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"It was the Zhouyi that hit the river, and the little one came to town again." Wang Gangnai replied falteringly.

Wang Dahai heard Wang Gang’s words, and my heart suddenly raised its hand in great anger and gave Wang Gang a slap in the face and scolded, "Isn’t it enough for you to get into trouble every time? Can you afford that little jinx? "
Wang gang was stunned as soon as he got there. He didn’t expect his father to send back such a big fire.
"Dad, this is me. It’s a one-on-one deal with Zhouyi. Winning or losing is both for us. He won’t find Zhou Ji."
Wang gang Wu wear was beaten face injustice ground to say
"You idiot, you read it for nothing. I told you to pinch your tail and be a man. Do you know you’re in big trouble?"
Wang Dahai listened to Wang Gang’s words and gave Wang Gang an ear. Chapter 95 The first step in practicing guns.
Wang Gang was slapped twice by his father Wang Dahai in a row, and the face that was not bad became swollen and became like a pig’s head.
Wang Gang didn’t dare to speak again at this time. His heart was really depressed. He came to play a little trick to teach Zhouyi a lesson, so that Zhouyi wouldn’t complain to Zhouji Zhoushan’s master and eat a dull loss. I didn’t expect Zhouyi’s skill to be terrible. Now he was kicked in the stomach and still had a dull pain. When he got home, his father was furious. He only explained one sentence and ate two big slaps.
"Wang Dahai, you don’t know scold son not to say that this time is and Zhouyi that small personal one-on-one hit that small took advantage of how can go back to Zhou Ji? Why are you so angry? How can you let the horse go out to meet people after beating him like this? Why don’t you let him change his wet clothes quickly? What should I do if he is frozen in this cold weather? "
Wang Gang’s mother, Zhang Cuiping, suddenly felt distressed when she saw her son being beaten like this by her husband.
"You stupid woman, what do you know? We are not to be taunted at Zhouji. Can we afford Zhouyi? Like mother, like mother, you are an idiot, and Wang Ganglai is also a brainless guy! "
Wang Dahai stared at his woman scold a way
"I haven’t seen a gigolo in the Zhouyi. If it weren’t for his grandfather’s potential, we would be afraid of the small one. You don’t have a high fever today, do you? Can a child be stupid enough to go to college? Besides, can I be born alone? "
Zhang Cuiping grumbled that her husband, Wang Dahai, was making a mountain out of a molehill. She came to Zhouyi not to tell Zhou Ji Zhou Shan about the conflict with Wang Gang again. At best, Wang Gang ate a small loss and scolded Wang Gang. Don’t beat him hard.
"I said your mother is really stupid. Do you know who the Zhouyi is? He is a national security man. He just came to Yuquan Town yesterday and killed two gangsters who followed him. The Hong Kong underworld gunman was a murderous evil star. Even Director Yang of the county public security bureau had to be polite when he saw him. "
Wang Dahai see where his wife Wang Cuiping cooing more angry big scold a way "do you know what is national security? It’s not illegal to kill people with a license to kill people, that is to say, if Zhouyi wants to kill you, he will be killed if you kill a fool, and Wang Gang will be charged with attacking national security personnel. Then Wang Gang will die in vain, you unfilial son. I can tell you that if you mess with this malefic again, I will cut off my father from you. "
Wang Dahai himself was stupid before. Yesterday, he also wanted to borrow Yang’s hand to retaliate against Zhouyi. He didn’t expect Zhouyi to have a great identity. Now he knows that Zhouyi is not to be taunted. He was ruthless when he beat and scolded Wang Ganglai. He was afraid that Zhouyi would come to his house for trouble.
The national security people? Killed two people yesterday? Have a license to kill? "
Hearing that Zhouyi was a Guoan and had a license to kill Wang Gang and Zhang Cuiping was frightened and looked paler than one.
"Why are you still waiting to make breakfast? Go make breakfast and change clothes. You two mothers are really annoying."
Wang Dahai scolded Zhang Cuiping and Wang Gang again, and then angrily went to the living room to make tea and drink.
Wang Gang hurriedly buried his face in his wet clothes. At this time, he even regretted his previous provocation to Zhouyi.
After breakfast, Zhouyi played chess with the master for an afternoon. At noon, the master took Zhouyi and Zhou Chi with a big killer black box and prepared to go to the western mountain of Zhenshan to practice guns. After all, practicing guns is still a very secret thing, and ordinary people in Zhenshan cannot know it, otherwise it will cause an uproar.
In order not to arouse others’ suspicion, Master Zhou Shan went hunting in the mountains during the heavy snow when he met an acquaintance with his homemade shotgun.
Go west along Zhenqingshi Road for about five miles, and you will reach a big mountain foot, which is called Lion Mountain, and looks like a squatting lion.
Zhoushan Zhouyi Zhou Chi came to the foot of the mountain and saw that the mountain was white. It seems that the snow in this mountain is bigger than that at the foot of the mountain.
The mountain road is narrow and difficult to walk. Fortunately, all three of them are experts, and the mountain is halfway up the mountain very quickly.
Looking at the foot of the mountain halfway up the mountain, it is refreshing to see the vast world in white.
Halfway up the mountain, there is a flat land with a large area, which is not naturally generated but artificially chiseled.
Zhouyi and Zhou Chi have been to Shishan before. I heard from the master that there used to be a group of mountain thieves here. This flat land was originally the residence of these mountain thieves.
But with the changes of the times, these have all turned into historical dust, and those houses have long since disappeared, leaving this eternal lion mountain and this carved flat land.
There is a bamboo forest around the flat, with thick bamboo at the mouth of the bowl. Bamboo is evergreen all the year round, but it is also covered with heavy snow at this time. Many bamboos are bent and some are broken and burst.
"Let’s practice the gun here. Just put the gun in the silencer."
The master still carries his cigarette. He finds a stone and sits down. While smoking, he explains some basic principles and methods of firearms.
"To put it simply, the gun relies on the ability to respond to the speed, and it is really necessary to fight against the master. Whoever is fast will win the gun. Then you need to be steady and steady, so that you can be successful."
Zhou Shandun taught Zhouyi and Zhou Chidao, and then the master picked up a May 4th holster silencer, closed his eyes and fired three shots at the bamboo forest in front of him.
Three shot through the first three bamboos like eyes.
"Grandpa, you are really amazing. It is estimated that it is no less than I have seen a gunman, Xiaoxiao, the female gun king of Nanjing Military Region." Zhouyi saw the master’s amazing marksmanship and sighed.
"You practice guns, but now you practice aiming and don’t shoot for the time being. When your heart and gun soul are connected, you can shoot a fixed target."
Master, she instructed Zhouyi and Zhou Chi in her unique aspects, so Zhouyi took a 92-style Zhou Chi and an automatic rifle to aim at the bamboo forest in front.
For a whole afternoon, Zhouyi and Zhou Chi have been aiming at the snow for four hours in a row. Their hands have not trembled and they have not fired a shot.
It was near dusk when master Zhouyi Zhou Chi came home with a black box.
The weather in Yuquan Town, Shandong Province is gloomy after heavy snow, and Hong Kong is also dark. There is no snow, but it is also very cold. The north wind hurts people.