31, May 2024
For a long time, until the cool breeze blew the bamboo forest, Gu Jinxi gave a shudder.

Looking at her thin body, it seems that her face is still a little pale; The black man’s eyes can’t help but sink. "Are you so forced to wait?"
What he wants to say is not this sentence.
"Ha ha, yes, I can’t wait." Gu Jin sunseeker’s face was so sarcastic that she didn’t even know what he said.
When the man in black heard this, he was suddenly furious. "Are you so short of men as a easy virtue woman?"
Thinking of the scene I just saw, the nangongshan flowing clouds hugged her and bowed her face slightly, as if with a satisfied smile; And she looked up like that …
Even though he was angry, he regretted biting his teeth and setting Gu Jinxi’s brow slightly. He seemed to pout with his thin lips and looked at her eyes with all his hopes.
Easy virtue?’
Gu Jinxi bowed their heads and gently repeated these four words; This is the most unbearable, insulting and unbearable thing for an unmarried woman. How can he say it so easily? But in the end, his heart is already dead. Take a deep breath and force all the tears in his eyes back. Finally, he coldly spits out four words: "What are you doing?"
"You …"
The man in black immediately raised his hand in rage and quickly pulled Gu Jin Sunseeker to his chest and looked down at her. "I’ll let you see if there is anything with me."
Voice down he muzzle Gu Jin sunseeker hand quickly moved to the back of her head with one hand muzzle her waist and forbid her to retreat.
Head hard to press toward that piece of pink lip.
Gu Jinxi struggled and refused, but in the end he got a more intense and crazy kiss; No, maybe not a kiss, but a bite. She can vaguely taste the sweetness of blood.
Then the force is so crazy that it seems to suck all her breath away. Generally, the arm strength of the lumbar ape is getting bigger and bigger, and she can imagine that there will not be a circle of bruises.
"Uh-huh …"
She struggled all the time, but she didn’t have the slightest.
It was not until she felt that her brain was in a paste and her eyes were dim that she seemed to be able to hold her breath at any time. When the man finally let her go, she was free, but she was not as happy as she thought. Didn’t she already say that she would give up? But what is the pain in her heart?
"You are not short of men? The nangongshan clouds can give you and I can. "
With the faint moonlight, Gu Jinxi could see the black man’s scarlet eyes with dark eyes and seemed to be crazy.
The body was suddenly put down by the man, and he leaned over again.
It seems that I realized what Gu Jinxi’s consciousness came back and finally struggled desperately. "You let me go and you let me go!"
Hands and feet, punching and kicking can drop a man’s body, but it seems that there is no root, but it is more exciting. The man’s tone is deep and deep. "Aren’t you the most indispensable man? Tell Wang how many people have tasted this body? " Raising my hand and stroking her swollen lip, watching her lying on the ground but showing a petite figure, I was annoyed to think that she had been beaten by others.
Gu Jin sunseeker suddenly opened his eyes and looked at him and shook his head.
Does easy virtue still have to bring a fickle, how many people have tasted him? How can he say such hurtful things?
"Ha ha report you want to know?" Gu Jinxi suddenly sat up enchanting light smile and raised his hands over the black man’s neck desire language also Hugh; The beautiful face seems to be full of charm
He rubbed his body gently and teased him at the most sensitive place. He looked up and bit his tongue gently and licked his neck gently. When he saw the most protruding place, he felt the vibration of the man’s body, but she suddenly smiled. "I have served too many men. Does your majesty want to be one?"
"get out!"
Feel the tingling pleasure of the place she touched; Raise my hand and push Gu Jinxi milli to control the strength. Gu Jinxi was overturned and his hands held a terrible pain. The rubble scraped her skin, but she felt very happy.
She learned a lot of kung fu in the past to please Qin Xiang; It’s a pity that I didn’t go to Qin Xiang later, but it was …
The man in black looked at Gu Jinxi in disbelief. Can she be so skillful and provocative when she is really a boudoir daughter?
"Since the report doesn’t need Jin Sunseeker, Jin Sunseeker will leave first."
Gu Jin sunseeker stood up with a shaky body and stumbled, but somehow it was stable with the thick bamboo next to it; The thin and slender figure, the crumbling appearance, made the black man suddenly feel painful; But at the moment, his heart is chaotic, and his whole body exudes a thick low pressure. The bottom of his eyes seems to be still depressed.
I received a report from john young that Gu Jinxi was not in the government, so that the face person checked it and realized that she went to Zuoxiangfu to see it, but later found that he gnashed his teeth and wondered if he had done something wrong. If there was someone else in her heart, then he …
Can you let go?
Over my dead body!
At the thought of this, there seems to be a thick anger burning at the bottom of his eyes. It seems that he is still holding back something. He thinks that every time he sees her red, her arms red and her neck red, all the places that have been exposed before him are red as if they can drip blood at any time, which is like being scrubbed excessively.
Damn it!
The man in black was suddenly annoyed and he was impulsive again; Turned to look for Gu Jinxi sunseeker, but where is the whole bamboo forest? Even in the dark, he could see things, but he turned around four times and found no trace.
The nose flaps slightly and keenly senses the smell of blood in the air; He suddenly felt a stabbing pain in his chest and bent over to see the gravel stained with wet scarlet blood, thinking of Gu Jin’s action just now; The chest seems to be pulled tight, and it hurts so much that it is difficult to breathe.
What the hell did he do?
Thought of here, he couldn’t help walking in the direction of the bamboo forest; But I didn’t see Gu Jinxi’s figure along the way. Maybe she has already gone back. She has lost her mind and returned to Rui Wangfu.
Shen Xing and john young greeted at the same time, "Are you okay?"