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A man appeared at the door of the villa.

Yin Yue xin, looking at the bearer is silently watching him directly rushed to the inside … Root no one dare to stop until he impulse floor Yin Yue xin appeared in front of him shouted at him, "what are you doing! Do you have to tear this place down! "
"How can you come out to see me if you don’t?"
Yin Yue xin evil smile "when do you need it? !”
"You’ll learn by watching," he said to her suddenly. "Don’t you miss me for so long?"
"I never thought about it."
"Yin Yue, I’m hungry!"
"You don’t have food at home!"
He raised his eyebrows "to the kitchen! You cook for me! "
"instant noodles?"
"Go! Anyway, I’m starving … Do you really have the heart to make me hungry? !”
Yin Yue Xin is, but then he turned and walked into the kitchen. Well, my brother shouldn’t come back at this time. Anyway, he should be fine.
Yin Yue Xin thought so, while he was making instant noodles for him, he watched her go in and took out a bottle of juice from the refrigerator. If he didn’t forget, her favorite thing was juice.
He poured a cup of the bag in his hand, and he almost didn’t hesitate to spill it. The powder floated on the juice surface, and his long fingers kept shaking the cup. When Yin Yuexin came out, he looked at his hand with another cup and asked, "What are you doing?"
"It’s really hard for you to prepare your wife’s adult …" The sly light in his eyes was that she was a curl of "I don’t want to drink now"
"Er … wife, just drink a little!" When he begged her to drink, Lou Han Yiqing came …
"It’s really thirsty! There is no water in the building! "
As soon as she came, she saw the glass of juice and snatched it from him without saying anything. It was really a relief to drink it all …
It is …
"Hey, what’s wrong with the taste of juice today? Is it expired?"
Yin Yue Xin took one look and then went to the refrigerator and took out the bottle of juice. At the date of production, she said, "Sister-in-law, this juice has not expired! Just now! "
Strange …
"Oh, maybe there is something wrong with my taste," she said, but at first glance …
That man …
"How did you come here? !”
"Hey!" He said politely, "I’m your brother-in-law!"
He was more attentive than last time, and this time he introduced himself first.
"I’m not saying it’s clear! Leng Ruixi is nothing to provoke. You’d better stay away from him! Otherwise, Yue Xin won’t save you then. "
"This is not a sister-in-law! I’m sure you can … "
Very attentive, twitching at the corner of my mouth. What the hell is this? !
As she thought about it, she felt a sudden surge of hot air in her chest, and even her cheeks turned red …
Is this weather too hot? ! Why does she feel hot all over …
Don’t … Is there something wrong with that glass of juice? !
"I still feel thirsty if there is any water."
"yes! Sister-in-law I’ll get it for you … "
As soon as she turned around, he attached it to Han Yiqing’s ear and said, "Sister-in-law, I’m so sorry …"
Chapter 31 Particularly Strong Drugs
What, he suddenly wants to talk to her like that? ! Han Yiqing really can’t understand … So I heard him continue to say, "Sister-in-law, I took medicine for that glass of juice …"
What? ! Han Yiqing really wonders if he heard wrong! What is medicine?
"What medicine did you put? !” She suddenly cried out. Yin Yue Xin just came out from the inside and heard it …
Her eyes narrowed. "What did you say just now? !”
"He xin, you listen to me! You listen to me! "
Han Yiqing’s eyes have been fixed on the glass of juice noodles. Is this glass of juice … Was he prepared at the beginning? ! Or did you take medicine? ! She just drank it to …