24, Jun 2024
Tweety shook her head and couldn’t help laughing. "You’re too impatient. Do you know that it took Tweety more than an hour to get out of the second separation when she was studying alchemy with Miss? On the one hand, she has a very high talent, and her soul perception is strong. On the other hand, she took advantage of’ Shenhuo’ to refine this low-order Dan medicine. Who is so precious’ Shenhuo’?"

Tang Jun was pleasantly surprised when he heard Tweety’s words, and immediately his confidence doubled. He threw himself into the third step of fusion, which is more difficult and requires special control of the temperature. The fusion process of Gaodan medicine is the most difficult. With a little carelessness, all the ingredients are not only difficult to fuse, but also will fail when the fusion is completed.
Tang Jun, after all, is the first time to manipulate the’ fire of the gods’ for alchemy. He just blended three ingredients for the fourth ingredient and failed. He couldn’t help but feel a little annoyed and wanted to give up immediately. But Tweety’s tender feelings encouraged Tang Junnai to put the missing herb back in and take it out again. It failed three times in succession. The fourth time, all the herb ingredients were successfully blended to form a few small medicine balls and put them there.
Tweety girl looked at the teenager dumbfounded for a long time before she came to her senses and exclaimed, "Gongzhen is an alchemist. At the beginning, Tweety failed to learn this fusion process for more than 100 times before it was successful. It was my lady who heard her say that the learning fusion process also failed for 50 times before it was successful. It seems that the public body has the’ divine fire’, which is indeed the most terrible spiritual fire in the world. With this divine fire to help the public alchemy, it will surely be great in the future."
Tang Junlai was very depressed. I heard that Tang Lingling, the ninth-order alchemist, also failed for more than 50 times before she succeeded in integration. She felt particularly strong and the whole person was excited.
Then’ shaping’, Tang Jun carefully refined the’ Shenhuo’ of various herbal ingredients that had been fused together. This Shenhuo was really magical. In a few minutes, several small medicine balls were refined into drops of energy balls of different colors, and then these drops of energy balls were fused together to form a prototype of Dan medicine.
It’s not easy, especially at the final forming moment, the temperature of the heat is very subtle, and the Dan medicine that has already taken shape is likely to rupture and become a waste Dan.
Tang Jun feels a lot of pressure, and his heart is pounding. If he succeeds, it will be much easier to become an alchemist in the last step. Maybe he is too nervous in his heart, or the temperature control is not good. The energy ball broke before the prototype of Dan medicine appeared. This time, the alchemist also completely failed.
Tang Jun sat staring at the black furnace tripod in front of him. His hands were so angry that they struggled together.
Suddenly, he felt that the six special gases in the abdomen seemed to be difficult to get along with and rebelled, and they were entangled together. His stomach turned and turned, and he couldn’t bear the pain for a moment.
Tang Jun was surprised. His face became ferocious and terrible with his hands on his belly and his teeth clenched tightly. Chapter three hundred and one was inseparable.
"What’s wrong with Gong?"
Tweety girl was startled. Did the teenager suddenly show such pain just now? What happened to him?
At this time, Tang Jun was speechless. The six special gases and five elements of Dantian gas, light, dark gas, yin and yang gas, magic gas, beast gas and fairy aura suddenly rebelled. Six kinds of special gases are wrapped in a small ball of light, and it seems that they are experiencing the process of refining and chemical integration. These six kinds of special gases are all spiritual things, and naturally they are not willing to be refined and chemical, and they are struggling in succession.
Tang Jun has sensed the crisis. How dare he provoke these horrible things now? I’m afraid that even the master who has reached the honour person level can’t fuse these six kinds of special gases, or is it more horrible to mutate gases? At this time, his body variation, yin and yang, struggled the most, and constantly hitting the small ball of light made Tang Jun miserable.
Suddenly, a teenager with a familiar sound rang. "My good disciple, this time you are really rich. It is incredible to get six special constitutions at the same time."? How did you do all this? You can’t wake up any more. I didn’t expect the fairy aura to nourish you or wake up. The master will help you integrate six special constitutions. Not only is the power poor, but no one can guess what special constitutions you have? It’s a little painful in the process of integration, so just bear with it. "
"master beast"
Tang Jun exclaimed in his heart. Unexpectedly, the unconscious master of the Sun God beast finally woke up, just like suddenly seeing his relatives. Tang Jun was ecstatic and excited.
Suddenly the sun god beast frowned, and his heart laughed and became gloomy.
"What’s the matter? Master? " Tang Jun, brimming with pain, asked with an uneasy heart, Is it still difficult to even reach the level of the emperor?
"Unfortunately, these six special gases are not difficult to refine and fuse, but one of them is a variant of Yin and Yang, and the other five special gases are difficult to fuse. I am afraid that variables will happen and the consequences will be terrible."
Tang Jun got a fright, and his face changed greatly. He also sensed that there was an unusual breath released from the abdomen, which was frightening. He had sensed it many times. It was the horrible breath of the Big Bang. Once the fusion of six special gases failed, he would have a big explosion. Can he still live?
Thought of here, Tang Jun’s face turned white in an instant. I’m afraid he escaped this time?
"Don’t worry, master, do something to see if you can stop it."
The sun god beast saw the boy’s white face, but although he panicked, he still gave me a wry smile on the surface, which comforted the boy. These six kinds of special gases are all terrible. Once an explosion occurs, let alone a big drop in repair, she will return to her original level of monarch, and repair is also a way to stop the situation. There is no hope at all.
Tang Jun is not a fool. He knows that if the six kinds of special gas terror in his body condense together and explode, the root will not be stopped by manpower unless it is a fairy. Maybe there is a glimmer of hope?
Tang Jun trembled at the thought of the word "immortal" and felt a glimmer of hope at the bottom of his heart. Isn’t the button a fairy?
"Master, I have a fairy’ Ruyi Button’. I wonder if I can resolve this crisis?"
"Ruyi Button"
The sun god beast was surprised, but his face showed a little surprise, but then he sighed dimly. "We are now repairing the roots to make the fairy wares, but having the best buttons on the disciples can help the master get out of trouble and restore the god beast."
Tang Jun can guess that there is no hope this time, but it is good to help the master escape into the wishful button and restore her beast body. I am a person who looks down on the waste boy and has such brilliant achievements to this height. It is all made by the beast master. He can say that he died and regretted it.
Six kinds of special gas balls produced thunder, and the situation was very bad. I’m afraid there will be a big explosion in a moment.
Tang Jun took out the wishful button from Na Jie, forced Tweety girl to enter first, and then hastily cried, "Master, you should find a way to get out and get into the wishful button, and one can escape."
The little doll looked at the boy’s face and shook his head. "Everything is caused by the master. How can I leave you to escape alone?" We are as close as flesh and blood as relatives. If you die, will the master live alone? A generation of masters who are so miserable would rather you go to the afterlife together. Maybe it’s fate? "
"No, don’t"
Tang Jun cried and shook his head desperately, looking at the body. The little doll had closed her eyes, and a drop of tears hung on her cheek. His heart ached. He couldn’t drag the master down, so he had to get her out.
Looking at the wishful button, Tang Jun suddenly had an idea to throw the wishful button into his mouth and gulp it into his stomach. Then he mobilized a little idea to let the wishful button enter the abdomen and came to the master’s side. Then he called for the "fairy aurora" through his mind to enter the abdomen and opened the wishful button.
Suddenly, the radiant Tang Jun’s body was released and flashed. Tang Jun was cruel and called for the "fairy aurora". He cut off his little doll and connected the umbilical cord to get the master into the wishful button.
The little doll opened her eyes and looked at the boy with tears in her face and sobbed, "What about the fool?" How can I live without your master? "
Tang Jun feels that his heart is pounding and his eyes are usually very different when the little doll looks at himself. How can this kind of affection be produced by a couple and appear in the eyes of a beast? Did the master also have a love affair with himself? Isn’t this ridiculous?
Just when Tang Jun felt incredible, the little doll ran out of the wishful button again, looking at him with a face of bitterness and a taste of inseparable?
Tang Jun is in distress situation, even though he would rather die with his apprentice than live alone with his master. What does this mean?