23, Jun 2024

"Ah … I can’t! When is the end? How many days has it been? I don’t think I can go out and I will die here! " Chure cold complaining sound was heard in the forest of Warcraft.
"It’s okay! Don’t complain. It’s not just that you got into trouble and walked well, but you missed the original road. Now you’re lost and I can’t help it! " Alice ponay
I didn’t get angry for a moment and retorted, "I’ve never seen all kinds of creatures here before. People just want to see them because they’re curious. Who knows that if you look at them, you’ll get lost? Can you blame me?"
"Don’t blame you? Who’s to blame? I told you to walk well, but you didn’t listen to me and said you were the king of forest adventure. I think you are the king of bragging … Now the karma is coming. "
"Who knows that the direction of this ghost forest is so difficult to distinguish … daylight is almost the same as night. If it weren’t for the faint sunshine, I wouldn’t be here during the day …" I have the strength to answer.
Alice said with some sadness, "We should be in the southeast now, and we can walk back the same way now. I really don’t know how long it will be …"
"What are you sighing about? You’re not tired. You’re bitter, but I am." When I complain, I feel comfortable hanging my neck. What are you sighing about?
Alice looked angry. "Oh, that’s really hard for you. I don’t know who has nothing to do with it …"
"I … I …" I immediately crustily skin of head and walked on.
"Hey? Why do you feel so familiar here? Ah! Didn’t this just pass by? ? It’s not going around and around again, is it? "Looking at a familiar scene in front of me shows that I passed by this time and I really want to cry …
Brush! Brush! I was complaining to God that suddenly there was a noise in the jungle.
"Be careful, this sound must be made by some Warcraft. It seems that it is staring at you," Alice said worriedly
"Cut this time what is the monster? Isn’t that furry monster running when he sees me? What’s terrible? If I come again this time, I won’t let it get away. After eating wild fruit for several days, I really want to eat meat. "I said so.
"The second time it was the Dokola beast. It was a timid Warcraft. It was not surprising that it was generally herbivorous and ran away when it saw you. But this time it was not normal. I can feel that this time Warcraft has reached at least level B ability. You really have to be careful, otherwise it will really be eaten!"
"It’s okay. I’ve seen a lot of ferocious beasts. Does it want to eat me? That depends on its strength. "Try to be brave in your mouth, but you still take the battle posture.
When I was defending, a shadow suddenly flashed from behind and came at me directly! I laughed coldly "hum! You want to eat me at this speed? No way! " He said, and threw himself to the left and flashed this shadow smoothly.
When I woke up, I saw a wolf-like monster in front of me, saying it was a monster because it had six feet and two tails, all of which were black hair, holding my head and staring at me intensely, and my saliva had dropped three feet.
"Why are you staring at me? I’m not so enthusiastic, am I?" Although a little scared by it, the experience of staying in the forest all the year round has calmed me down.
"Be careful of this kind of Warcraft called Wolf of Warcraft B! It will be intermediate fire magic soon! " Alice’s voice was a little flustered, and the Wolf of Warcraft really spewed a big fireball from his mouth and flew to me!
"wow! No way! ~ don’t say anything about the attack! It’s despicable to burn me! " I hate to scold, but at the same time, my ugly posture escaped its fireball attack! Seeing that the place hit by the fireball turned into a big pit, if someone was hit, there would be no slag left!
"Had a narrow squeak! You damn monster want to barbecue me? " I can’t attack! Because I don’t have any weapons! Looks like we have to run for our lives again! Thinking about the foot has already used the first move’ ethereal step’! Running mouth also mercilessly scold "hum! You monster will burn you alive after waiting to see me! " But I didn’t expect it to chase me. Good horsepower! Don’t look back and sprint ahead! Disappear in the blink of an eye …
"Hey! Stop running! It’s not coming. Stop. "When I was running, Alice sounded in my head, so I hesitated to stop … and I didn’t forget to look around at the security guard.
"Hey hey! I can’t believe that your escape skills are really amazing. Even the Wolf of Warcraft can’t catch up with you. Aren’t you tired? " Alice has laughed.
I immediately face a hot red face retorted "hum! If I have a weapon in my hand, I will see who ran me. This is’ a hero does not eat immediate losses’! "
"Ha ha ha …! A good saying,’ Men don’t suffer immediate losses’! I didn’t expect you to have poetic ability. "Alice laughed again in my head.
"Come on, don’t laugh enough. That’s what my master taught me ~ saying,’ A gentleman can bend and stretch and sweat without eating immediate losses’! It seems that these words really have "
"Hee hee … it’s killing me. I haven’t laughed like this for a long time. It’s really interesting to meet you."
"Hum! I didn’t expect that monster to actually breathe fire and be so powerful! " I used to run after animals, which is great, but being chased by them is really getting more and more angry.
"Idiot, that’s awesome. It’s a fire. Intermediate magic is much more powerful than it. There are countless spells." Alice seemed to try her best to stop smiling. Nuo Nuo said.
"Magic again? No, you have to teach me, or I’ll be dead if I meet these monsters again, and I’m not so lucky to let me run away every time … "It seems that if I don’t learn a trick and a half in this world, it may really become a meal for these monsters.
"Yes, but I can’t guarantee that you can learn magic because of learning it, but it depends on talent. Every magician will choose the magic that suits him and practice it. Every magician has different abilities to master different magic elements. Since you want to learn, let me feel what kind of magic your body is suitable for practicing. Put your hand on the necklace and I’ll detect it …"
"Hey? Didn’t you say not to let me touch your avatar? How can you let me touch it again? I really don’t understand what’s on your women’s minds. "I was puzzled, but I pressed the necklace.
"Hum! If you don’t, you can get out of here smoothly. Can I let you touch it? Forget it. Do you like to touch it or not? "Alice became ashamed and resentful.
"It’s okay, it’s all up to you. Don’t get angry easily. I’ll be quick with a smiling face and no matter whether she can watch it or not.
"But can this be detected?" I still don’t believe …
"All right, shut up. You show up, relax and calm down. I want it." Alice said that, and then she was quiet. After a while, my body suddenly gave off a soft glow, and all colors were there. I couldn’t help but get a fright and I was poisoned.
"Hey? ! How is this possible? I don’t believe it! " Suddenly Alice exclaimed in my head.
"What’s the matter, not really poisoned? How to practice magic will be poisoned? Then I still don’t practice well. "I stared at my colorful light and felt guilty.
"It’s not poisoning, it’s your body that is so average and so powerful. Why didn’t I notice it just now? You are an attribute spirit! This is incredible! " Alice was surprised.
I zheng wait for a while asked "what is the attribute spirit? I can’t understand you, but speak clearly. I’m confused. "
"Well … the so-called attribute spirit is that you are suitable for practicing all magic, whether it is fire, water, wind and thunder, and each talent is still very high! It’s the first time I’ve met someone like you. It’s amazing! " Alice should way with envy tone.
I don’t quite understand it, but it seems to be very powerful. "Really! ? Are you sure you didn’t fool me? "
"Believe it or not, I played you when I didn’t have that."
"Then you can teach me quickly. Just teach the Wolf of Warcraft to make that move. I want to see who the fireball is! ! Ha ha! !” I was so excited that I laughed. Maybe someone saw it straight and went crazy.
"Oh … it’s really hopeless." Alice seemed to see me sighing stupidly …
"all right! Don’t be in a hurry to have fun, but practice magic calmly. You can’t practice like you! "
"Uh huh! I’ll listen to you. Hurry up, "I finally responded with a nod of joy in my heart.
"I can’t teach you some formulas now, but it depends on your luck."