12, Jun 2024
Jun Moying was afraid that he was angry with her and immediately raised his glass in front of him and poured it into his throat. He didn’t want to continue communicating with her.

Phoenix looked at the man with a dark face and was in a good mood.
All the anger I have suffered in learning martial arts these days has vanished at the moment.
Sure enough, someone can make her feel better in minutes.
Today’s banquet is not as shallow as going to the phoenix seat, so we have arranged your shadow side.
This is an exception and seems to be an unexpected arrangement, but it makes people smell a different breath. For example, a noble lady sits in the queen’s seat and is closer to the emperor than the queen’s seat.
Zuo Xiangyin Zhang Jin told him those words before-he didn’t mind very much about taking down the Queen’s family by the shallow imperial concubine, and he had a kind of receptive attitude, which was the same with the group of people under his command.
However, the right photo is the opposite of him. Today, his daughter’s queen palace master could have attended, but the emperor not only deprived her of that opportunity, but also let the evil witch sit in her daughter’s seat. How can he swallow that tone?
"The emperor …"
I just came to open my mouth and left my mouth as if I were deliberately against him.
"I wish the emperor was so happy that princess royal’s shallow imperial concubine gave birth to a pair of twins at a time. I hope the emperor will have a shallow imperial concubine in this beautiful day today. Chapter 768 He never needs to appease people.
Everyone was surprised when this remark fell.
The imperial concubine-second only to the queen-is not only a brocade but also a step-by-step declaration that her master may really replace the queen the day after tomorrow for the shallow imperial concubine, who has already been favored by the six palace masters.
Maybe Zuo Xiang decided after careful discussion with his handlers, or maybe he suddenly thought of discussing it casually-after all, everyone in the temple was surprised no matter who that faction showed.
Real even chicken shallow oneself also didn’t expect to meet left to say so.
She has never had anything to do with the DPRK people. Although she knows that Jun Moying won’t care about these things with her, she still doesn’t want to be a real disaster. This remark brought her nothing but shock and anxiety without him.
Is this old man trying to take down the queen through her?
Chicken shallow fundus across a faint dislike don’t she didn’t know that the old man was also with her.
In the crowd, the right phase is especially angry with the emperor. Immediately before the conclusion, he said, "Didn’t the left phase adults figure out what the situation is today? Taihe princess royal’s full moon banquet is not to reward their mother princess. If the emperor had the intention to reward the early and shallow imperial concubine, she would have waited until today when she gave birth to twins. "
It seems to him that the reason why the emperor didn’t raise the reward at the beginning was that it was enough to canonize Feng Shao-er. I’m sorry that the queen didn’t even make a more outrageous move when she saw them.
In short, it is appeasement
It’s too bad that the queen’s own emperor owes their family more or less, but what can they do if their daughter doesn’t live up to expectations?
At that time, the emperor canonized him too much, even if he was dissatisfied
But today, with this idea, the right phase can say that ugly words to the left phase without thinking, and there is even a hint of shallow irony to the phoenix-if the emperor wants to canonize the original book, he will have to wait until today.
Clinker ink shadow eyebrows a slight cu with a subtle displeasure.
Some people sit there and feel that his breath is suddenly cold. When they look up, they will see that his thin lips are lightly sipping and smiling, but they are too dull to fluctuate.
"Don’t you think I was too busy to forget or just plan to take this opportunity today to double happiness?"
He never needs to appease people.
The position of imperial concubine Huang didn’t occur to her before delivery. It was when she had just given birth that she had such a problem. Where did he have the heart to do it? After a long time, it slowly dragged on until now, because he didn’t mean it as they thought. Of course, the most important thing was that he didn’t mean it.
More because he can give her a better position in the future, such as the queen’s position-although she still won’t understand.
But this does not mean that someone can bully others at this time.
"The emperor can’t!" Right phase blurted out without thinking.
The bottom immediately responded to people.
Jun Moying faintly sneered, "I have decided when it is your turn to have opinions?"
Phoenix shallow see his strong facial features tight corners of the mouth slightly hook feel very stable.
Although she is so-called to that person, he doesn’t mind being so brave and fearful if he wants to give it to her.
"The emperor shallow imperial concubine into the palace for such a short time even if again, this promotion speed will be too fast …"
"Yes, emperor, even if you have this idea, you don’t have to rush. It’s better to wait for a while and take your time …"
It’s not good for people on the right side to talk about Xique in front of Phoenix’s shallow face. After all, it’s been such a long time, and today’s occasion is not suitable for that kind of thing. They can’t afford to excuse me if they annoy the emperor.
On the other hand, the sound on the left side is reversed in the opposite direction.
"It’s not a problem when it’s one day, one year in January, and it’s still so shallow and virtuous …"
"What’s more, the shallow imperial concubine really contributed to the fact that if someone else could give birth to a dragon seed, the emperor would also raise it greatly …"
From the beginning to the end, the emperor listened to their quarrel quietly, and finally he looked calm and said a word indifferently.
"Note that your wording is not shallow imperial concubine, but imperial imperial concubine"