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Su Mian followed MuWanting Wan’s chill and didn’t come out today. In the backyard, all the emperors, concubines, princess, princess, princess, princess, princess, princess, princess, princess, princess, princess have arrived.

Su Mian saw the wedding, and soon Zia changed her clothes belonging to Luo Cha, wore a double-breasted skirt, a lavender skirt and a lily bun, washed off her heavy eye makeup and gently outlined her eyebrows.
She also saw Su Mian, and she didn’t know what it was like to want the horse to escape, but less than a month after the wedding, she tasted all the hardships and sufferings.
King Anjun is a kind man who doesn’t care about things and naturally doesn’t come to the backyard to tell me what to do.
However, Princess Anjun is a mean person. Although this time, the king of Anjun is not her own, there is not much kinship. Later, the father-in-law changed from a concubine to an ordinary princess and from an ordinary princess to a side princess. Although she didn’t take her back, she also recognized it.
It’s strange that the two of them can get along well with each other again. Now that they have such a daughter-in-law, it’s better this time, and neither mother-in-law is satisfied.
Another family came out, and the eldest daughter-in-law stood against the rules of etiquette, which made Zia, a foreign princess, even more stubborn
The more so, the more depressed she is, the more she is afraid of her husband, and the less she likes it. She would rather spend the night with my concubine than visit her. It is not good for Anjun Wangfu to have a foreign princess, but the glory of the county king is enough, so there is no need to add color.
And her husband doesn’t need a princess from a tiny country.
It’s a pity that no matter whether it’s the side princess of the king of Anjun or the eldest daughter-in-law, the etiquette is big or small, and it’s a rule to move and be quiet forever. Although she gave up all the Luo Cha habits of dressing up, talking and doing things.
I gave up the princess’s dignity and learned to cater to my husband and serve my mother-in-law. Unfortunately, everything was not satisfactory.
She regrets it deeply. It’s really like heaven to think about the blessing of her father, mother and princess. She can’t help thinking that if she hadn’t thought about the nine emperors, she would have entered the palace. There is no need to make rules to make the emperor like her, but there is no regret medicine in this world.
She avoided Su Mian’s eyes and didn’t want to make friends with her again. She could feel that it was not good.
Su Mian stopped looking at her, because she met another female princess who told her that she was interested.
"Don’t come here. There are new paintings these days. Are you interested in seeing them another day?" Cloud infanta came over and said
"That’s good, why don’t you just do it? These days are all good weather days. Let’s make an appointment? " Anjun Wangfu and Jiuhuang Mansion are not suitable for anyone, and it is not impossible for a woman of this world to go out.
"Then let’s meet at Qingyaxuan every day?" Princess Yun is obviously satisfied with this’ dating’ smile, which is very sweet.
"Elegant porch be there or be square at the beginning of the fourth century" Su Mian laughed.
The wedding went well, and after the bride was taken back, the bridegroom lifted the veil, but he still had to go to the front yard to accompany the guests.
Su Mian and other harems are accompanied by the bride, which means that they are the main targets of recognition.
Then there is the Princess of Anjun, Princess of Yu County and other elders. The mainstream of Yunjun County needs to see each other.
When the groom comes back, they will retire.
Back to the office, it’s already Haishi Su Mian left the front yard and went to sleep after washing. Yan Gui has already gone.
Su Mian ate breakfast, went to the main courtyard to pay her respects, then went back and changed her clothes, and took Albizia and indigo naturalis out of the door. Elegant Xuan is a teahouse with refreshments and tea, and various musical instruments. There are all kinds of Jixuan, branch lobby and elegant room lobby to entertain poor scholars, miss butler and some elegant people in the Jianghu. In the elegant room, most of them are dignitaries and dignitaries. It is always a word that this is a quiet place and a place that literati always like.
When Su Mian arrived, he saw that the doorman who greeted guests at the door was dressed as a reader, and the exit was elegant. Su Mian said that after the meeting, the doorman politely asked, "I don’t know which noble person this Niang meets?" Is there a room for a private room? "
This person who looks dressed is an imperial clan, and naturally he is also an imperial clan. He will definitely not sit in the lobby.
"Is the monarch of Anjun Wang family not aware that she can come?" Sue cotton laughed
"Come is cloud infanta? Please come with me! " The man smiled and bent down to make a gesture of please.
Su Mian rewarded the silver and followed him.
At the sight of Su Mian, Zhongyun in Danxia Pavilion got up and ushered in a girl wearing a lake green skirt.
"Side princess is here?" Cloud princess laughed.
"Greet the side princess" The girl is busy blessing herself.
"Get up. I wonder who this is?" Su Mian looked at the girl and felt a little familiar. Where have you seen her?
"This is the daughter of Wei’s adult, Wei Zhu is my own Zhang, but the side princess must like her to draw good pictures at an early age. I am good at landscapes and she is good at plum blossoms, pines and cypresses." Yuninfanta said with some pride.
"If you and I meet, we have the same interests. Since Zhu is the same, what is the independence?" Su Mian laughed. "Let’s not care about our identity in private after I have a single name. Calling my name also makes me."
Cloud infanta a smile "theory of age seems to be my oldest? I’m seventeen, but I also call you a cotton wool, and the youngest is fifteen. You call me sister. "
Princess Yun is a free and easy person. She belongs to her cousins of the same age. Do you have to bring a little pain to call her sister-in-law?
And it is difficult to call Wei Zhu by name. She must call her sister.
"This is the daughter of Dali Temple Qing Wei Guozheng?" Su Mian, the more you look at it, the more familiar you are. Ask the first chapter to make contributions.
"Side princess … cotton elder sister remember my father? Exactly. My father said that Sister Mian is still very smart in life. "Wei Zhu laughed.
"It’s just a fallacy, but you are really like a pearl." Su Mianxin said that Wei Guozheng was in his thirties. This child is fifteen years old. The ancients married early and had children very badly! Wei Guozheng will be a grandfather in three or four years! There are many unmarried older men and women in the modern thirties!
Su Mian and yunzhu passed when they got together for a day.
Meanwhile, Yan has been busy all day.
The competition between Yan Ning and Yan Chu has entered a white-hot stage. Since the incident of the prince, both of them have put their own faces together. Yan Ning has the support of an Xiang Mu family, and Yan Chu has the support of Liu Jia and several other families.
These four big families and two families have already made a choice, whether Wan Jia supports the Nine Emperors or the royalists, but now it’s like a fog that I can’t see clearly whether the Zheng family is a real royalist.
It’s reasonable to choose Mu family, but it’s also unreasonable.
Yan Guihao has no intention of asking these families to support him to sit across the room.
"What are you doing here today after your wedding yesterday?" Yan GUI asked