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When she saw that Jun Hanxiao was walking back, the whole person was shocked by throwing a plate of cold water for a long time before she reacted and continued to follow.

Finally, I saw him at the gate of Dali Temple.
Long Wei suddenly the whole person is not so good. I don’t know if the sun is too dazzling. Suddenly, her eyes are black.
After waiting for several hours, I didn’t see you come out on a cold night. Long Weiren finally planned to go in and look for him.
She can’t go in from the door in public so that she can detour to the side and climb over the wall.
When Zhang Jin saw her appear in front of his eyes, he also felt that the whole person was not so good. Why did he have to do such a thing all day?
Duan Ye didn’t clean his tail, and now he wants to wipe his ass himself. Chapter 156 You won’t tell her that you are wrong?
"Isn’t this a dragon princess?" He came out from the inside with integrity in a row, and his face was meticulous, and he couldn’t see anything strange. If Long Wei hadn’t seen Jun Hanxiao come in with her own eyes, she would certainly feel that she had misunderstood something-this is a scum dressed in official sven!
Zhang Jin suddenly sneezed.
"Zhang’s adult, I’m here to find Duan Wang." She stopped before the other side’s mouth. "I saw Duan Wang come in with my own eyes. Zhang’s adult must not tell me that he is not here or-he left through the back door. I don’t believe he will put it aside to go through the back door."
Zhang Jin raised his forehead with a headache. "Since the Dragon Side Princess is here, the officer will speak frankly. Just now, the report asked the officer not to go outside to hide this matter for him. Just hide it from the Dragon Side Princess. Because it is no secret that the report is over, it is not necessary to do so. Is the Dragon Side Princess still determined to see the report?"
"Yes, I want it." Long Wei didn’t even blink his eyes. Obviously, he didn’t hesitate.
Zhang Jin sighed. "The report must be don’t want to worry the dragon princess …"
"Adult Zhang, let me meet him." Long Wei suddenly bowed her head and looked a little low-spirited. "I know that adults won’t do anything to him before the emperor comes back, and the queen mother won’t do anything to him. So why not let me meet him?"
Silent for a moment Zhang Jindao "dragon princess please come with me"
Zhang Jin also has no way to take her to the Dali Temple cell. He is not responsible for making women cry, especially when the sovereign woman is not a person inside and outside.
The place where you live in a cold night is probably the best place in Dali Temple. No matter whether he has done the murder and arson, Zhang Jin will do his best to take care of it just because of his friendship with the emperor and even because of his friendship with Zhang Jin.
But even so, Long Wei’s eyes were involuntarily sour when she walked to the door of the cell.
This idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot!
You sneezed several times in your cell on a cold night, but this time you did.
It’s not very bright. Looking at this woman who glared at him mercilessly in the light, Jun was suddenly cold in his back. How did he feel that he was going to be skinned and cramped by this woman …
The line of sight swept aside and saw Zhang Jinjun beside her. Suddenly, a belly fire was about to erupt.
Just now, I promised to help him hide it. How long has he only been here? This damn Zhang Jin brought Long Wei? Do you think you can’t beat him when you see yourself in prison? !
Zhang Jinsong shrugged his shoulders and said with a koo tunnel, "Your Majesty, I really can’t blame Guan Long’s side princess for seeing you come in and insisted that you can’t leave from the back door and have to let the official hand over the people. What do you want the official to do?"
"You wouldn’t have told her you were wrong?" Jun Hanxiao mercilessly stared his one eye.
"You are a big-headed ghost!" Long Wei yelled at Zhang Jindao more angrily than he did. "Thank you, Zhang Daren. If I can, I want to talk to the report. Can you please …"
"Official White" Zhang Jin immediately nodded and interrupted him. "Officer, it’s 157. Chapter 157 has been staying with you.
He’s not interested in seeing people’s husband and wife here because he wants to leave, because he doesn’t want to be explained by the anger wave of the sovereign.
Before he left, he kindly gave the door to two people.
There is no air circulation, but you feel as if there is a gust of evil wind floating in your cell on a cold night
"Vivian …" He smiled shan shan.
Long Wei gave him a punch without saying anything, or directly toward his forehead to bring up a burst of gas flow?
But the fist was a stone’s throw away from him. When Long Wei stopped, he stopped his hand. In addition to anger, he was surprised and worried. "What’s wrong with you?" What would you hide from before I hit you? Why don’t you hide today? Do you know that you are wrong and dare not hide? " Her red eyes angrily tunnel
"Vivian, I’m right. Even if you give me another chance to choose, I’ll still do it." Jun Hanxiao looks at her intently, and her black eyes don’t blink. "What I don’t hide is because … I won’t hide when you hit me in the future. I talked to you in the garden yesterday, but I won’t pretend that I didn’t say I was serious."
"So you just let me go to jail myself?"
"Well, it’s just a few days in prison. It’s nothing." Jun Hanxiao smiled at him so called.
Long Wei suddenly felt as if he had returned to that winter when he saved her, and so was the handsome Yan, who grabbed her eyes and couldn’t move any more.
"Are you stupid!" Fists still fell on his chest, but he was not willing to give up vigorously.
"Wei Wei, listen to me. It’s the best choice. This time it’s only a few days in my prison. If you don’t die, you’ll have to lose several layers of skin. In that case, how can I push you out?" Jun Hanxiao holds her hand and sticks it to his heart. "Vivian must not do anything stupid. I will be fine when my brother comes back. Do you understand?"
"Don’t want me to do stupid things …" Long Wei suddenly smiled inexplicably, which made you feel cold again.
"The only way to make me do something stupid is to stay with me, otherwise I may do it with a jerk!"
Jun cold night shine at the moment "good to stay with you! After I get out of here, I will stay with you forever! "
Long Wei’s face suddenly turned red and gnashed her teeth and glared at him. "Are you a fool who really didn’t understand or deliberately switched concepts with me?"
"hmm?" Jun Hanxiao took a stupid look. Isn’t that what she meant? Then he really didn’t understand.
"I say now! Now I want to stay with you! " Long Wei stamped his foot
Jun Hanxiao’s face suddenly stagnated and his smirked face disappeared, replaced by a serious and dignified face. "… you want to stay in this prison?"
"Yes!" Long Wei nodded solemnly. It’s not hard to see her determination.
"Vivian, stop that now." Jun Hanxiao frowned slightly. "This is not the place where you should stay alone."
Long Wei couldn’t say for sure what I felt in my heart, whether I was moved or I didn’t want to refute him. "Is this where you should stay as a sovereign? Chapter 158 What’s wrong with making you warm up a bed?
He told her that she was already like this. Do you expect her to stay in the palace and wait for him to return?