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Lazy Xiaotian just ready to nod ice there added

"Hey, hey, hey, I said don’t climb for yourself. I don’t have a brother like you."
When he heard the words of ice, he thought that there was a soaking behind him and a cold feeling emanated from his body. To tell the truth, he didn’t even know when and where he had offended this elder sister.
"But before, I was going to let Brother Ruoshui speed up the Heavenly Palace, and Brother Ruoshui speed up the Heavenly Palace is also very strong."
When she heard Fang Xiang’s words, she wanted to hit the ice consciousness, so she disdained to hum and said
"Strong, too?"
"Then why don’t you take sl one-on-one hit?"
When he said this, Bing Ling also glanced at Fang Xiang with provocative eyes.
And Fang wanted to hear the words of the ice and felt quite reasonable, so he turned his attention to Ruoshui.
"Brother Ruoshui, what do you mean?"
It was also at this time that Bing Ling reacted. The original party wanted to say that it was someone else’s words, but she had already said it, even though she was embarrassed.
And if the water there also don’t have any different opinions.
Ice, that is, lazy Xiao Bing’s strength in the lazy family before, is somewhat heard by him.
And the ice is a female character’s fantasy westward journey. One thing that has remained unchanged since ancient times is that the equipment of female characters must be cheaper than that of men. For example, the strength of female characters that can be created at the same price must exceed that of male accounts.
And if the water is also want to see how many things this great first daughter village.
Because everyone is already an instrument, it is also very quick to arrange the battle. It means that two people can fight in the ring, but it seems that Bingling has to go to the palace to fight, and the strongest team in the country can’t. A line of people watched and two people launched a 1v1 contest at the palace.
The fighting ended very suddenly and quickly
Because if you are playing in front of the water, you are not very familiar with the world of Shenwei. Plus, the previous pk battle has always been to command him to act as a manipulator, so you lost to Bing Ling in a few rounds.
And this also makes him sigh that his skills have to be strengthened, and on the one hand, he has to be ruthless. His strength is really strong
And the ice there is won and if the water after the contest proudly raised his head to the party thought.
"How about it?"
"If you still have a problem, why don’t we have a fight?"
"I heard that you also bought a million clothes before, right? I really want to try what it’s like to wear millions of clothes. "
As soon as Bing Bing said this, the temperature in the box suddenly dropped.
Whether it’s lazy Xiaotian, Han Xuanxuan or ending, it’s a "bad" in my heart at this time
If you win, you really can’t say anything, but if you want to compete with Fang Xiang 1v1 … then just thinking about routines can make the other party full.
Also after watching just now, if the ice and water compete with each other, I think that my heart is already itchy. After listening to the ice, I think that I can’t wait to say yes.
And after hearing Fang want to promise to one-on-one hit with yourself, the ice corners of the mouth are raised and said
"But it’s too boring if it’s a one-on-one fight. Otherwise, shall we add some color?"
Chapter four hundred and ninety-seven Lose!
"Add some color?"
Hear the words behind the ice can’t help but leng, and Han Xuanxuan, curtain and others in the box are all looking at the ice with a face of doubt.
"Yes, it is to add some color. If anyone loses, he will listen to the other party. How dare you?"
Ice is very happy. I want to ask Fang.
"Who loses must listen to the other side?"
After hearing this sentence, he wanted to take a look at the ice. Just now, when the ice just entered the box, the scene was a little too funny. He thought that he had not made a good clue about the former, but at this time he found that although the ice had short hair, it gave people a proper sense of benefit and added a touch of beauty.
It is also this time that Fang wants to look at the ice and then frown at the ice and say
"Is it okay to let the other side do whatever it takes to win?"
Hear Fang Xiang seems HuaLiYouHua ice eyebrows is quietly a wrinkly, but still nodded quickly.
"Yes, you can do anything."
I also got the affirmative answer from the ice, so I can’t help but stand my hand.
"Ah? I find you so strange. "
"Anyway, I’m a boy and you’re a girl, so it’s easy for you to suffer, you know? I … "
Just want to prepare to say again, he has been caught by the ice and threw his collar in front of his brain.