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She gave May a lot, but in the end, she didn’t understand what the child really wanted!

In addition, there are many families in Pearl Island, and those children are also accompanied by their parents. Perhaps this point was deeply rooted in her mind when she was very young in May. She is a child without a father!
"In May you …"
"Bang" is almost the same as talking to Su Ling, and the door suddenly opens!
Outside, the sun is shining, and the dust in the back is like the arrival of the gods, so the milli-warning reappears in Su Ling’s eyes.
He still wears dark clothes, although his hair is a little messy with the breeze outside the door, and although his clothes are stained with mottled dust, all this does not reflect his firm and firm eyes.
He said he would do it if there was still a chance. He would seize everything!
May seemed to be shaken by the door for a moment when she heard the sound, and when she lifted her eyes just to see the backlight outside the door, her eyes were full of water and her nose was red.
It’s a happy mood, but it suddenly occurred to me that she had a conversation with her mother just now, and then she buried her little face on Su Ling’s cheek again with a flat mouth, which made Su Ling and Huang Lao’s heart full of bitterness.
"Help me take care of her!"
Five years later, I met with Huang Lao for the second time. In fact, Su Ling was able to find the beauty when she first moved.
But now things are different. Although she has a firm belief in her heart, it is undeniable that she was touched by the words of May just a moment ago.
When Su Ling refused to look up and hand it over directly to You Qing in May, her brow was scratched.
Once again, facing the burning old scene really made her nervous!
And this scene, no matter how much you don’t want to in your heart, he still gives Su Ling enough.
In the end, you Qing left with May and closed the door conveniently, leaving Su Ling and Huang Lao in the back room!
In May, I arranged for the third place to burn those hidden mysterious rooms, and it was only half an hour before the third place was solved!
It’s rare for two people to be so calm and alone. Su Ling clearly felt the old figure behind her, but he stopped at a distance. The first sentence made Su Ling feel horror!
He said, "I’ve never been with Gulan. Not before, not now and not after!" "
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"I’ve never been with Gulan. Not before, not now and not after!"
Huang Lao’s tone is low and implied. Su Ling sounds so unreal!
How long has it been since she talked to him and never saw his arrogance and domineering appearance again!
After going through Qian Fan, she, she can go to quiet inside to face everything in the past, but the third child whispered behind her and analyzed the truest feelings in his heart, which also made Su Ling feel a little nervous!
Maybe there will still be feelings, and the heart will be so ups and downs!
In five years, she also recalled the rainy night that broke her heart more than once, especially after she calmed down. When she carefully recalled it, she found that the’ Burn Old Three’ in the glen pavilion did not seem to have said a word completely!
But just a few calls or promises!
Although Su Ling is still hard to think about in her heart, as she said, if Huang Lao has no idea about Gulanzhen, how can he be taken advantage of!
And I heard that when he left, he took revenge on Xiao Ning, which was also quite malicious!
What’s more, she also knew that Huang Yin’s dust personally handed Gulan to Xiao Ning, that is, Lou Chen asked him to take him back to Lou Yue, and she didn’t ask the wise men about what happened later. After all, it seemed that everything was gone with her at that time!
When burn assumed the dust still calm Su Ling behind looking at her motionless figure fundus with a lonely.
And then can’t get her response to burn assumed the dust continue to mouth "three! Can you forgive me? "
This sentence Su Ling sounds like waiting for humility!
He didn’t really do anything wrong, but when he met again, he became so cautious!
Once upon a time, the imposing manner in her eyes, bullying and indifference, seemed to be a different person!
After all, Su Ling sighed deeply in such a strange atmosphere, and then slowly turned his eyes and fixed his dark boots, and then moved a little after him than straight legs and then to his tall and straight waist. When he skipped him and kept sliding the Adam’s apple, Su Ling’s heart finally twitched with his eyes.
Because she had never seen such a deep pain hidden in the cold eyes of Huang Yin dust.
"How are you?"
Su Ling’s instant gaze at Huang Yin’s brow, the man who once hid in her dream, will still make her feel stable and relative!