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At the very least, Pei Wende doesn’t intend to break through the speed of sound rashly and leave himself any irreparable harm before his physical fitness is strengthened to a certain extent.

Chapter 35 Eye avatar, eyebrows vertical eyes
In less than a quarter of an hour, Pei Wende completely broke away from the literary world and entered the desolate and remote wilderness boundary.
Na Yue Hui shines through the wilderness alone, and Pei Wende runs like a "streamer".
While Pei Wende’s speed in front of him is better than his, while the iron-handed person crosses a beautiful arc in the middle, constantly correcting the direction and leading him the way like a "leader"
However, this is far from enough, because spirituality such as possession by the iron method theory is not a real creature after all.
Therefore, after taking Pei Wende to a certain area, it gradually slowed down and finally stopped navigating Pei Wende.
"It’s near here!"
Seeing this situation, even if you don’t need Pei Wende to wake Xiaoqing, you know that Wu Zhu is probably hiding near this wilderness.
Outstanding among the 3,000 side doors, the profession of practicing "witchcraft" has a long history, which can be traced back to the beginning of human birth.
Therefore, compared with this ancient profession, it has unimaginable advantages in surviving and continuing to inherit the natural "self-protection"
At the very least, Xiaoqing, who is the most sensitive to the need, did not feel abnormal nearby.
But no abnormality is just the biggest "abnormality". Because of this, it is absolutely impossible for a deserted wilderness to have no monsters.
Xiaoqing didn’t feel the need to say that the monsters in this land of life were either driven away or already dead.
Xiaoqing prefers the latter to the former.
After all, creatures who can successfully transform into monsters have their own pride more or less.
In the face of Wu Zhu’s career of going against the water, it is impossible for a monster with a little knowledge and knowledge to turn around and run away without even fighting.
So Xiaoqing prepared to further increase her perception range to capture the possible fluctuation of vitality in this area, but Pei Wende made the first move.
"Old witch, I know you are hiding around here …"
With Pei Wende whispering, his eyebrows suddenly made a strange sound.
Then I saw Pei Wende’s eyebrows and skin turned outward on both sides and opened a normal eye with different eyes.
And it seems to be adapted to the external environment, and the eyeball in the eye socket also "grunted" for two turns, which really focused the eyes.
"PSST …"
Xiaoqing didn’t notice Pei Wende’s third eye between the eyebrows until she heard the change at this time.
The front eye is different. It’s a real thing. The eye has all the structures of a normal eyeball.
From the eyelids to the pupils to the optic nerve, even the outermost eyelids are all available …
It’s like Pei Wende was born with a third eye.
In addition, Xiaoqing also felt some abnormal eye structures from Pei Wende’s third eye.
-this is ….. eye avatar? !
Aware of this, Xiaoqing immediately widened her eyes, and even some cautious emotions were instantly replaced by shock.
Xiaoqing suddenly found that in this short day alone, she seemed to have been shocked by Pei Wende for many times.
First of all, the way to conquer the enemy and break through the bottleneck and burst into its own potential …
Later, the path of Buddhist and Taoist initiates was opened and the black python Yuan Shen was built …
Now, the other party has actually made a magical power with the help of heaven, earth and ghosts …
At least it has been more than two years since I stayed in Tongqing Temple. Xiaoqing naturally knows that Buddhism says "five eyes and six magical powers"
It is the crystallization of the wisdom of several Buddhist sages and the six magical powers that are most suitable for Buddhist practitioners to practice.
Ordinary Buddhists have succeeded in one of their spiritual practices, and they have been forced back by the evil spirits in the Central Plains.
In particular, it’s a real eye-catching, but it’s a powerful avatar with five eyes and six magical powers, and it’s also among the best.
It is said that people who practice this magical power often have the ability to "understand the three realms and six Tao".
-the blue sky is poor and yellow, and all beings in the three realms are in the eyes.
"This is the real’ Eye of the Sky’!"
After a short time, Pei Wende gave him a different perspective on adaptability with the third eye.
You can see the 120-degree things above your head without looking up, and you can have the ability of clairvoyance and clairvoyance without deliberately running the true qi and blood.
This kind of eye-bringing ability is much stronger than Pei Wende’s feeling when casting spells with the help of ghosts and gods.
The key is Pei Wende’s eyebrows. This vertical eye doesn’t need any extra consumption, just as he usually makes his eyes as convenient.
This is also the biggest difference between "avatar" and "magic"
Avatar is the spiritual, spiritual and spiritual abilities of practitioners to a certain extent, and it is also the embodiment of monasticism.
Compared with using external forces to make magical powers, you don’t need to observe too many taboos to be proficient in time.
Just like Pei Wende now …
"Damn little! Deceive people too much! "
Less than a hundred miles away from Pei Wende, an old woman who was being carried away by a green temminick zombie suddenly felt a feeling like a mountain back when she was slightly stunned.
The old woman knows that this is not an illusion, but her own "golden ant method" to warn herself that she has been stared at by some unknown force.
The old woman is the most vigilant of all the ancient worms, and she absolutely believes in the ability of "golden ant method"
Because she has escaped many disasters through this method of insect power.
If it is a normal state, even Pei Wende can hide with her own strange witchcraft with the help of "Erlang Xiansheng Zhenjun"
Naipei Wende’s mission this time is not a spell, but a real eye-catching avatar.
Although the power alone makes the eye far less eye-catching than the former eye, the flexibility is far from being comparable to the eye.
Plus, the old woman has a wisp of ghost left in the imprisoned iron method.
With the help of the ghost, even if the old woman fled to the ends of the earth, it was only a matter of time before Pei Wende wanted to find her.
At this point, the old woman finally realized after avoiding the fruit several times in succession
"Smelly man runs into the Woods!"
More decisively than Pei Wende imagined, the old woman immediately roared after realizing her escape hope, driving the green temminick zombie to turn around and run towards another dense jungle.
Since you can hide, the old woman doesn’t mind doing things a little bit more and fighting for that chance by herself.
Chapter 36 Curse yourself
Almost at the same time hovering in front of Peiwende, the iron method suddenly burst.
See a strong black gas instantaneous gushed out from it with the intention of eroding the "iron method" fragments, and at the same time madly flocked to Pei Wende’s eyebrows.
This is a desperate old woman’s witchcraft, cursing her own ghost with the intention of letting the last force burst out to "pollute" Pei Wende’s eyes.
Although this near-mutually assured destruction is equally harmful to the old woman, it is very likely that she will have to make her own "reincarnation" plan.
However, compared with the future, Pei Wendeli’s practice of continuing to track himself is the most correct choice at present.
Anyway, the old woman was ready to give up the ghost after the failed plan to recapture it.
There is no such thing as a ghost cursing the media because the old woman was lucky enough to think that Pei Wende had not been able to find a way to benefit the ghost so soon.
I didn’t expect that sly and cunning old woman to have such a strong side.
I can’t prevent Pei Wende from being "polluted" by an evil witchcraft, and I can’t see the whereabouts of the old woman anymore.
"Shit, it hurts!"