divide and conquer?
A campaign that lasted for nearly two months was suspended. When the last order was issued, Chen Han’s position as commander-in-chief disappeared with the temporary disintegration of the Coalition forces. Of course, as long as there is a war between the inferno and the demon race, he will immediately restore his status as commander in chief and appear on the battlefield with armor and halberd.
This war not only caused great losses to all sides, but also re-divided the global pattern and turned it into a tripartite confrontation between demons, demon families and allied forces.
The forces of all parties began to be crazy, and the ordinary people with better qualifications were warned from the civilians. The great war on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau caused terrible losses to the middle and low-level practitioners of all parties. Millions of allied forces, accounting for more than 80% of the number of out-of-body experience practitioners, in the former Mundus Li Jue gave up his life, driving the Chinese fairy to cut the outbreak of a blow, almost died a clean less than 10%.
It is true that the high-end combat power of the allied forces in World War I did not suffer much loss, but the inferno was wiped out by Chen Han, and the loss in the middle and low order was fatal.
The number of practitioners above the infant period of the allied forces has dropped several times directly, and the eight million allied forces in the war eventually left more than one million.
Low-level practitioners can’t play much role in high-level battles, but they are the pillar and hope for the future development of all forces. Therefore, recuperation is not only to improve the cultivation of high-end combat power, but more importantly, to restore the low-and middle-level practitioners to their old views and even develop stronger than before.