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"It’s good to be less in charge!"

"Don’t take charge and call your prey again."
"Don’t be the boss of my old hen. I’ll stew chicken soup for you tonight!"
Walking into the Seven Thousand Villages, Li Chongjiu was polite all the way, and the men and women greeted each other.
Li Chongjiu gains something every time he hunts. According to the cottage rules, he gives it to the lonely, the widowed, the elderly and the children. Therefore, it has changed the influence on them before the thieves in the 7,000 villages. Now everyone praises him for his many benefits behind his back. The unmarried women in the 7,000 villages also go out to look at Li Chongjiu.
There is no boudoir in this little door, and there is no shame in knowing an unmarried woman.
"I’ll mend your clothes if you don’t take charge."
"Little take charge of day can you get me some rabbit blood? I heard that I can mend my body … What don’t ask? I’ve come to that. "
Li Chongjiu looked at those women and suggested that they could smile at him. He didn’t know when he became so popular with women. It seems that being defeated by Li Sanniang didn’t affect him at all.
Li Chongjiu smiled according to the rules, and came to Wang Mahan’s house to throw it to her. Only when Wang Mahan got to the door, he hurried to cut Li Chongjiu’s door and said, "Little Master finally found you."
"Brother Wang said slowly."
Wang Mahan breathed a sigh of relief and suddenly said with excitement, "Don’t take charge of that little girl who hurt you. They joined hands to catch her!"
Which little girl?
Chapter 10 Snatching Marriage
Listen to Li Chongjiu’s inquiry. Wang Mahan smiled. Just now, the gang of mountain thieves are usually so constipated with laughter. When they sell it, Li Chongjiu will come into the house first.
After Li Chongjiu released the golden pheasant muntjac, Wang Mahan slowly scooped up a ladle of water and drank until he was angry. "Of course, it was to hurt the little girl who was in charge!"
After Wang Mahan told the news, Li Chongjiu would look happy. I didn’t know that Li Chongjiu suddenly frowned and said, "What’s going on?"
Wang Mahan immediately said, "I don’t know if I’m in charge of less. I’m also listening to hearsay. This time, four in charge and five in charge are taking all the brothers to rob Mobei Trail, and I spy on the traces of the little girl who is in charge of less through acquaintances."
"As a result, everything comes to him who waits. We were intercepted in the halfway inn. I heard that Xiao Niang and her party were all very prick the hand. At that time, five people took charge of their meals and took some medicine. When those people woke up overnight, they were all prisoners of our seven thousand villages."
Wang Mahan said that he was very happy. Obviously, he looked like a ghost. It was also that time that the other three people and a female expert ran away from more than 20 players in the 7,000 village and was seriously injured. Everyone was holding back their hearts.
Don’t talk about it, especially in the 7,000-strong village, where several masters treat Li Chongjiu as a nephew. It’s like swallowing this tone to see four masters and five masters. They will take each other back and immediately boost the morale of the cottage.
But Wang Mahan saw that Li Chongjiu was still worried and asked, "What’s wrong with being less in charge?" Not happy? "
Li Chongjiu returned to absolute being and shook his head. "I don’t know what to say at the moment."
Wang Mahan laughed and said, "Speaking of it, it’s also less in charge. Although I think you seem to be a different person after your recovery this time, you look very different. I think it’s post-illness."
When Wang Mahan Hun’s house was packed, he heard Wang Mahan and Li Chongjiu talking outside, saying, "Congratulations, the horse is going to get a wife."
"please ask for a wife!" Li Chongjiu’s face changed. That’s bad.
When Li Chongjiu walked directly to Juyi Hall without saying anything, Wang Mahan walked away when he saw Li Chongjiu’s words. He couldn’t help but be surprised and turned to look at his muddy family. He said, "What are you talking about?"
Li Chongjiu went home and changed his hunting clothes. After dressing neatly, he strode to Juyi Hall.
At this time, Li Chongjiu saw a lot of goods piled up in the martial arts field, apparently four masters and five masters. This time, many mountain thieves were gathering around the goods and counting them. At this moment, everyone was smiling like a farmer’s harvest.
Li Chongjiu shook his head at the sight of this. These people don’t know that big trouble is coming this time. Actually, Li Sanniang was robbed to the stronghold. In front of Juyi Hall, a mountain thief went straight into the door without talking.
Li Hu and Wang Junkuo, two of the five top seats in the Seven Thousand Villages, are talking and laughing. Obviously, they are also discussing the harvest of this looting, such as distributing it to the brothers in the Seven Thousand Villages.
Seeing a smile on Li Chongjiu’s face when he entered Li Hu’s face, it seems that he has learned a lot in one night recently, which makes him very pleased.
"Uncle Dad"
After Li Chongjiu entered, he first saluted Li Hu and Wang Junkuo. This courtesy move also made the first Li Hu and Wang Junkuo nod.
"Xiao Jiu came at this time?" Li Hu asked speech way
When Li Chongjiu wanted to answer, the door of Juyi Hall seemed like a gust of wind blowing before people arrived. "Xiao Jiu, you Sun Yi, I rescued the little girl who hurt you."
After the man came in, Li Chongjiu felt that his nose was itchy, and the smell of the other person’s body powder was choking, which was reminiscent of some kind of cheap flesh transaction. The other party was a mountain thief, and Sun Erniang was not a Liangshan villain, but a 7,000 village female mountain thief
Although Sun Erniang is very beautiful in his thirties, his manners are too artificial to make him feel good, but people are good at using seven flying knives to break wicker in ten steps.
The other party slapped Li Chongjiu on the shoulder and said, "Xiao Jiu Sun Yi gives you a way to vent your anger against women Sun Yi."
Li Chongjiu’s fists hugged and said, "Thank you Sun Yi."
Listening to Li Chongjiu accepting his kindness, Sun Erniang was very happy when he smiled. He said with his elbow, "Xiao Jiu is going to groom the groom tonight."
When Li Chongjiu was stunned, he asked, "Who is the bride?"
"Give me play dumb!" Sun Erniang wanted to order a Li Chongjiu’s head, but he did not move to avoid it.
"Take charge and come and explain to us Xiao Jiu." Said Sun Erniang, stepping outside the door.
A tall, thin man came in slowly, and he looked very thin and handsome. In fact, the other party was Su Su, the fourth master of the cottage.
Su Su, a native of Longmen, Hedong County, was once a great scholar, Wang Tongna. After a year’s study tour, the court wanted to levy Liaodong to escape from military service. He was going to take refuge in Mobei with the caravan, but that time the caravan in Mobei was robbed by seven thousand villages.
At that time, Sun Erniang saw Su Su at a glance, and the leader of the caravan noticed that Sun Erniang had been robbed, so he arranged a good thing and offered Su Su to the queen of Sun Erniang.
At that time, Su Su didn’t mind too much when he was down and out. However, after their marriage, Sun Erniang began to retreat in lion roars and Su Su. When Li Chongjiu was in a coma, Su Su bought wild ginseng from Hong and abruptly blew it into a thousand-year-old wild ginseng for Sun Erniang.
Suso saw Sun Erniang winking and sighed. Li Chongjiu explained, "Li Chongjiu, you are not young. It’s time to get married. Come on, there are not many women in the cottage who are unkempt and extravagant. You can’t see it again …"
"Huh?" Hear Sun Erniang anger hum 1.
Su Su shrank his head and hurriedly changed the subject. "According to the rules, if you want to get married, you need to rob another eldest daughter …"
Another angry hum.
Su Su said knowingly, "Not to rob, but to look for it elsewhere, but with a ready-made one, we robbed this woman and you have this relationship. By the way, we can’t ask people to fight for nothing."
"What you see is that Qin Jin is good."
At this time, Sun Erniang finally could not bear lion roars’s words, "You are so jealous that you can’t talk nonsense. In a word, Xiao Jiu tonight, you made this woman our seven thousand village kannika nimtragol."
"Yes, that’s what it means," echoed Su Su.
Li Chongjiu suddenly drifted across the carriage in his mind and caught a glimpse of Li Sanniang. It was really difficult for a man to marry a daughter-in-law. At that time, there was no thief in Huang Ji’s family, and the only way to marry a aristocratic woman seemed to be to rob her.
Speaking of it, there is a sense of accomplishment that Bai Fumei has been attacked by * * silk. No wonder the mountain thieves look at themselves with envy and jealousy, but Li Chongjiu slowly shakes his head and imagines the future Tang Dynasty master Tang gaozu learning that he is a mountain thief who has fucked her daughter.
"Fourth uncle and fifth aunt, isn’t this strong?" Li Chongjiu said when saying
Sun Erniang slapped Su Su’s thigh and laughed and said, "Yes, it’s a strong bow."
Looking at Sun Erniang’s iron palm and pressing his leg, Su Su smiled naively and agreed that "it is exactly what it is"
At this time, Li Hu, who sat first, finally opened his mouth and rubbed his hands full of cocoons and said, "Xiao Jiu is no longer in charge of three things and four things."
Li Chongjiu nodded. It seems that Li Hubai is reasonable.
Listen to Li Huyi solemnly said, "The overlord’s hard bow is hard to treat a woman. Never be rude. Remember to be gentle … After tonight, this girl will be dead set on kicking you."
Say that finish Juyi hall a few take charge of are hey hey smile obviously for such a thing as early as a normal sample even unsmiling Wang Junkuo also made a you know eyes to Li Chongjiu.
"Dad, this is a must …" Li Chongjiu was about to speak.
Aside Sun Erniang began to interrupt and said, "Oh, Xiao Jiu’s marriage is a matter of parents’ life, and your father is in charge."
"I’ve seen this little girl, but her sex is a little strong, but her ass will not only be good in the future, but will definitely add a belt to you." A listen to Sun Erniang’s saying that sirs are in charge even more burst into laughter.
Just as Li Chongjiu was about to tell the four people about the origin of Li Sanniang, he suddenly heard ticking tunes full of ethnic customs outside.
Listen to someone shouting outside the Juyi Hall that the auspicious time has come!
Hearing this, Li Hu seemed to be ten years younger in an instant, touching his jaw with a few short beards, and said to Li Chongjiu with great feelings, "My son’s good time has arrived."