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Koguryo, the emperor of the three generations of the Sui Dynasty, failed in succession, and Koguryo’s prestige will surely spread to every corner of the world.

Too deep is like a dead tree with a smile on his face. He is extremely satisfied with the ending.
Just then a soldier rushed in and said, "It’s not good to leave the branch and leave the branch."
The deep body twitched for a while and woke up with a start. He seemed to have no reaction from the dream just now.
After the man came in, he didn’t notice that the object fell down in a hurry and his forehead was smashed. Suddenly, deep red blood flowed to dye his face, but he didn’t sleep and ran to the deep side. At this time, Mo Li, the housekeeper of the branch office, hurried to his mouth to breathe.
"It’s not good to leave a big event. It’s not good to leave a big event." The man said this in a panic
"What’s the matter?" Mrs. Yuan asked blankly.
"Mo Li’s Sui people have been killed, and now they have reached Chengtou!" The man remembered that he had come here and said in a hurry
Too deep is suddenly a surprised Sui Jun how can kill? It’s impossible and unreasonable. How did the Sui people suddenly appear from here in the area of Lianglangshan?
Mrs. Yuan couldn’t think for a moment. His Adam’s apple wriggled and tried to speak, but he found that his breathing became urgent. A mouthful of phlegm blocked his throat and made it extremely difficult for him to breathe.
Too deep just rolled his eyes to help him, but the man panicked and didn’t notice it, but said it was even more urgent.
"Mo Li’s Sui people are scheming and killing indiscriminately in the city!"
At this time, the housekeeper came in and saw Mrs. Yuan’s face flushed and hurriedly said, "What’s wrong with you, sir?" Said near the deep taizuo side.
The housekeeper told Mrs. Yuan to keep gesturing for him to react immediately. He did not care for many mouths. Mrs. Yuan’s mouth sucked hard. Suddenly, he felt that his mouth was hot and he quickly turned his head to spit out the hot phlegm in his mouth.
The thick phlegm in his throat came out like a new life. He opened his mouth and gasped for a moment. After a while, he looked at the soldier with a puzzled expression and said, "What did you say that Sui people were killed?"
The soldier nodded at once and said, "Mo Li’s Sui people are really killed!"
Too deep a face suddenly became ugly. The housekeeper had an accident again and hurried to gather her mouth together.
"poof!" Yuan Taizuo suddenly twisted his head and spit out a mouthful of blood, and immediately sprayed it into the housekeeper’s mouth. He was shocked and took a step back.
After Yuan Taizuo spat out one mouthful blood, he said sadly, "I’ve been tricked and I regret it!"
Butler reaction back he hurried way "master Sui Jun although into the city but master army still have to delay when the archduke rate soldiers back sui people must be between Scylla and Charybdis in an instant".
Deep in thought, Mrs. Yuan reached out and said, "Help me up!"
Outside the city, as Yang You made Sui Jun rush towards the national city, Yang You took this opportunity to make arrangements again. He asked the soldiers to give new orders to Hou Jun and Guang Shen, and asked them to follow the plan. Once Koguryo people fought their way out from the east and west, they would be captured one by one.
Du Ruhui was slightly surprised that this time, Koguryo was killed by a heavy plan. Although he was caught off guard, he had luck, but if he was not too greedy and wanted to rob Yang You Guocheng, he would not be so easily captured. Even if Sui Jun entered Guocheng, things would be settled.
"Although we have breached the national city, there are still many soldiers and horses in Koguryo. Will we deal with them like this?" Du Ruhui asked.
"What is Du Aiqing’s opinion?" Yang You asks.
"This batch of Koguryo soldiers want to ambush the ministers. I think they must bring little food to defend the national city, and at the same time, Maruko capital will build a camp. These Koguryo soldiers will starve to death." Du Ruhui laughed.
Direct enemy killing is the least desirable means, and it is feasible to win the battlefield.
Yang You nodded. "This is another story. If they don’t have time to kill, it will be natural."
Sui Jun, the head of Guocheng City, has gradually occupied the advantage. Pei Hangyan and Luo Shixin immediately divided their troops into two ways to resist the attack of Koguryo people who are not afraid of death, while Luo Shixin took Sui soldiers to fight to the death and formed a stalemate near the city gate.
Koguryo soldiers came spontaneously after receiving the news, and even some people, not only men, but also some women took part in the fighting.
These people picked up their weapons at random and killed Sui Jun together. If they couldn’t pick up their weapons, they punched their teeth and bit them. They have fallen into madness.
The news kept coming back, and Yang You couldn’t help nodding his head when he received the news. "Although many Han Chinese in Koguryo were deeply influenced by the Central Plains culture, after more than 600 years of development, they also formed their own unique culture and national core. For Koguryo people, Dasui was the aggressor and the enemy. Once Koguryo fell, it might be the place where the dead died, so they would be so desperate."
Du Ruhui sighed lightly, "In the face of foreign wars throughout the ages, most of them have been so talented. Those who have made mistakes in China have been exterminated." Du Ruhui suddenly whispered, "Is it unbearable?"
"Although I admire the Koguryo people’s spirit, he is, after all, an alien and non-Chinese, and his heart will be different. Unless he is willing to accept my localization policy, I will not leave any of them." Yang You suddenly raised his hand and pointed his whip at Guocheng.
"Koguryo people’s stubborn resistance proves that this is an unyielding nation, but it is a pity that they are our enemies," said Yang You Lang.
Du Ruhui one leng was about to speak Yang You has commanded aside Qian Shan dugu way "I ordered Koguryo people in the city who don’t surrender can be killed! Everyone in the city has a share of all the property. I should distribute it according to the size of the merits. I hope that you will bravely kill the enemy and raise our national prestige! "
Qian Shan dugu should be in a hurry before flattery!
Chapter 65 Fire Suiying
Deep season coloured glaze led five thousand cavalry straight to Sui Jun camp near Sui Jun camp. When deep season coloured glaze slowed down, it sent scouts to spy on the military situation and got the latest news. Lonely, you scattered with scouts and soon the scouts came back and told, "General, the whole camp is heavily guarded and seems to be extremely comfortable in the camp."
Deep season coloured glaze one leng Yang You how don’t retreat? Is there any trick in his camp? He thought for a moment and took more than a dozen Koguryo soldiers to explore the deep season colored glaze covered by the Woods and approached the Sui Jun camp carefully.
He will have withered yellow leaves dial carefully looked at the front to see Sui Jun Daying Shaolou soldiers with a lance in their hands. Is it possible that the Sui people knew that they would come here and wait for it? Deep season coloured glaze carefully observed some hesitation in my heart.
Sui Jun didn’t leave the camp, but hid in the camp. His 5,000 cavalry could stare blankly. He was about to get up when the glass was silent for half a ring. A Qinbing whispered, "There is something wrong with the general!"
"What’s wrong there?" Deep season coloured glaze asked doubtfully.
"General, you see that although Sui Jun Camp looks heavily guarded, those Sui people who have just observed the half-ring sentry post just now seem to have been standing and not moved!" QinBing spoke doubts in my heart.
Deep season coloured glaze one leng narrowed his eyes and looked ahead. This time, he looked very carefully and stared at the Shaolou closely. Those people were afraid of missing their every move, narrowed their eyes and looked at it for half a ring. Deep season coloured glaze finally found something strange.
Although the Sui soldiers in the camp looked very dense and tense, they did not move there as this person said, which is very different from hunting a military flag.
Deep season coloured glaze heart andao when Sui Jun had already left the barracks, but this mystifying confused himself. When I thought of this, Deep season coloured glaze suddenly stood up and waved and said, "Come and see Suiying with me!"
Maybe there will be some new discoveries in Sui Jun camp, or maybe Koguryo cavalry moved quickly. They ran towards Sui Jun camp. Koguryo people charged and shouted at the same time. As the distance approached, Sui Jun camp remained calm. It should not be said that silence was terrible.
Deep season coloured glaze ran to fifty paces outside the camp, and once again narrowed his eyes and looked at the Sui army camp. At this time, the distance was closer, and he could see more clearly. Then he discovered that those so-called Sui soldiers were just straw into grass.
It really is when! Deep season coloured glaze heart thumped as soon as he rode near the Sui Jun camp and looked at the scarecrow’s clothes that were blown by the wind, his face turned green.