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"Don’t worry, I’m not a gentleman, but I won’t do things too well. I said that equal share is equal share." Gu Fan waved his hand and said that his face was calm. "But it’s not equal share with you. These two tusked lion bodies can be handled by you. We want me. There is also a refined medium-sized gold creation bead to compensate you!"

Talking, Gufan’s palm shook and took out a Jin Chuangzhu from the ring of primitive simplicity, and lost it without looking. Young mercenaries caught it and felt that it was really refined Jin Chuangzhu’s face suddenly shocked. It was strange that the spirit bead was gold-tattooed, but they didn’t think too much. Several mercenaries were filled with excitement.
You know, it’s a refined spirit bead. Although it’s not as precious as an explosive spirit bead, it’s natural after all, and the difference in value between the two will not be too far. This golden pearl can save lives, and when it comes back to Tana City, it will definitely sell for a good price. Even if it’s true and ancient, it’s not so cost-effective. They earned it!
These mercenaries looked at Gufan and his party, and their eyes suddenly changed dramatically. Hostility didn’t have some respect and gratitude. They could throw a medium spirit bead with a magic weapon. They would never be ordinary adventurers or mercenaries. They were sure that these people were definitely talented brothers from a big family and were those people from a super big family!
"Male indeed as expected battle righteousness! We’re welcome! Today, our Tianya mercenary group will keep in mind! " That seems to be the head of the youth to hand over to Gufan, saying that Gufan shook his head indifferently, and several people didn’t have much expression, but Guxinyue was somewhat dissatisfied with pie pie. She thought that Gufan was a prodigal, but she seemed to be too wide.
"Master" at this moment, the time has passed. In the palm of his hand, two explosive beads took over the explosive beads. It’s hard to be a little excited. This is the main purpose of his visit to the Dark Forest. I didn’t expect it to be so easy.
"Let’s go." Gufan settled down a state of mind, put the explosive spirit beads into the ring of primitive simplicity, then looked at the bodies of two fangs lions and turned and walked away. Time passed and Gubeibei followed closely, while Gujian and others took a look at the six mercenaries and followed Gufan and walked away. At this time, several mercenaries reacted in hindsight. It seems that the most inconspicuous teenager in this genius team is the core figure. "We are better than them, and it is already very cheap to give them two fangs lion bodies. You want them?
Although the sound is small, Gu Fan gave her a slight glance in her ears and kept saying, "There is no need not to do things too badly. Being a man is to tell others, that is to say, to kill people and steal goods for yourself. Although it is common here, it is easier if we can use a golden pearl that is not precious to us to settle some unnecessary troubles!"
"Although I don’t believe in what goes around comes around, it’s not that shit pity, but it seems that I can do less things that damage the virtue and try to do less. I’m not afraid of retribution, but I can feel at ease. For example, this time I gave them Jin Chuangzhu, the two explosive beads, which belong to us. We didn’t rob them or change them! We don’t need things for what we need most! It can save a fierce battle! "
Gu Fan rarely said a few more words, which really makes people believe that Gu Xinyue and others suddenly feel a little overwhelmed. Looking at Gu Fan’s eyes is a little different. Where did this guy learn this from? It’s a bit confusing.
Sometimes he is arrogant and arrogant, and he can’t eat any losses. Because of the impulse, he dares to go to Mu’s house alone, and his courage is amazing! Sometimes, there is a kind of calm mind in the bones, which can instantly understand one thing. It seems that a teenager should have impulse and pride without it.
Such a man with a fine rule and unpredictable temper is a terrible person, because no one knows what he is thinking and what he will do. When he wants to be a villain, he can stab you in the back without fear. When he wants to be a gentleman, he can be lenient with you when he is at the peak. Thinking about the ancient temper, several people can’t help shivering. From dawn, a few people rushed on their way and led at least dozens of miles of mountain roads. On this way, I occasionally met adventurers and mercenaries to hunt Warcraft, and I also met a group of’ black eat black’.
Until noon, a few people walked more and more remote, not deep into the dark forest, but horizontally. Adventurers and mercenary groups were also scarce. Finally, the time passed and his face became dignified and pointed to the ancient fan in the distance
"Less than a mile in front of the young master is the place where I met Ling Shizhu for the first time, and then I went forward to the territory of the Silver Wind Wolf. I accidentally broke in and angered the Silver Wind Wolf for the second time, and it took a lot of effort to escape."
Gu Fan nodded and looked at the dense front, then turned his eyes and said, "You have played against the silver wind wolf. Now tell the truth, do we have a chance of winning?" At this point, it’s hard for Gufan to beat the drums and lose the previous confidence. After all, it’s the second-order Warcraft with wind attributes, which is too much higher than them now.
"The speed of the Silver Wind Wolf is very fierce, but our overall strength should be well coordinated. Regardless of whether we can slay the Silver Wind Wolf, I estimate that it is not a big problem to grab the Lingshi Beads." We frowned and thought for a while and said, "I’m practicing Reiki * * now, and my combat power is stronger than before. When the time comes, plus Gu Jian, several people should be able to hold off the Silver Wind Wolf for a while, and you will be responsible for stealing Lingshi Beads?"
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"Do you have any questions?" Gufan eyes swept GuJian several people face dignified asked, but when it comes to a real test of everyone’s strength, it is likely to die in a bad way. No jokes at all.
Gujian several people’s faces are also not heavy, and they say that they are not nervous. That’s false. They know what they will face if they nod. The three of them all looked at each other tacitly, ignoring Gubeibei, and immediately they all saw each other’s eyes firmly. This time, it is not only to get a spiritual master bead, but also to prove themselves in front of several masters. Even if they lose their swaddling clothes, they are the best!
"No problem!" Once again, the three men nodded and said that at the same time, they reached out their hands and held the magic device behind their backs tightly. For a moment, their palms were beaded with sweat. Gu Beibei held her head high and looked at several people. It seems that at this time, she didn’t feel that several ancient people deliberately ignored her, so she didn’t ask her for advice. She didn’t look at her from beginning to end. She hurriedly said, "I have no problem."
The little face was flushed with firmness, and the little jade hand held the thin sword as small as her head for fear that Gu Fan and others would reject her or leave her alone.
"no!" GuJian, Gu Hua, GuXinYue three people at the same time low mouth to drink a let GuBeiBei frighten a shrink, but hold your head high or stubborn look at a few people weak eyes suddenly flashing seems to have tears set out.
Gu Fan caught a slight glimpse of Gu Jian and then looked at Gu Beibei. It seems that this little girl is really the most lovable palm bead of the ancient family. Everyone almost protects and dotes on her from her own energy.
"Beibei stays!" In the tone of Gufan’s tone, it seems that there is a kind of non-refutation, which means that the fog in Gubei’s eyes has finally condensed out. Stubbornly, Gufan tightly pursed his lips and didn’t say a word, which made Gufan unable to help but feel a pain in his heart.
"Girl, I promise you can watch the battle in the dark, but you must not enter the battle circle. You have to make minor repairs. This time, we have to deal with the first-class Warcraft, which is a second-class Warcraft. It will be dead at any time. Whether it is me, Gu Jian, Gu Hua or Gu Xinyue, you will never let you fight."
Gufan’s look suddenly softened. Squatting down, Gubeibei wiped her tears. Although her tone was gentle, it was firm but not weakened.
"I agree with you, too." At this time, the fleeting time also gently spit out a few words, and there was some throbbing in my heart. This warmth was that he had never felt that he could be behind such a affectionate teenager. What was he afraid of?
"I want to help you," sobbed Gu Beibei.
"Ha ha, there will be a chance. Among us, your cultivation talent is the highest. In a few years, we may have to hang around with your ass. The only thing you have to do now is to learn and increase your experience!" Gufan patted Gubeibei’s little head and said with a smile that Gubeibei just nodded, clutching his little fist tightly, as if he had vowed to practice hard!
"Well, let’s deploy a guarantee and try our best to make it happen!" Gu Fan got up and looked at several people and said, "When the four of you attract the Silver Wind Wolf to attack the main force of the fleeting time, Gu Jian will interfere from the side, so remember that no matter what happens, you must not run away desperately!" Gufan bit his teeth.
"And I’m responsible for stealing LingShiZhu while you attract silver wind Wolf! As soon as we get the Ling Shi Zhu, we will retreat to the Silver Wind Wolf Magic Nuclear. "Gufan then said that several people nodded again and said that there was no problem.