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It turned out that the sword was not endowed with a spirit, but the incarnation of Gu Changfeng Yuan Shen was attached to it. Everything was a test. They were just themselves. This master was really harsh in this life. Although he certainly won’t hurt them, he was also scared.

"How do you feel about this experience?"
Guchangfeng was born with a smile and looked at several young brothers, but he was extremely satisfied.
Three people to GuChangFeng ceremony face with color just fade away gradually including qinchuan in a are dismissed the introductory trial.
"The three of you have gone through the psychological robbery, demonstrated their talents and qualifications, and spent life and death together. Now I will officially include you in my quiet and empty pulse."
Guchangfeng said in the eyes flashed a different color.
Qinchuan three people dazed for half a minute and then knelt down and quickly worshipped three times.
It turns out that in this former master’s mind, they were regarded as Fuxi’s younger brothers, but they were not really regarded as quiet and empty people.
But …
At this point they have proved themselves!
Guchangfeng nodded his head, and a fresh breath spread slowly from him. The wonderful power of Qinchuan Ye Qiuji’s injured place turned out to be slowly treating their wounds.
Qinchuan looked down at his left arm and his face lit up.
The body is like a skin for the person who has been trained as a Yuan God. At this time, such a "serious injury" as himself is also a thought that can be repaired, and some Dan medicine can be restored in three to five days. Qinchuan once trained as a Yuan God and naturally knows its magical powers.
At that time turned out to be some eager to practice.
"This star-gazing cave was renamed because a senior in our school realized the Beidou Upright in this star-gazing cave thousands of years ago. The star-gazing cave was tested before the foundation period of my brother’s entry into the WTO, and it was dangerous and I shouldn’t let you come here."
After two people deal with the injury GuChangFeng suddenly long give a sigh so said.
Smell speech qinchuan three people silently don’t know is feeling.
Having said that, didn’t they have an entry into the younger brother’s identity and have to be tempered by joining the WTO? I don’t know whether to laugh or cry …
"I have always been very strict and strict in accepting disciples, so Zongmenshan is only a few hundred teachers today, and I am the only one. I want to earn Yao’s income, but I didn’t expect to meet you three."
Guchangfeng continued qinchuan and Ye Qiuji heart is some blushing.
Ye Qiu, not to mention Qinchuan’s past experience, only knew that the reason why the static virtual pulse was sparsely populated was like this.
How high is the requirement of static deficiency pulse?
Guan Yao is also slightly depressed at this time. I didn’t expect the former master to be so reluctant for his reasons, but it seems that he has met the requirements at this time.
See the younger brothers look different GuChangFeng smile double eyebrow stretch and
"You three have successfully survived the three robberies of mind, friendship and life and death when you are still shallow. From now on, you will be ashamed and quiet!"
Said GuChangFeng suddenly one arm slightly Yang hand that Gu Jian flew out and hung in front of him, but suddenly one point three turned into the first three swords, and this time it was a real sword, not a virtual shadow.
It’s so amazing!
"This sword is named Destiny, which was found by my static ancestor when Fuximen set up a faction in this mountain. It has been inherited for a hundred years, and it was given to three people by a grandparent. After it died one by one, it was finally treasured by my static ancestor."
Gu Changfeng said that he looked around at his three younger brothers for a week. "Now I will follow the example of the grandmaster and give it to you. Although it is not comparable to many magic soldiers, it is the most suitable for you at this time."
"This white sword was given to Ye Qiuqi by swallowing the sun and the moon."
"Lan Jian said that Zhenshanhe was given to Qinchuan"
"And its blue sword was given to Guan Yao by breaking the sky."
"Take my father Fuxi’ s heart and swallow the mountains and rivers of the town; I hope that you will wait for the pole and the Taiji Avenue will be one! "
Then the three swordsmen suddenly took off and fell straight in front of everyone.
Qinchuan, Ye Qiuqi and Guan Yao looked at each other, holding their swords in their hands, and they seemed to be immersed in the first generation of Fuximen’s teacher training.
Smile Qinchuan is also the swordsman in his hand clenched up.
The Taoist said.
Heaven’s reincarnation creates Gankun;
HarmonyOS was born in chaos.
Its yang and its yin;
But also yin and yang
I go to the Yang Road and smell its Yin;
And ginseng vagina smells its yang.
The birth and death of yin and yang;
Yin and yang are like me.
I don’t fight for yin and yang, and I don’t fight for Kun;
Because I am Yin and Yang, I am Gan Kun.
My destiny;
Destiny is like me.
My heart swallows the sun, the moon and the mountains and rivers;
Then the sky is broken and the only leader is Gankun.
Avenue is like me;
Heaven is like one.
The third volume Polar Road Meeting
Chapter 1 fate change
"the number of people who live is also"
"The cycle of heaven, life and death, reincarnation, all beings have a destiny."
Qinchuan half lies in Lingyun attic, holding a Zhouyi Gua in his hand. It’s quite leisurely, but the sleeves are flying, but the autumn wind is cool, and Wan Liqing’s great rivers and mountains are in the eye.
And rich osmanthus fragrance.
It’s been a year since the entrance test of Stargazing Cave.
GuChangFeng will be the three of them into the door carefully, but also all kinds of words and deeds to treat them as a younger brother. At this time, Qinchuan people are not as they were a year ago.
Over the past year, Qin Chuan has not been angry, angry, resentful, or worried. His mind is not as good as before, and he has not touched the hidden magic of the blood crystals in the abdomen. All of them have been buried in the bottom of my heart and asked for other thoughts.
At this time, with a faint smile, I studied the Taoist numerology
But suddenly, Qin Chuan threw away the book in his hand with a gentle lift of his arm. Although the master confessed that this lesson was compulsory, there was no requirement to do it or not, so it was called.