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"Well" Qin Rui nodded.

"Ye, take care of yourself!" From the heart, I have been with Qin Rui for so many years, no matter what I do, I have been escorted by him. This is the first time that Gu Jinxi has not followed. I said in my heart that it’s not true that I’m not worried, but my grandfather’s trip is too dangerous. The situation in the capital is changing rapidly. The summer is cool, so that the team is eager to move. Keep the cool and stay in the garden. Protect Gu Jinxi and let my grandfather have no worries. That’s all he can do.
"I know"
After saying his word, Qin Rui has already walked out of a long way.
Early autumn is the season when the wind is high and the air is cool, but the sun is charming but not hot; The cool breeze blows gently, and listening to the cicadas and singing birds, I don’t feel tired at all when I rush along the way.
"Gu’s adult thinks that we can arrive in Liangdu on the latest day of this trip." The man in the crimson blue satin gown raised his hand and wiped his sweat with a slightly dusty face.
It’s been more than half a year since I left Liangdu in spring, and it’s hard to build the flood control dam in the south of the Yangtze River. This time, there should be no more floods for a long time, and they finally succeeded in leaving. It should have been four months since their wife was pregnant with a baby.
Gu Ji rode a horse and glanced around. "It’s not far from Ancheng to Liangdu, but the mountain road is not peaceful and clear. Let the dough people cheer up and the horse will arrive in Liangdu, but don’t have an accident at this time."
I don’t know why he has walked this road several times, but when he stepped on it again, he actually had a deep anxiety in his heart; The road ahead is winding and there are still dense jungles on both sides; It is autumn when the leaves turn yellow and the vegetation is warm.
"Yes, it belongs to the white", and I respectfully respond to the sonorous sound.
"Gu’s adult is not so careful from Ancheng to Liangdu?" The carriage leaned out half of its head, and it was the man in the scarlet gown just now.
"Be careful to sail for ten thousand years; Zhang’s adult also don’t forget our trip but come back with a secret letter from the governor of the south of the Yangtze River. "Speaking of this, Gu Ji looked a little heavy."
Called Zhang’s adult, male, and his thin lips took a sip. Naively, he shrugged his shoulders and let the curtain officer kill him. What’s more, Gu Qi is still the imperial envoy with the sword in his hand. That’s not an important thing. He doesn’t want to make it into his hand. Colleagues know something about Gu Qi’s sexuality for more than half a year. Since Gu Qi said to be careful, maybe something will really happen.
"This Gu Ji is really holding chicken feathers as the direction. Which of us is no better than his qualifications?" Another older middle-aged man in the carriage complained.
Zhang’s adult patted the man on the shoulder. "Don’t be impatient for a day or two, and it will be over."
"Hum!" The adult is a twisted temper and grunts coldly on the soft couch of the carriage. "I’ve had enough of this for more than half a year, but I’m determined not to go."
Gu Ji is a desperate official who needs to sharpen his mouth, but he has to personally meet these pampered ministers who have suffered this kind of crime and have to patrol the lake every day. That’s not to mention going to pick mud with those working people to test the geology. That’s nothing. They eat as plain as those people. If they hadn’t brought some gold and silver with them, they would have gone out occasionally to play two meals in sumptuous food.
"It’s this time that I went to Jiangnan for half a year, and my belly was thin." The man next to me touched his waist
"Haha, your wife won’t give up your fat bed when you go back to your adult this time." Others laughed and quipped that you are not angry with adults and live like a Maitreya.
Although I am somewhat dissatisfied with many practices of Gu Qi, I have to say that it is right for the emperor to send him. With him, no one in the imperial envoys dared to take bribes. Who is Gu Qi? It’s a famous old fox in Liangdu, and so many people are planted in his hands. They dare not go against the wind. Xiang’s adult is an out-and-out loyalist party, which is different from others.
He begged for a boring, flat mouth and squinted against the window lattice.
Suddenly marching at a constant speed, the carriage suddenly stopped. The four adults used to rely on the back of the chair to rest. At this moment, due to inertia, the whole person almost fell out.
"What’s the matter? How do you catch the bus?" Adults have always been a violent temper, and they scold when they open their mouths on the spot.
"Young master, be careful!" Qing Meng’s toe gently pulls out his waist sword quickly.
"Protect several adults" Gu Qi looked ugly and looked at the men in black who came to attack. He was well-trained and well-coordinated, and his heart suddenly sank. The sword dance in his hand was impenetrable, but in the end, his fists were hard to compete with four hands. Those men in black seem to be deliberately targeting him. He can feel that these people are aiming at him.
The sword collided and drank loudly.
Gu Qi’s eyes narrowed slightly, raised his hand and stabbed a man in black with a sword. His voice was somewhat dangerous. "Who sent you here? What’s your purpose?"
"Old four!" Suddenly, the attack on the carriage not far away seems to be the leader. When he saw it, he quickly turned his head to those men in black and said, "Do it quickly! Gu Qi took his life! "
Gu Ji’s eyes squinted slightly at the few men in black, and almost half of them rushed towards themselves. Qing Qing Yuan also listened to Gu Ji’s words to protect the carriage, but now he feels that his eyes are almost popping out; But he didn’t support Gu Qi, who was surrounded by seven men in black. He could have tied with three or four people, but now it has gradually fallen.
The man in black looked at Gu Ji’s eyes with a stern look when the cloth broke.
"Who the hell are you?" Gu Ji can feel that these people are definitely not ordinary thieves and bandits, and their posture and martial arts are definitely trained for a long time.
"Want to know?" The first black man’s eyes are heavy.
"You …" Gu Ji bite a tooth at the moment has gradually overwhelmed.
The man in black suddenly let go of the long sword, pulled out a dagger from the handle and stabbed Gu Qi in the chest. "Ask the terrifying!"
"No, master!" Qing Zhuo’s whole person has been stunned.
Let’s go!’ The first man in black looked back at the so-called guards who had been disabled. The dagger was poisoned and had pierced Gu Ji’s heart at the moment. The goal has been achieved.
"Don’t go!" Qing Meng has been red-eyed
Gu Ji is struggling for the last bit of strength to grasp the Qing dynasty and put "Don’t stop chasing."
"Young master!" Looking at the dagger that pierced Gu Qi’s heart on his knees, he didn’t dare to move. The bodyguard sent to them by that royal family are all rubbish, and they are simply vulnerable to these people.
"Zhang Daren Zhang Daren, are you okay?"
"My Lord, my Lord?"
At the moment, I exclaimed that hundreds of people had injured and disabled the team, and finally more than 30 people were intact. In addition to the driver’s groom who escaped from hiding under the carriage, there were only Qing Qing and a few guards left. And that big belly can tell adults
Because of blood loss and medicinal care, Qi has gradually fainted, and Qing Meng is already at a loss.