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Cheng Yuyang glanced at his mother’s face with anger and never left.

Xu wen hua didn’t go to the daughter’s door and pulled Cheng Dongyang to ask, "What’s the matter? How did this suddenly quarrel with Yu Yu? What is it like for brother and sister to quarrel when they are so grown up?"
Cheng Dongyang is in a bad mood now. He said coldly, "It’s nothing. Mom, go out. I want to be alone."
Xu wen hua took her son to the bed and said earnestly, "Dongyang, don’t blame mom for taking care of too much. Dongdong is her friend. She is also so sincere and said to Shiyu. It’s right that you and Tong Tong are getting married and Meng Yudong are going to break up quickly. You also know that our old family men are not interested in looking for a mistress outside."
"Mom, I didn’t say I’m marrying Tong Tong now." Cheng Dongyang said coldly, "Tong Tong is less than twenty years old and still learns from us until she graduates."
Xu wen hua and his son have been nervous enough recently to see that their faces are poor, and going to their mother is even worse. "Okay, I won’t talk about dinner. Let’s go to dinner and play chess with your grandfather after dinner."
Cheng Dongyang face slow slow and mother floor.
Dinner master, the old lady really arrived at his marriage with Sitong.
"Dongyang, when will you have your marriage with Tong Tong and do it?" The old lady said lovingly to Silk Tong.
Silk tung face a blush all buried in the rice bowl don’t talk.
Cheng Zhen also said, "Two days ago, I spoke to the captains and felt that it was time to get married in Dongyang."
Cheng Dongyang clenched his chopsticks and said, "Tong Tong is still in college, and it’s not urgent to wait until she graduates from college!"
Silk tung face a stiff face from red to white some injustice sad looking at Cheng Dongyang.
Cheng Yuyang has been eating without looking at them.
"Then get engaged first!" Xu wen hua said, "Dongyang is also considering that Tong Tong is still young and will not get married until she graduates from college."
"Tong Tong, what do you say?" Cheng Zhen looked at Sitong and said, "What do you think?"
"I" she looked at Cheng Dongyang couldn’t help but say, "I don’t mind listening to my dad and everyone." She blushed and buried her head.
"As I said, if you want to get married, you should get married early." Cheng Yuyang suddenly said, "It’s not a big deal that college students get married more now. Grandma, weren’t you a teenager when you married our grandfather? Our country stipulates that the legal marriageable age for girls is twenty. It seems that they will be twenty soon! As I say, it is more meaningful to hold a wedding on Tong Tong’s twentieth birthday. "
"Yu Yu said yes." Master’s eyes lit up. "It’s settled that Tong Tong is the 16th birthday of the first month. It’s a good day, so there are not many days to prepare." The old man said so.
Cheng Dongyang looked at and silk tong. He wanted to say that she would cry on the spot. He could mercilessly stare at Cheng Yuyang and didn’t speak.
After dinner, the old lady asked Cheng Dongyang to send Si Tong home with a driver. Of course, he didn’t come to send more sincerity. Chapter 151 Should we stop (not repeat chapters)
When I sent Sitong home, Sitong was a little uneasy to see him. "Brother Dongyang, don’t you want to marry me?"
Cheng Dongyang was in a bad mood. He smiled at Silk Tong. "Silly girl, don’t think about it. Go back to rest early when you get to your house."
Sitong nodded but didn’t want to drive, but smiled at him. "Then kiss me and I will kiss you good night."
Cheng Dongyang saw that she had closed her eyes and put her lips together. The girl in front of him was really just like Cheng Yuyang. Her sister asked him to kiss his sister. He really couldn’t kiss him or her forehead. "Okay, go in!"
Si Tong opened her eyes and was somewhat disappointed. She smiled slightly stiffly. "Do you want to go in and say hello to my dad and my brother?"
"Don’t have a chance!" Cheng Dongyang gave her the car "Go in and have a good rest"
"Goodbye, Brother Dongyang." She couldn’t hide her disappointment, so Silk Tong padded her toes and quickly kissed her lips and went in blushing.
Cheng Dongyang dazed and watched her go in. It’s almost twelve o’clock now, and Cheng Dongyang doesn’t want to go back. Maybe his mother is waiting for him to think about it, and his scalp is numb.
He called Meng Yudong, but he missed his call. His brow wrinkled and he asked the driver to put him on the side of the road.
"Don’t you go back, Young Master?" The driver asked uneasily even though he stopped the car.
"Well, you go first!" Cheng Dongyang stopped all the way to the road and reported the address and took the car.
Meng Yudong and Song Yuanyuan went to bed early after dinner, and both of them fell asleep. Song Yuanyuan vaguely heard the doorbell ring, and her eyebrows frowned and watched Dongdong move next to her.
"Maybe it’s Yu Yu". Song Yuanyuan asked her to continue sleeping. She went to the living room. At first glance, it turned out to be Cheng Dongyang. She was startled or "Brother Dongyang".
"Dong dong? I take her back "Cheng Dongyang came in and said slightly impatient.
"Brother Dongyang is very late now and it’s so cold outside." Song Yuanyuan looked at the wall clock. "Dong Dong has slept."
"Is Yuanyuan Yu Yu?" Dongdong heard the sound of laziness and came out to see Cheng Dongyang wearing a black trench coat at the door. She was silly.
Cheng Dongyang also ignored Song Yuanyuan and walked up to her "to change clothes and let’s go back"
Meng Yudong hasn’t reacted to wait for a while to see him. "Didn’t you say you won’t go back tonight?"
"I temporarily changed my mind to change clothes. I’ll wait for you here for ten minutes." Cheng Dongyang was really loving and angry to see her sleeping lazily. This woman left him behind.
Meng Yudong took a look at Song Yuanyuan and went into the room to change clothes.
Song Yuanyuan followed Dongdong into the door "Dongyang elder brother incredibly come to pick you up so late? It seems that he really cares about you. "