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Sometimes corruption is also learned and corrupt. This guy Sun Hongxing is also a lot of corruption. Wang Haidong didn’t deal with it, but Liang Damai was given away by Wang Haidong. That’s because Sun Hongxing has a background. Wang Yunlai Di Wang Haidong knows that most of his corruption money was given to himself.

Don’t doubt that Wang Yunlai is the chairman of the board, but after all, this Uranus group is not Wang Yunlai alone. It is also necessary for him to want nng’s coffers. Wang Haidong doesn’t want to turn against the second uncle yet, so he has suppressed this matter.
But if it is found out that Liang Damai is also a bearer of Wang Yun, then Wang Haidong is not going to be patient at this time. Anyway, you will not give me a face, so let’s see who can win.
Liang Damai breathed a long sigh of relief and said, "Actually, I am Chairman Wang, but I was instructed to do so, or it was Chairman Wang who told me about you and Director Liu. Your cousin Wang Weidong told me that he also wanted to teach you a lesson in this respect. I was just shot by him, but I am not white. Hong-xing Sun is also from Wang Weidong. How can you not give him away?"
Measure yourself is Wang Yunlai office if according to the identity should be a little higher than hong-xing sun.
Wang Haidong really explained, "Wang Weidong, this Xiaozhen has grown up. Hehe, Hong-xing Sun, you don’t understand my second uncle. I won’t let him go until a certain time. Now he can create profits in Uranus. Of course, I won’t tidy up him casually at this time. Hehe, I’ll tidy up Wang Weidong later. This little let me know that some things are not easy to do. This little one is really arrogant recently."
Wang Weidong, this guy, has a bad temper with Wang Haidong. Although he is older than Wang Haidong, in any case, Wang Haidong is the long grandson in the eyes of our ancestors. Wang Weidong is of course a little unhappy to see Wang Haidong in such favor. Therefore, he is always against Wang Haidong. However, in the past two years, it has been a lot of peace, but this time Wang Weidong’s performance has made Hai-dong Wang shine at the moment. This guy is provocative.
After Wang Haidong came out, he asked Liang Mancang if there were any other requirements. Without this time, Wang Haidong really relaxed a lot, because after all, this thing was not done by Wang Yunlai. Wang Haidong always wanted to be so naive and obvious. He just didn’t want that wily juwan to do it.
It is impossible for Wang Yunlai not to know what Ruyan Liu’s position is in his heart, so it is impossible for him to challenge himself. Therefore, at this time, Wang Haidong wants to be done by others.
After asking Liang Damai, this thing was really done by Wang Weidong, and only his naive cousin could do it. It is two things for Liang Mancang to come here. One is to sell the bronze tripod, and the second is to come and see Liang Damai. Now that these two things are nng, there is always no desire at this time.
Therefore, Liang Mancang said with great satisfaction, "Thank you, Wang Zhanggui. Without your face, I may not be able to see that hun egg. Now I know that he can repent. Finally, I have a bronze tripod for his parents. I have finished it, and there is nothing left."
Liang Mancang is also a discerning person. His nephew is a very confused person. He has offended Wang Haidong, the official second generation, and that is definitely making trouble for himself. Therefore, if Liang Man Cang is asked to plead for his nephew at this time, it is impossible to do such a thing. He is indispensable.
At this time, a policeman came running with two 17-year-old adults who didn’t look so good.
At this time, these two little guys seem to be very familiar with the detention center. Generally, they don’t trust this place. The yellow hair on the left says, "Officer Zhao, do you have a cigarette for me?"
Officer Zhao snorted, "I said, when this is your home, can you two save me snacks?"
Although that’s what he said in his words, at this time, police officer Zhao still took out the cigarette. After police officer Zhao sent the cigarette, this yellow hair was very unexpected and said, "What’s the big deal? Sun dares to rob nv friends with me and chop him up. Today is his lucky day, otherwise it would never be so finished. If you are five minutes late, you must go to the hospital to see that guy."
It is estimated that this is also two young people fighting for this place, and the police beat people in broad daylight.
If the police don’t arrest people again, then Han Si and the police’s prestige will be dang ran, but the yellow-haired young man didn’t put this matter at ease at all. He seems to be used to all this.
Zhao police officer naidi said, "You two have money in your family. I know that your father can give you out to nng in a couple of days. I know this, but you always do this. It’s not a thing. You always have to find something for yourself to do this time. You two want to go out like a second time, so it won’t work. Anyway, I know that this beating has some background. The money in their family is not too much, but there are people in the room, and there are many relatives in the public security law. Therefore, you two want to talk easily." That’s impossible, so you’d better be honest at this time. It’s estimated that you won’t want to go out for a month or two. If you don’t sentence you this time, it’s your luck. "
It is estimated that it is not a day or two since these two young people met this police officer Zhao.
At first glance, I knew it was an acquaintance, so at this time, another young man with a blue face on his head said, "Officer Zhao, we don’t have any hatred. Don’t scare me. Just hit someone and lose money. What’s the big deal? Let’s wait here for a month. We still have business. If we can’t get out, the loss is not small."
Chapter one hundred and ninety-seven Have something to say to you
Officer Zhao said very seriously, "What am I lying to you for? That man really has a background. Otherwise, the old horse would have put you in the first novel 1s and then compensated you for a little money, but this is not the case. Actually, you can solve these things now. The key is to see if your father can find someone and say that if there is, this thing is of course no problem, but if there is no word, it is hard to say. Anyway, this is the time for you." Give me a little heart, this is something that can’t be calculated casually. Don’t think about it. What’s the good thing about you two? The serious thing is not to soak up horses. "
Officer Zhao is still very sequential about these two guys, so he knows what they can do, so he won’t believe what kind of serious work they have. These two guys have nothing serious about the standard rich second generation.
At this time, Blue Hair hurriedly said, "What’s the matter? Do you know that the recent demolition didn’t know that the horse was coming? How can we lose the two of us at this time? But there is a demolition company that just called more than 30 thugs. Who dares to throw a van directly in the middle of the night to push the house? Even the famous urban management wants us to help."
To be honest, this kind of thing is done by the urban management, but it can’t be seen in the future. Isn’t this to train the urban management to be the most effective? What gasoline bottles, gas tanks and other weapons of ordinary people are not enough to see the roots of urban management. At this time, the reputation of urban management people is already a rotten street, so at this time, I want to stop such a trend
That is to say, it’s not so good to give this matter to the urban management, but there are always one or two nails in the place. These people are unruly, and it’s not bad to give you 910 square meters a room.
What kind of developer sells 5,000 houses for free? Workers don’t get paid. We don’t collect taxes. Aren’t these all money? Anyway, there are always two nails that don’t match well, so there must always be some demolition companies or something at this time
These two rich second generations are also the kind of words that hun eats and drinks all day and is always taught by his father. That’s also meaningless. Simply relying on the establishment of a demolition company, it’s been successful in the past two years, and the river city is also famous in ia. Although it’s a stigma, it’s always a profitable business at this time, no matter what.
These two young people seem to be notorious, too. Anyway, it’s always better not to have no name.
And if someone wants to set up a demolition company, it’s not an easy thing. This demolition company is not what kind of people can do. Do you have less thugs? No, anyway, this is not the average person who can nng a demolition company. Otherwise, you can’t get up here. If something happens, the company will be seized directly.
These two rich second generations are also fighting ia. Although there is no major project, there is no risk and no life has been caused in this business room. They are very happy places.
Although the two of them are engaged in demolition, it is a miracle that no one is killed anyway. Therefore, although the two companies have a reputation, they are still recruits in the demolition team on the whole.
Officer Zhao pondered and said, "You two still have such a company. Forget it. Just wait here for the next two days. Hehe, I want to go out. I tell you that it will be less than half a month. If your parents can’t find someone, they won’t run for at least one or two months."
Officer Zhao knows what the man who was beaten is like, and his background is a little bit, and these two men are also rich second generation. This is why their adults negotiated to get beaten. These two rich second generation parents gave enough face, then paid some money, found a middleman and said it was over.
This is absolutely nothing to do with sentencing or not, and it is exactly the same as what he said. If these two people were not the people with some background, it would be impossible for nng to come here.
At this time, the blue-haired man said, "Come on, Officer Zhao, you can’t do something about it. Recently, there is a big job. I am thinking about how to win it over. If you don’t let me go out, it will fly. I have watched the farm for a long time, but I just don’t want to demolish it. I haven’t entered the compulsory procedure yet. If I do, hehe, see how I can clean up that guy."
Officer Zhao snorted. "You two guys don’t know the depth at all. Can I lie to you when you’re thinking about demolition or not?" Your parents and I are old classmates, and I won’t lie to you.
If it weren’t for me, you and you two could be here well. I tell you that the beaten family is already thinking of giving you to me.
I’m telling you, if you go outside by nng, you’ll lose your skin. I’m not trying to scare you. If you don’t be honest at this time, you’ll be out of luck. I’ve also heard about a big project, how much is the registered capital of your ia company? Hehe, let’s not play with some things, but some things are that you can’t afford to play with, and maybe you will be played with in the end, so you’d better be honest with me or don’t blame me for not cleaning you up. "
This police officer Zhao has such a layer. Of course, two young people are going to stop talking. If they are really sent to the detention center by nng, they will lose their skin at this time.