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"Did you knock her out?" Lin Yu asked.

Zhang is a little scared and even more ashamed at the moment. "I … I didn’t mean to."
She came to quarrel with Kim, who dared to kick her up in the middle of the night and hit her face with her? It’s still red and swollen, but she was so fierce before and then she was so weak that she pushed her down and didn’t get up.
Later, when she went to see her, she felt confused and fainted.
When I woke up early, I found that this person was still awake and didn’t dare to see if she was dead, so I was afraid to squat in the corner alone.
Lin Yu saw that Kim had not woken up yet, and Zhang was afraid to come over and asked, "Will she be all right, my Lord?"
Lin Yu sneered, "If she dies, you are the only one who asks!"
Zhang immediately scared out before rubbing his neck and grabbing Lin Yu sleeve with both hands. "It’s none of my business, my Lord!" I didn’t know she was so weak, but I just grabbed her and pushed her a few times. It’s really none of my business! "
Lin Yu observed a moment of silence for Zhang’s father Zhang Shang. Should you say that your daughter is honest? Or stupid?
You didn’t do it without being pressed, did you? !
Luckily, you sent her to Jiang Tao’s side to go undercover. It’s a ghost if she can give you news, right?
When Zhang dragged Lin Yu to cry, the unconscious Kim suddenly quietly raised his eyes and continued to faint with the mocking radian of the corners of his mouth.
Lin Yu dumped chattering, Zhang was upset, locked his cell and went out.
When she walked out of the corner, the corner of her mouth provoked Kim to laugh exactly the same. Did Kim really not see it?
Zhang seems to be overbearing, but he has no opinion and no courage. To put it bluntly, a paper tiger will be broken as soon as it is stabbed, which is as good as Kim’s disguise.
At first, Lin Yu suspected that Zhang was Zhang Shang who arranged Chiang Fu’s eyeliner, so she was put into the cell before. Who knows this observation? Lin Yu felt that Zhang Gen was being played by his father Zhang Shang, and playing with a daughter was not chess.
Is covered with chess cannon fodder.
The person who really lurks around Jiang Tao is the Kim who pretends to be dizzy but forgets his martial arts skills. He stunned Zhang and escaped.
Lin Yufang carefully looked at Zhang’s back neck when he was pestering Zhang. The strength was not like that of a man, but Zhang’s neck had to break in pain. Then she pretended to faint when she came back from work, but she could blame Zhang.
My mind is good, but my opponent is Lin Yu, which makes me a little stupid.
"My Lord! My Lord! Why didn’t you call me? " Ling Xue hurried to see Lin Yu worry way
Lin Yu a leisurely sample "what? Do you want to come with me when you sleep? "
Lin Yu blushed and sneered at his shyness. "Cut!"
"Adult, your little bed is still suitable for your small size." Ling touts immediately laughed when he saw Lin’s adult hum.
"…" You are paralyzed!
"Get down to business!" Lin Yu jilted to jilt sleeve changed the subject
Ling Xue habitually said with a straight face when something important happened, "Jiang Tao’s death has gone out. It is said that many people in the DPRK jointly wished to ask the emperor to hand over the case to the punishments and say that you are unreliable."
Lin Yu patted Ling Xue’s shoulder with a dangerous smile. "Is it wrong to tell a good lie? What else did Fu Fox say?"
Well ..
Got caught again!
Lingxue had to tell Lin Yu honestly, "Fu’s adult also said that you have no hair in your mouth, so don’t be unstable. You are ashamed without him."
Lin Yu touched his eyes and ignited anger. "What’s wrong with your mouth?" ! Do you have to grow a beard to do a good job? "
"The official doesn’t believe it!"
Lin Yu angrily walked out to Ling Xue to follow, although I didn’t know how Lin Yu finally wanted to settle these things, but the day went by quickly.
Outside the Shuntianfu yamen, there were crowds of onlookers, and the curtain blocked the street. Six adults arrived in Lin Yu one after another, packed everything and got ready to go.
Lin Yu also took a look at Yu Shi and Yan Hong before the class, saying that "the account book is false …"
While Yu Shi worried looking at Lin Yu "adult! Please, my master is in charge! I believe that my master is innocent! "
"Do you believe that all the people and the jury adults also have to believe that it is only 181. Chapter 181 Lin’s adult brilliant idea came (1)
"My Lord, you must also believe that your master is innocent, right?" Yu Shi hold purples kneel before Lin Yu eyes are red but never shed tears eyes firm way
Four people, Lin Yu and Yu Shi, said a few more words, "The official believes that it is unfavorable for Jiang Tao to go to the Ministry personally. If it weren’t for his disaster relief in recent years, would millions of silver disappear?"
"This ….." Yu Shi also made a mistake. Although she is a woman, she also knows that the DPRK is cheating. Even if she believes in Jiang Tao, she must produce evidence. If there is no evidence, the situation is very unfavorable to them.
The death of Jiang Tao has come out, and Lin Yu will be under increasing pressure. If it were not for this great pressure, how could Lin Yu agree to the trial today?
In the lobby, there are four words "Zhengda Guang" hanging high, and one person sits high in the hall. Ling Xue, a tout, wrote a pen and stood beside Lin Yu. Fu Yu took Li Xuanxin to sit in the first six departments on the left, and sat in the first six on the right respectively.
Haven’t trial Lin Yu already feel pressure from six is still and from Fu Yu … Smile.
Lin Yu stared back at Fu Yu like a little lion, and his eyes seemed to be joking? ! Laugh at your paralysis! You can’t pick it out if you can’t judge it!
Fu Yu leisurely finished drinking tea knocked on the tea cover to Lin Yu a smile "can? After all, everyone is very busy. Lord Lin, don’t mess with us. "
Lin yushuang