7, Jun 2024
"Then just kill him," said Jing Xue.

"Are you not afraid of the Fallen Palace?" The man said
"Fallen? Hehe, who are you from? " Mandy asked.
"I’m afraid. I’ll tell you that I’m selected by the right and left protectors," said the man.
"Right and left protection?" Yuan Xuan repeated
Isn’t that Ouyang’s attachment and falling? No … They haven’t been selected for a long time, and they don’t know that the left and right protectors have been … dismissed.
"Hey hey" Jing Xue smiled insidiously and took Mandy’s hand knife and put it directly in his throat.
Seeing that he seemed to die unsatisfied, Jing Xue put it in his ear and said, "Actually, we are the lords of the fallen palace."
Just after the words were finished, the man closed his eyes and his legs and died …
Jing Xue clapped her hands to Mandy and said, "Done!"
"You, I still want him to be a guinea pig for me." Yuan Xuan complained.
"You want mice, I’ll help you catch some later. Really," said Jing Xue.
"Okay, okay, I’m going back. I’m exhausted. Today, physical education class," Mandy said.
"It’s just a 4-meter playground circle. It’s really plain," Yuan Xuan said.
"What do you mean not just …"
"It’s just a little … I’m tired to go back," said Jing Xue.
The exam results shocked many people, but after the exam, it was an autumn outing.
At 8 o’clock in the morning, at the school gate …
"Students, the place we are going to today is a beautiful island where birds are singing, flowers are fragrant, butterflies and birds are flying everywhere. What do you think of this place?" This class leader talked about the fugitive island … it’s really not like the fugitive island, and he also lied, and his face was not red and his heart was not jumping, which made the unsuspecting children’s shoes stunned.
"good!" A large group of students chimed in,
"Well, then, let’s go there for five days this time. Please bring your own tent."
N hours later …………………………
It shocked a lot of people …
"teacher! What birds and flowers are singing! Fucking fart! " A classmate cried
"teacher! ! Teacher … How can you cheat us! " Another classmate raised his hand high and said
"Students, how can I deceive you?" The teacher said, "There are really flowers and birds here …" Unfortunately, many of them are highly toxic. Of course, the teacher didn’t say this sentence.
"Teacher, can we go back?" Another classmate said
"srry students unfortunately tell you that you can’t," the teacher said. "Let’s get together in this place after five days of free activities."
Then the teacher turned around and the plane left his mother …
This … that … class guidance has caused her public outrage.
"Yuan Xuan Jing Xue Mo Mo, let’s go as an old tourist destination," Su Xiaomin said.
"Good good five years didn’t come back, right?" Yuan Xuan said.
"Yeah, well, did you bring a tent?" Static snow asked
"I didn’t bring it," Momo replied.
"Me neither," said Jing Xue.
"Don’t look at me, of course I didn’t bring it," Yuan Xuan said.
"I brought what you brought … I didn’t bring it," Mandy said.
Just when their tent was confused, several figures appeared …
"DOG, did you bring a tent?" Cold inverse nie asked.
"No" Mo Mo said plaintively.
"That … how much I have? Come with me."
(How does it sound like a strange uncle abducting a pure girl?)
(Momo, this is not your dry side.)
(Nianrou well, after I was wrong, let the innocent girl kidnap the strange uncle and Nianrou smile insidiously.)
(There are murderous thoughts around ~)
"Yuan Xuan let’s go together" Lan Bing night took Yuan Xuan’s hand and said.
"Ah," Yuan Xuan said in surprise. "What about Jingxue and Xiaomin?"
"I’m with Dong-jie Ouyang," Qian Jingxue said around Dong-jie Ouyang.
Mandy looked at Dong-jie Ouyang and Jing Xue, holding hands, and took a meaningful look at Dong-jie Ouyang, and what Qian Zisui Dong-jie Ouyang was doing behind him!