25, Jun 2024
While Zhang and Erh Lin looked at the three old Mao Duan Qingyun, they looked at each other so intimately. They were very satisfied. They were thinking about a problem at the same time. Duan Qingyun was a small talent. Foreigners were in contact with him. This can be a big deal!

Due to the unusually hot atmosphere at the scene
At this time, I saw a man and a woman coming out of the square boxing ring. Two hosts officially announced that the tenth event of the boxing match was official, and the first two players were Li Hu’s other team members.
Duan Qingyun focused his attention on Li Hu’s opponent’s name from the host. It can be known that his name is Zheng Binglong, and he won the tenth place in a boxing competition in the city, which is a popular candidate to win the championship this year.
The difference is that Zheng Binglong is much fatter than Li Hu, and his arm muscles are angular than pieces, and his aggressive eyes are much stronger than Li Hu. Duan Qingyun can see at a glance that this person is definitely a boxer with higher attack intensity than ordinary people. What surprises Duan Qingyun is that Zheng Binglong has taken exciting drugs for half an hour before the stage! Duan Qingyun naturally has no evidence that Zheng Binglong took drugs. He is just a feeling or an illusion. Duan Qingyun recognizes Zheng Binglong’s eyes. Although they are fierce and energetic, they are daunting, but they are a very abnormal look. If you look closely, you can see that Zheng Binglong’s left foot is shaking at the same frequency. This is a drug reflection!
Duan Qingyun, however, is just an audience at this time. There is no reason and no power to expose Zheng Binglong’s medicine in public. He can’t help but worry that Li Hu can’t beat this strange opponent in front of him. This is Li Hu’s first boxing match!
Duan Qingyun knows that every boxing match consists of four rounds, each with two minutes’ rest and one minute’s rest. Both sides get points by hitting their opponents or cause the match to continue. Because the time is very short, once two people meet, it is said that the brave will win, and whoever punches quickly will win the final victory. Looking around the world, most famous boxers rely on extraordinary attack intensity to win the game.
On the left side of Duan Qingyun, Zhang and Erh Lin talked about Li Hu’s game from time to time. After all, Li Hu is the captain of the boxing team. His victory or defeat directly affects the enthusiasm of his players. If Li Hu wins, he will definitely encourage his players to fight hard. If Li Hu loses, his team’s winning mood will definitely plummet. Therefore, this game is important.
And Duan Qingyun’s right seat, Mr. York Lin, was holding the platform, and two boxers kept shaking their fat big heads, and Zamusjelink and the two of them kept shaking their big heads. Obviously, although the game was not yet over, the three old men had no interest in watching it. Duan Qingyun knew that Mr. York Lin was a guy with very high boxing skills, and he taught Huang Liang hemp boxing skills
At this time, the bell rang and the game officially took the referee’s seat. The five referees set their eyes on the two players together.
Just after the bell rang, Zheng Binglong drank heavily and made a shot. His feet were steady and strong, and he maintained a regular fighting posture. Every punch was strong and powerful. Three punches and two punches had forced Captain Li Hu to a corner of the square field.
Suddenly, there was a thunderous clap and scream from the audience. Duan Qingyun jumped suddenly and called a Li Hu. You can’t be defeated by the old!
And Taiwan Li Hu took advantage of the referee’s bell to ring and looked back at the Qingyun section of the stage, and his eyes were opposite.
Duan Qingyun nodded at Li Hu and threw an encouraging look. Li Hu also nodded at him, and they exchanged words in their eyes.
When the bell rings, it’s the second round.
This time, Zheng Binglong still maintained the fierce attack momentum. He jumped rhythmically and constantly changed his pace. Every punch hit Li Hu accurately.
Watching the referee judge that Zheng Binglong’s punch was effective again and again, Duan Qingyun became more and more anxious. He saw that Li Hu was obviously more and more anxious, although he also tried to attack Zheng Binglong constantly, and most of them were skillfully resolved by Zheng Binglong.
Did an old man give Li Hu an aphrodisiac and lose it? Duan Qingyun looked at Li Hu’s slow motion and dynamic speed and constantly analyzed the reasons for the disparity in strength.
At this time, director Zhang talked about it in the shade.
Director Zhang said angrily, "What happened to Li Hu?"
Tree-lined pulled out a cigarette and handed it to Director Zhang. While puffing smoke, he said, "Brother Zhang, don’t worry, don’t worry. This may be the style of Li Hu’s competition. His state will get better gradually!"
Director Zhang was about to speak when Li Hu was forced to the corner of the square stadium again. Zheng Binglong’s fist rained down on Li Hu.
Zheng Binglong’s relatives and friends group in Taiwan clapped their hands and screamed wildly. The atmosphere at the whole game scene further warmed up, but Duan Qingyun didn’t know it was good.
Li Hu body a violent shaking Duan Qingyun heart followed a violent shaking.
Suddenly Li Hu jerked his arms in the previous step and hugged Zheng Binglong tightly.
Then Li Hu fell down slowly.
At this time, if Li Hu can’t get up again during the referee’s timing, then Li Hu’s second round will be finished
Duan Qingyun had a big sweat on his forehead. He scratched his brain and couldn’t figure out what he had lost with an aphrodisiac!
Unconsciously, a pair of warm hands reached over and took Duan Qingyun’s hand.
Duan Qingyun looking back is Xiaoya.
"Brother Duan, don’t be nervous. Li Hu won’t lose!" Xiaoya comfort way
"Will it be defeated?" Duan Qingyun was in no hurry. "There were four rounds in the whole game. Now the second round is coming to an end. Li Hulian didn’t even punch someone. Do you think he won’t lose?"
Just after the words were exported, Duan Qingyun suddenly flashed an idea that Li Hu’s little aphrodisiac had not been sent yet. If so, the situation is greatly bad!
Zheng Binglong is obviously taking drugs similar to stimulants. At this time, he is obviously in a good mood. If this situation is deadlocked for too long, Li Huzhen will go home to hold his wife.
The key problem now is that Li Hu must get up!
Tree-lined Chang-Lin Zhang, the two directors, seemed impatient, and the two men shook their heads naively.
Everyone is praying for Li Hu, get up quickly!
Taiwan saw that Li Hushen moved his arms slightly and got up shaking.
Duan Qingyun all see Li Hu nostrils emit two bloodshot at the same time.
"Li Hu, can’t you pour white?" The tree-lined finally sat still and got up to take on the cheerleader himself.
The cheerleaders around the tree-lined mouth shouted "Come on, Li Hu!"