11, Jun 2024
Feel a splitting headache and sleepy limbs

I got up slowly, and there was no scar on my body. My pulse and breathing were normal, but I felt confused and my body seemed to have experienced some tempering.
I vaguely remember something, but I can’t think of anything when I think about it carefully.
"Chenghuang Temple?"
A noun clearly falls into consciousness.
But is there anything wrong with the Chenghuang Temple? It doesn’t seem that there shouldn’t be anything very important and it is very important.
Suddenly Ogawa rushed out of the ruined temple and ran towards the lights in Jingzhou City.
Whatever it is, the urgency in his heart is real.
There is an agreement!
night of the 15th of the first lunar month;Lantern Festival;yuanxiao
At the moment, the city of Jingzhou is full of noise and prosperity. Although it is already dark, the crowd is still bustling, especially in the Chenghuang Temple.
The lanterns are dazzling and the fireworks are gorgeous.
It’s a pity that all this is so far away.
Yaoyao was lying at home in the attic, looking at the ceiling lanterns from a distance, and she felt wronged. How she wanted to run to the noise and play with her favorite partner, but now she couldn’t. She had promised to fulfill her law.
He should be waiting for himself.
"Yao er"
A lady pushed the door and hugged her daughter from a high stool, which seemed to blame "how did you climb so high?"
"Mom, I want to play."
Gently low call f is to cry out.
"Yao’s obedient will take you to play another day."
The lady held her daughter on the couch and told her, "At the moment, your father is in the hall, and the immortal will come to teach you the Tao later. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so you don’t want it."
Smell speech f sip lip a pair of clear eyes teary-eyed.
This matter is important, and her heart is white. She was sensible and obedient since she was a child, and she won’t make her parents angry. That Fuxi Mountain fairy accepted her own disciples and kissed the Tao, which she always wanted.
It’s also the fate of my own life.
But …
"Mom …"
Yaoyao threw herself into her mother’s arms and sobbed gently.
late at night
The lively scene of the Lantern Festival gradually faded away with the crowd.
There are few figures in the city god temple, and a few abandoned solitary lamps are scattered around, with faint light and getting weaker and weaker.
The moonlight is a little sad.
Suddenly a small figure came running from a distance.
Plop! I stumbled and fell down carelessly. Several people who had not left saw that the falling child was a little beggar, so no one paid attention to it and continued to walk out.
Gradually, it seems that there is a lonely figure of a little beggar in the world.
"Am I late?"
The little beggar gritted his teeth, but he didn’t get up from the ground. He felt a pang of bitterness and deep indignation all over his body. Although he couldn’t remember what happened in the Chenghuang Temple, he felt that he had missed an appointment, the most important appointment in his life.
After that, it will last for a long time
"Ah …"
A scream and a splitting headache once again hit the mind. The little beggar lay on the ground trembling in pain, but he felt that his heart hurt more than his head.
I don’t know how long it took before the headache gradually weakened.
The little beggar with black eyes fell into a coma again.
Overnight passed
It’s getting hazy, and it’s not long before the light comes again in Jingzhou.
"Feed …"
After several gentle calls and gentle shoving, a few beggars woke up and looked up to see a girl whose clothes were as tattered as her own, but she was very clean. She was slightly older than herself, but she was very beautiful, which she had never seen before.
"How do you sleep here? What’s your name? "
The girl asked, squatting beside the little beggar and slowly holding the little beggar up. She moved very slightly and gently.
"My name is Ogawa, and you?" The little beggar rubbed his eyes and looked at his sister.
Shallow smile girl replied
"You call me Sister Zihan."
The fifth volume Hongru Garden
Chapter 1 Clues
Continuous spring rain
A vast plain in the northeast of Zhongzhou seems a little dark at this time. It’s gloomy and drizzling, and it’s lingering and falling. Although it’s cool, it doesn’t feel cold.
The fragrant petals of peaches and apricots are scattered in the muddy soil.
Outside the stormy town, a tea shop fell on the side of the road, and several passers-by stopped to chat in twos and threes with their respective hot teas.
The horizon rings a few spring thunder from time to time.