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The storm poured down and thundered, and the thunder rolled. On that day, the power of the sound thunder was twice as great as that of the past, and it was not only extremely refreshing.

This makes the punishment elegant and extremely happy. This divine thunder is a very powerful spell, but I feel that heaven can’t kill evil people by itself! The whole world was destroyed by the thunder of his own magic spell. If he offered his magic weapon, who wouldn’t bow down for mercy!
Easy to fly on the ground in front of Shen Kuo’s sea, the imperial flying hook is rampant, and it’s extremely urgent to be struck by the punishment of Ya Tianyin God. "If you are unwilling to escape by the other party, you will be chased by the punishment of Ya. You have previously consumed a lot of power. Today, it’s this stormy weather. However, she’s a crazy woman who is entangled in people but never dies. It’s more difficult than I don’t want to take countermeasures. I’m afraid I’ll die in her hand."
It’s easy to see the mountain shadow in front of you, and it’s big in your heart, regardless of the fact that the two people behind you are rushing to fly.
In a short time, it was easy to plunge into the forest along the hillside at first sight, and it was like a duck to water inside. It took several times of effort to stop the psychic tracking with this towering and dense tree.
This move really left two people a lot of distance, and it was easy to simply start the rapid flashing of Xuan Yin’s precious charm, just not going straight.
Shenkuohai forest flight stared at the man desperately, but there were too many trees, and the other side was very fast and dazzling. My head was a little dizzy and I couldn’t help but shrink back.
When I explored again, there was no trace, and I didn’t even find some fluctuations. I suddenly released a roar and flew to the front in a hurry.
Punishment, I don’t know what’s wrong with him, but the spirit swept forward and his face changed. The man has disappeared, and Shen Kuohai even wants to escape …
She quickly took out a gourd, shook her hand, and let go of the flying knife. A few shining lights were cut at Shenkuohai …
Easy to lean back and hide the thick dead leaves in the forest, watching the two people fly over and relax.
After a long time, another sword flew, and it stopped in the light and always flew southwest.
Yi felt a little familiar at first glance, and then remembered that this person was what the Qingcheng School had known when the overseas treasures were born on the island, and he didn’t have a real identity at that time.
Look at him like this. He seems to be chasing after me. I don’t know what he is doing.
Easy to silently transport the true qi to heal, afraid that Shen Kuohai’s punishment will go away and return, just hold back and don’t move, so I don’t know how long it will take to dump it
On that day, the scene of Xiaoyangshan was similar today, but there was a shadow of her everywhere, once to seize the sword and once to find the ghost, so I met her twice.
Maybe it’s still your own noble, otherwise these two times will never be so easy without her intervention.
Easy to lie on the cold ground and look at the rain rushing straight down the tree! Whew! Falling on the body, the raindrops of dead leaves and grass seem to fall directly into the eyes, but they are isolated by a thin layer of sky and gas, and the vision is blurred and particularly hazy.
At this time, there were no birds, animals, insects and ants in the forest, and I didn’t know where to hide. I was easily suffocated and breathed a sigh of relief. The smell was a little cloudy with a smell of vegetation and a little fishy.
Suddenly, the rain caught a faint person in Yi’s ear. "I can’t hold back … I dare not find out who those people were just now?" The sound is a little simple and honest.
Easy to heart a fiercely someone here! Hold your breath and listen quickly.
Another person disdained, "I don’t even know Xue Lun, the old northeast of China, and you are really ignorant. On that day, God Thunder was the only one in the fix-up world! Don’t miss it! " Speak slowly with a southern accent.
Xue Lun swore in a weak voice. "Your mother Meng Kun … I’ve been wandering around the northeast all the time. I don’t know her … I think they seem to be chasing a person before, but then their eyes are gone … that person is gone."
The fourth volume GanKun copulation Chapter two hundred and thirteen Shushan brother was calculated.
Who can the evil spirits kill? That’s the devil! Did you win just now? Fly over and my goose bumps are coming out. What do you think this is not the devil? Previously, it must be that if you can’t escape, you will hurt yourself and the secret method will escape … "
"Come on! Just living here for nothing! Show how knowledgeable you are! You try to hurt yourself … What are you doing all the way to the northeast? Still nervous! "
"… this delay almost forgot about the real thing … shushan will send several brothers to transport some treasures to the northern border … and you will be here in the evening … which means to let you get close to them … and then give it to Shun Lai … the local people are not in good hands … and there are fewer decent people here … even if they find you … the chosen hands-on people here will have faces …"
"What treasure? Lie! Sending treasures can also let you know … Nonsense! I can’t do it if I send my brothers from Shushan to repair so high one by one! "
"Why don’t you believe this bastard! This treasure is priceless. The death order must be successful. I can’t rob it face to face. I can do it secretly. Otherwise, I will die when they are sent to the place! "
"He * * * so serious! Ok! Fuck me, this is pulling my head to my waistband. Let’s say it’s much better first. I don’t want two layers of goods if I know it! Otherwise, I will hold my daughter-in-law and sleep on the hot kang! "
"* * * … there are too many two floors … the goods are too expensive this time … I’ll give you half a floor at most …"
"Fuck you, you’re such a fucking ink bitch. You won’t do it … no, tell me what’s in it first!"
"… know this time, this half layer is cheaper for you …"
"An niang … what are they doing? Where to send it? "
"Don’t ask for someone if you don’t know …"
Yi didn’t listen to God’s thoughts, and I almost got cramps after listening for a long time. It rained too hard in some key places, so I couldn’t hear clearly. Even so, my heart itched … The Shushan Sect just happened to be enemies and secretly followed them for a while to see what happened!
The two men muttered for a while, and learned that Suosuo emerged from the bottom of a tree, shook himself, wiped his face with muddy leaves, and revealed his appearance.
Xue Lun’s face is simple and honest, and he is a young man with rough hands and rough feet. Han Mengkun’s temperament is weak and long, and his eyes are rolling back and forth.
The two men ran to the mountain with flying skills, and Yi got up and quietly followed them.
These two men are very alert and cunning. Every time they walk for a while, they suddenly turn back with weapons in their hands, and then turn around and run quickly.
Yi was almost scared out when he was found, but fortunately, just about to jump out, the two of them turned back and could not help but secretly scold mental illness.
Yi, if there is no obstacle in front of these eyes, it is better to see clearly than to read, and you are not afraid of being discovered.
But you can’t show negative emotions, otherwise some sensitive people will feel this kind of thing, and you have had so many experiences.
Unfortunately, today’s heavy rain is continuous, and there are also roaring flashes that block Yi’s fine eyes.
But it’s also a good disguise. It would be strange if two people could find it easy to read, depending on the current weather.
The two people in front changed into a set of secular clothes, and then stopped a tanker on the expressway. I didn’t know what to say, so I took the tanker and let out a harsh whistle and drove forward.
Yi also changed his clothes, and the highway was invisible, and he could vaguely see the car. Xue Lunzheng was talking with his mobile phone and the driver stared at the front.
Soon after, the tanker drove to a small town, and the two men got out of the car and walked for a while. Xue Lun led Meng Kun into a nightclub.
It’s easy to go into a building without going into it. It’s a secret intention to look at it for half an hour. More than a dozen monks, both men and women, are dressed in modern clothes and carrying umbrellas of different styles.
Yi secretly sighed with emotion, "I don’t know if it’s really an ordinary guest. This gang is not bad. Who can they be?" Still dare to play the idea of shushan school is bold. "
An hour later, these people came out of the nightclub one after another, their appearance changed, their clothes changed, and they parted ways and drove out of the city by car.
Yi followed Xue Lun all the way hidden and flew to the original forest, and others will be United one after another.
Meng Kun didn’t have them together
When I got to the place, I saw them whispering with their heads together, and Xue Lun took out his mobile phone and soon dropped it.
Two young women with a little beauty messed up their hair, cut off their jackets and pants a few times, and then carefully sprinkled some blood and got a little mud, which made them look like a mess 2.
Then they flew south with the imperial sword, and a group of soldiers behind them divided into three roads and flew southwest, southeast and due south respectively.
Xue Lun was followed by two young people who seemed to be in their hands, shouting angrily at the first two women as if they were chasing after them.
Yi can see what he can’t hear and say because he is far away from his mind and not so close to his ground, thinking about what these people are doing
After tracking for a while, I saw a forest in front of me, and there was a white fog and heavy rain, which looked misty.
Two women just flew to the vicinity with an oblique imperial sword. As soon as the fog suddenly closed, four young Taoist priests under the age of 30 were all holding three-foot Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture robes. The left sleeve was embroidered with a small golden sword, and they could see a slight glow from so far away.
Drilling a hole to the four of them looks like a sword with four mouths about to be drawn, which is very forcing people to smell like a sword.
Yi also recognized that they were brothers from Shushan, and Jin Jian embroidery was the best symbol.
See behind the big fellow angrily chasing two women crying at shushan sent brother said something a face of pleading.
They seem to be really angry, but they both fell off after their feet were tilted, and the two helpers exclaimed far away.
Then two Taoist priests from Shushan Sect flew out and caught the two women one by one, crying in panic.
"like! What a load! Talent! This little face is more red and white than Jiang Pingshan’s costume! "
Easy to see behind is wonderful, and I can’t wait to listen to what they say. In my heart, I admire and scold these monks for being stupid.
Seeing that the two Taoist priests were at sea, dragging their two women’s arms with their right hands, and hearing that the three Han people were angry and shouting, they wanted to take the two Taoist priests behind them to offer flying swords and attack them.
Then, on the southwest and southeast sides, seven people offered a magic weapon and joined in. The two Taoist priests grabbed two women’s arms and fell into the forest and flew again. They fought together.
Easy to see how the two women didn’t move their minds and gather together.
It turns out that there is a small land in the forest with a big cage covered with black cloth and painted with cinnabar runes, which can be two people high.
There is also a young Taoist beside him. He is well dressed and well proportioned, with a sword in his back. He is holding two women and saying something with a face of nai and comfort.
The woman on the left shivered and couldn’t speak. The woman on the right upturned her little face and cried with her hands folded. Her eyes were swollen like walnut tears. Her cheeks were pale and her clothes became more and more tattered.
"Don’t they plot treasure is this big cage? Natural resources and treasures? Monster? Spirit beast? Devil? " It’s easy to doubt and think while watching, but at the same time, I hide myself even more, holding my breath.
Suddenly, three lights came from the north, and the four young Taoist priests fought for two times and arrested the two women before saying a few words.
The young Taoist priest offered a flying sword, sending out a cold golden light to block and protect the two women at the same time.
The two women panicked and hid behind the Taoist priest and grabbed his clothes, which was very sad for the later three people crying and shouting.
A scream came from afar, and one of Sharon’s party was beheaded and died.
Later, the three-person cultivation was very strong, and the young Taoist priest was suppressed. He could defend but could not attack, and he had to worry about the two women and ten layers behind him, so he could not make five layers.
In a short time, when I was a child, two screams came, and a glittering golden sword rose to the sky and exploded into several rays in all directions.