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Tang Jun couldn’t help shivering when he saw the Qin teenager across the street, but he swallowed a Dan medicine body. His face lost a lot of blood and looked pale and scary, just like a serious illness, but he looked so fragile that the Qin teenager released a terrible breath, as if he had risen a lot in an instant and at least reached the peak of the middle-ranking honour person.

It’s horrible. Tang Jun’s face is a little slightly changed, and his heart is complaining. Their strength is very different, but now the distance between them is getting farther and farther. How can he fight this world war I? I didn’t expect to meet such a difficult young Emperor Wu in the first game. Is he unlucky today?
Even if he is lucky enough to enter the top ten, does he dare to compete with those venerable teenagers for the top three? He can’t even think about going?
"A change of spirit apes"
Qin teenager suddenly thundered at Tang Jun.
Tang Jun’s face is full of sneer. His hands have hundreds of thousands of pounds of power. It’s ridiculous that the other party chose to confront him. He immediately greeted him with a wave of his hands.
Suddenly jumped in front of him, and the Qin family boy disappeared in an instant, showing that in front of him was a strange Huang Maoling ape’s body force flowing constantly, and the coercion released was quite terrible, which made him almost fall down.
Both hands collided with each other and "boom"-the yellow-haired ape let out a scream and flew out. Tang Jun was also pale for an instant and was kicked by the spiritual ape. The whole person shot back and hit the aperture, and then fell to "poof" and spit out one mouthful blood.
Tang Jun was ambushed by a spirit ape. Although the injury was not very serious, he was also able to slow down for a while.
"It’s over"
Suddenly the Qin family boy emerged Tang Jun’s hallows "Seven Tigers Donlon" on the top of his head and released seven tigers Yi Long. Chapter three hundred and twenty-two Young Heroes’ Competition (13)
Tang Jun never imagined that the Qin family boy would appear at this time and gave him a fatal blow on his head? Jin Jian, a small man, immediately rushed to the most horrible golden dragon with his mind moving, and at the same time, the mixture of his six bodies immediately emerged to form a big net to protect him
Qin Feng obviously predicted that the young man’s face was sneering and poured tens of thousands of pounds of strength into the spirit sword to kill the young man’s head.
Tang Jun was a little flustered in his heart. After all, he was too weak to form a big net and barely resisted the other party’s Hallows. The power was a little vague, and then he was vulnerable to the tens of thousands of pounds of power from the other party. It happened that he came with one breath, otherwise his hands would not be afraid of such a few tens of thousands of pounds of power.
Tang Jun’s protective net was hit by tens of thousands of pounds of Qin teenagers, and immediately collapsed. Qin Feng was overjoyed and shook his spirit sword to chop Tang Jun’s head.
Fortunately, Tang Junshen also has the "variation Optimus Prime" maser out immediately.
Qin Feng immediately fled to the side when his face changed, but he didn’t forget that he took out a "Lei Zhen" from his body and threw it at Tang Jun.
With a loud noise, Tang Jun let out a scream and fell to the back. The whole person became a bloody person and couldn’t get up any more.
"Go to hell"
Qin Feng’s face showed a ferocious smile and a flash appeared in front of the young, holding up the spirit sword and killing the young
Tang Jun is dying and can no longer resist to close his eyes and wait for death. Suddenly, an anger came into his ear. "You have lost all our protoss faces. Are you angry?" Angry? "
Tang Jun can’t help but show a wry smile when he knows that it’s his master’s voice. It’s a miracle that he can persist in fighting with a master who has reached the realm of Emperor Wudi’s dzogchen by virtue of his initial military commanders.
Suddenly, he felt that his hands could move, and a powerful specific force flowed out of the wishful button and was transported into his body, which made him release a powerful specific pressure and rushed at the triumphant Qin family boy.
Suddenly, Qin Feng felt a terror, which made his sword move forward one inch more than coercion. At the same time, a terrorist force came at him. He got a fright and immediately shot back. Fortunately, he escaped from the impact of that terrorist force when he reacted quickly and fled quickly. Otherwise, I’m afraid he would have been killed on the spot?
Qin Feng never dreamed that the abnormal teenager in front of him was seriously injured and could force him to retreat. Obviously, he still has a terrible magic weapon?
"You jun will show you again. The most powerful thing about our protoss’ god-melting solution’ is not those mysterious spells, but the ability to integrate all kinds of stunt achievement methods. It’s a pity that you practice too low and integrate others’ achievement methods to create new achievement methods, but you can steal others’ achievement methods to learn a little, but then we can create the same holy spirit as each other with the spirit of the protoss, and the power is not worse than each other."
After hiding Tang Jun’s wishful buttons, the little girl also explained clearly that she was completely treating the teenager as a brother.
"Thank you, Master!" Tang Jun was overjoyed and thanked him in his heart.
Although Qin Feng was shocked by the teenager, he knew in his heart that the teenager had been weakened and had almost become a spent force. If he cast out the "spiritual ape" teenager root again, there would be no hope to escape from the past. I’m afraid a teenager will have to be seriously injured to escape even if he crushes the "life soul bead". Will Younger still be as affectionate as he is then?
At the thought of this, Qin Feng made up his mind to let the body "Blood Snake Dan" continue to suck his blood. Suddenly, his face became even paler and he could hardly see the blood, but the breath released by his body seemed to have doubled again, and a small red snake was emerging in his hand, spitting a terrible tongue.
Tang Jun’s face was just lit up by the master when he saw the changes in the Qin family’s young body. His face couldn’t help but change. At this time, he just put the other party to work and stole the spiritual order. I’m afraid it’s still difficult to compete. But no matter what he does, he has to try what effect the master has given him.
Thought of here, Tang Jun immediately sat down and closed his eyes, silently sensing the change of the other person’s body, and he mobilized to sneak into the ground and came to the foot of the Qin teenager and then ambushed there.
Seeing the horrible blood snake in Qin family’s young hand, Qin Tianao, both Qin Guzhu and Qin Feng’s father, changed his face.
This "blood snake pill" is so horrible that once it devours 40% of the performer’s body, it will do great harm to others. I’m afraid it will be difficult to recover without ten and a half days’ rest, and even if it recovers, there may be sequelae. So few people in Qin family are willing to swallow the "blood snake pill" and display this "five changes of the spirit ape". That’s to fight hard with their own lives.
"the second change"
Miss Qin Man’s face changed greatly, and she exclaimed. She knew that the power of the "second change of the spirit ape" was much more powerful than that of Tang Gong, but I’m afraid that Brother Qin Feng’s desperate effort was also run out. Besides, this "blood snake pill" will also make people feel magical after swallowing it. Once it fails, it will arouse the deep-seated demons in people’s hearts. If the "second change" fails, it will come to the "third change". If the "third change" still fails, the performer will often cast out the "fourth change" regardless of the consequences. If two people have deep grievances, they will cast out the "fifth change", and it is possible for the other party to explode and die together.
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Qin Feng, the Emperor Wu of China, stared at the young man who was almost like a bloody man. His eyes were bloodshot and his face was even more ferocious and terrible.
Their Qin family also has a set of powerful spiritual order achievement method "black and white magic flame", which is also full of magic. When two kinds of flames are combined with each other, they will produce explosive fireballs, which are weird and scary. If this spiritual order achievement method is combined with "Blood Snake Dan", it can produce even more terrible power, which can make him full of black and white flames and fireballs. At that time, the teenager will die.
However, once this kind of achievement method is put into use, it is also very powerful to itself. If you are not careful, you will enter the magic road and become a permanent way to control yourself. The magic man can be born in the "magic sea" and once this magic man is promoted successfully, he will become an immortal magic spirit. Once he grows up, he will become a magic demon with great magical powers.