27, Jun 2024
She didn’t want to show her gloomy heart in front of Lin Yu. She always appeared in front of Lin Yu as a little bitch.

Real Lin Yu mind how can you hide from her?
See be purple rhyme guessed red-handed, Lin Yu nodded "rhyme I don’t want to cheat you but I don’t know how to say it …"
Purple Qingyun laughed. "I told you that if you don’t explain what you did, you must never tell anyone. Then don’t say, put your heart in hers and I will keep your secret."
Lin Yu nodded affectionately to hold the purple rhyme in her arms.
Maybe Lin Yu was so tired that he fell asleep with purple rhyme. He didn’t find purple rhyme. Tears had already wet his chest clothes …
At night, I looked up at Fang in the courtyard alone in autumn, and the mood was so gloomy at night.
Cang Yi Xu appeared in front of Qiu Wan Yue and said simply, "Wan Yue’s repair is really useless."
Autumn moon calmly looked at her teacher and nodded. "But the teacher doesn’t know if there is any way for me to resume my study?"
Cang Yi held out two fingers. "There are two ways. First, you Yuan Shen is still strong, but Yuan Shen can seize an intact and damaged body and practice again."
Autumn moon shook his head and denied this method. Cang Yi went on to say, "The second method can rely on the fate of Dan medicine. I asked the vice president of Yao Huachen, and he said that there is no such fate of Dan medicine in mainland China."
Qiu Wan Yue smiled sadly. "Teacher, do I want to give Wan Yue Feng to my eldest brother?"
Cang Yi noncommittally said, "It’s no problem if you can meet his mentor’s challenge."
Say pale easy turned away viciously.
Qiu Wan Moon smiled at himself. "I didn’t think that I became the laughing stock of Cangyu College twenty years ago, and I will become a joke of Cangyu College again twenty years later."
"With Lin Yu, he won’t watch you being bullied." Yang Luoyun suddenly appeared behind Qiu Wanyue. "What do you think, Second Teacher Sister?"
Autumn moon looked back and looked at her eyes strangely. Yang Luoyun "What are you trying to say?"
Yang Luoyun suddenly smiled sadly. "What should you do if you lose yourself in Cangyu College? I don’t want to say anything. I don’t want to hurt everyone I care about anymore. "
The top ten tutors of Cangyu College are not fixed. If he has the strength and the tutors can beat the top ten tutors, he can have the names of the top ten tutors and spacious places for apprentices. Yang Luoyun is worried about this.
Autumn is holding the moon with a faint sigh. "You are too persistent in falling clouds. You have borne the psychological burden for so many years because of Wang Juan’s death. Can’t you let it go?"
"I can’t forget it!" Yang Luoyun’s eyes were slightly red and faintly shining with cold light. "I can’t forget her to protect me from being killed by her father on the spot! I can’t forget that my teacher stood by at that time! "
Yang Luoyun said bitterly, "From then on, I vowed that I would never be hurt by my loved ones and friends again in my life." If anyone dares to be bad for them, I will not let them go in hell! "
Seeing that Yang Luoyun is so persistent in autumn, he can’t help but shake his head. "Luoyun, you are so tight * * Yu, probably because he is like you?"
Together, the red light in the eyes of Lin Yu Yang Luoyun quickly dispersed and the mood was instantly controlled. "Yes, this is small …"
The next day, Yang Luoyun escorted the autumn moon back to Cangyu College.
Before he left, Yang Luoyun and Qiu Wanyue entrusted their brothers to Lin Yu and asked him to continue to go to his place to support the school’s extermination.
Lin Yu’s disappearance in the past ten days, Cangyu College and this batch of inferno battles have developed a large-scale warfare trend.
Both sides suffered heavy losses, but neither of them wanted to back down, and the fighting became more and more fierce.
Lin Yu, they received the news that Tianya and Yang Zhen led the team of one thousand people to be trapped in Sunset Ridge on the south side of the city, and the next action was to support them.
The thought of sealing Tianya and Yang Zhen, Lin Yu and Yuan Lan frowned.
If it weren’t for the dean’s order, they would really leave it alone.