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Looking at his scars in the water mirror, tung tree couldn’t help but wake up immediately, and the breath around him fluctuated like a tide, and the marks of the eyebrows showed up.

However, this small bamboo building is protected by sword domain, and the shock wave in vitro disappears instantly, even the big hand on the shoulder does not shake off.
For the enthusiasm of Luo Dagong, it seems quite resistant, probably because Brother Bai and Senior Sister Chaoyang did not force them to break away.
Nai Huotong’s brow mark lights up, and the forehead scar explodes instantly. It seems that the breath of Shenhuo will refine the scar.
I haven’t seen this fire paulownia god for two days, and his control over fireworks has been enhanced a lot, which can adjust the Shenhuo breath in the imprint between the eyebrows.
It is refining that this scar consumes a lot of shenhuo paulownia, and soon it will be restored to the eyebrows.
In this moment, it will consume nearly half of the fire, but the scar does fade a lot.
"I wouldn’t …" This recruit is really miraculous, martial brother. This means makes Luo Dagong quite envious and can’t help but admire.
I didn’t expect this brother Luo to be so direct, and his face was immediately better. Many casually said, "Brother Luo Yu, if you don’t want me to help you, you can also fade it down …"
Raising my hand when I spoke condensed a ray of fiery fireworks.
Luo Yuwen quickly replied, "No, you don’t need martial brother to consume mana, but some scars on your forehead add a bit of heroic breath, and these traces may disperse on their own in a few days …"
"Brother Luo is right. These scars do have some residual rules. If refining is forcibly expelled, it will take a lot of spiritual power. If it dissipates by itself, it will turn the aura of this world into spiritual knowledge."
"Sure enough, I told you that this scar is not simple, haha …" It was affirmed by the master elder brother that Luo Yu was very radiant, but the huge scar on his forehead seemed quite strange.
"Bang …"
When Luo Yu laughed freely, there was a slight virtual fluctuation outside the small bamboo building, followed by a drowning sound.
Don’t say that the remaining three people are estimated to have escaped this robbery.
"This is almost here …"
Bai Dazhao’s voice fell in vain, and once again two figures fell to the lake, and it was Bai Zhan and Nangong Small Mirror.
That just fell into the water first must be picking EU.
"Ah Wei …" Luo Yu immediately exclaimed impatient flicker directly rushed out of the small bamboo building.
"Ah …" With a miserable exhalation, the heavy rain outside is still not only mixed with ice blades and fire lines, but also instantly washes Luo Yuhua’s body thoroughly.
This miserable scene is about to fall into the lake, and the white exhibition suddenly woke up, and the golden sword light plunged into the lake without making any noise.
The nangongshan small mirror also followed the awakening and half-falling. Suddenly, a cloud slowly fell into the lake, which seemed to be suppressed by the regular force in the rainstorm. The cloud simply disappeared into the lake and the water fled to the small bamboo building.
The three waterlines fled from the bottom of the lake from far and near, and each of them operated. When passing by the lake, they strongly supported Duke Luo, and they flew together into the small bamboo building.
"Master elder brother …"
"Master brother …"
The three people are in good order, and there is no dizziness after the injury.
The three looked at the spirit of Baiyun Tower and nodded slightly and turned to look at Teacher Luo with a full face of scars.
This just went out for a moment and was tossed into this sample. The white leader is also a protector, and the avatar doesn’t know how to refine it …
"Chaoyang you to see …" Read just Luo Yu teacher younger brother and tung tree god communication quite desirable Baiyun Lou along with the gender to Xia Shimei hello 1.
"Okay ….." Master elder brother told Zhao-yang xia to come immediately, and his interest was crisp, so he should know how to pinch dzogchen’s evergreen technique, and he was ready to sail.
Luo Yu said quickly out of the resistance "the teacher elder sister can’t, a little skin injury and so on will recover on its own …"
"Chaoyang, even though you have made moves like this, you are still struggling with something …" Cai Wei actually looked at some words and pressed Luo Dagong’s thoughts directly.
A bright green awn fell and Luo Yu twitched vigorously for a while, but the effect was excellent. All the tiny scars on his face dissipated, and the huge scars on his forehead also gathered together to form a scar about an inch in size.
"The teacher elder sister Chaoyang, this avatar is fierce …" Cai Wei was very satisfied and couldn’t help but shout.
"It is good for school sister to be satisfied. This scar will disperse on its own, and it can still be repaired …"
"Keep also hinder seems to be more pleasing to the eye …"
"Really …" Upon hearing the words of two senior sisters, Luo Yu’s curiosity increased greatly, and she condensed a water mirror by herself. Looking at her forehead and getting smaller, many scars were immediately satisfied. I was very grateful to the senior sister Xia.
A few people laughed and said that God Tung was looking at them, and the flashing of divine light in his eyes seemed to be full of curiosity about Terran communication.
Sensing the fluctuation of the young master’s mind, Tao Yao stretched out his small hand and gently brushed the forehead scar. As the virtual shadow of the fingertips and petals fluttered, the large scar collapsed to a forehead and eventually turned into a scar of an inch size.
Tung tree had some resistance, but in the end, it was tossed by Tao Yao, and after stopping, it did not speak and went to the window to watch the rain scene.
I didn’t resist turning and glancing at the water mirror in front of Luo Yu.
Seeing Tao Yao’s hand, Xia Chaoyang’s eyes lit up and he was very surprised to pull up Tao Yao’s little hand and discuss the magical powers.
Demon birds in the northern region broke the ice and broke out of the Baiyun Tower, allowing several people to stay in the small bamboo building for a while. It is said that there will be great changes in this small world in a day or two.
Can let master elder brother say big action must be extraordinary white exhibition several people suddenly curious small bamboo house to settle down.
It wasn’t long before Ziyan and Huolinger were recalled to Xiaozhulou by Bai Dazhangmen.
After a few days’ observation of Baiyun Tower, I realized that this Shenshi basin is still the core of the wild small world. I want to put my thoughts into Shenshi, and I can instantly understand the changes of the whole small world.
As Bai Dazhao said, this change is really a big move for creatures.
It is hard to predict that the small tower-shaped exquisite refining will cooperate with the move of the small world and the changes will take place in this world.
In this case, it’s better to gather here to look at the situation.
Chapter nine hundred and fifty-four Full return
The arrival of Ziyan and Huolinger in Xiaozhulou also brought the message that the eyes of Xuan Bing in the north and the eyes of the sea of fire in the south.
The northern territory of Ziyan has reached into Xuan Bing’s eyes and initially controlled Xuan Bing. What a surprise!
What I saw all the way from the North Domain is not much different from Luo Yu’s description, but Ziyan looks more transparent.
Wake up from the ice, the demon bird knows that the true spirit has long since dispersed, and the muddled body is wanton with the residual consciousness
Because of this, these demon birds have multiplied their strength and have no pain. If they don’t break their heads, they will never die.
These huge demon birds were originally transformed by the spiritual thoughts of Elder Sister Qingchi, and these thoughts became the main objects after being taken away.
Linglong originally wanted to integrate it into the small tower, but it was limited by some kind of regular method to refine it directly, so that it would be frozen in the wave of Xuan Bing by Xuan Bing’s accidental overflow.
This time, we will re-evolve many small worlds and spare no effort to suppress these frozen demon bodies. Simply let go of the spirit and leave it to the people who enter the tower to deal with.
Cutting these demon bodies can make these main ideas blend into this small world.
This is also exquisite for people who enter the tower. If there is a corresponding reward, every time a demon body is broken, the scattered spiritual force can help the monk to refine his knowledge of this small world, which is the increase in strength.
This is Linglong’s preliminary rule, which is simple but practical.
On the way to the south, Ziyan also saw many huge monster beasts who got rid of Xuan Bing.
Presumably, when the fire broke out in the southern region, these huge monster beasts fled north, escaped the burning of the fire and the powerful storm near the Shenshi basin, but failed to escape the extreme cold and freezing.
Most of these monster birds and monsters have moved south after breaking away from the ice. If this ice and fire storm weakens, it will surely become a trend.
After all, it should be a matter of time before these monsters came to this place with great longing.
Judging from the mysterious qi activity revealed by the magic stone at present, it must have great attraction to those monsters.
However, since the senior brother has built a small bamboo house here and has lived here for a long time, he is not too worried about the danger of this sacred stone basin.
Compared with martial sister Ziyan, it’s much simpler to have insight into the message brought back by Fire Shine.
Nearly half of the true meaning of the south sea eye burst from the fire
After some busy work, the fire shine will temporarily seal the residue from the fire.
There is nothing to say in the southern mainland. Because the fire is raging, all the monster beasts are almost destroyed. The white leader has seen it with his own eyes.
In the southern waters, although the fire really erupts and the water vapor evaporates all over the sky, there are still many sea people living in the depths of the vast sea.
After being taken away, the giant siren is as confused as a demon bird in the northern region, but limited by nature, at most, it can take the initiative to stay away from the sea of fire in the sea.
According to the fire shine, these sea clans are not only powerful and huge, but also common.
Upon hearing this, Baiyun Tower couldn’t help but ask the fire shine carefully with a bright eye, and immediately condensed out the sword platform and fled to the south.
As the sword goes away, the white big head directly sits aside and the green vine and futun concentrate on exerting the swordsmanship.
Seeing Brother Bai’s vigorous efforts to make fire, he walked back to everyone from the window and watched. He was very curious that Brother Bai was going to display his magical powers.
Similarly, Xiao Jing seems to think of something and say hello to several people, "Let’s start preparing while the senior brother is tossing in the South China Sea. Let’s just … celebrate the reunion of the senior brother and the senior sister Chaoyang."
Upon hearing this, Zhao-yang Xia suddenly turned red and could not help but call out "Little Mirror …"