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"Ling what don’t you like three cousins? He is really nice. I remember that she was not so indifferent. At that time, we often talked about the moon and enjoyed the plum blossoms together. Do you know that because Gulan liked the third cousin of Meihuashuo, her palace was full of positive films! "

Do you want to say that drinking is a mistake!
At this time, Xia Xiaoxue didn’t know what she was talking about with several glasses of wine on her face, but she remembered the past time and looked for a life of unbridled laughter in her heart.
Su Ling’s fragile fragments are also controlled in moderation since she knew that she was drinking. When she was quite sober, she felt slightly uncomfortable after hearing Shinohara’s words.
It’s not that she’s unhappy with Huang Yinchen, but because she feels like the Gulan mistress of Huang Yinchen!
The ancient feudal system did a lot of harm! She was cheated by a mistress for no reason!
Gu Lan listened to this name, and she seemed to be able to imagine that the girl who let Huang Yin dust miss her heart should be as elegant as Gu Youlan, and Qinglian was very sake, which drove her to see that Meilin was gentle and long in front of Huang Yin dust.
"You said that he likes Gulan. Since he has someone in his heart, why should I like him?" Su Ling looked up and poured water and wine, narrowing her misty eyes and looking at Shinohara snow lying beside her.
Seeing that she has blushed and seems to have been drunk, I can’t help but reach out and want to grab her glass. "Don’t drink!"
"I feel uncomfortable!"
Xia Xiaoxue hid from Su Ling and grabbed the glass. Her eyes were glistening with tears. She looked at Su Ling’s nose and kept moving. The water in her eyes was even worse.
"I know!" Su Ling sighed and wiped the corner of her eye with her arm. She continued to persuade, "You don’t want to wait until you wake up!"
"Will it? Ling, do you know how many years I like him! He didn’t treat me like this before. I like to call him brother Li. I like him to call me sister Xue, but later he neglected to communicate with me and became so indifferent. What should I do? Does he hate me? I don’t want to be a wife if I can choose, but I can’t help it if I was born a close relative! " Shinohara snow can’t stop the tears, just like a broken line, it keeps slipping from the corner of the eye to the mat, and the fingers are holding the glass and gradually turning white, and the nose is sour and full of bitterness!
Su Ling also looked at Shinohara Snow with some eyes. For the first time, she showed sadness and sadness in front of her. At that time, she also ran away from home.
She has never encountered such a thing and doesn’t know how to comfort her!
She lived for twenty-seven years in her previous life, and every day she ran around in various ways. In this life, she married Huang Yinchen at the age of sixteen without contact.
Her views on feelings are not as stubborn and thorough as Xiao Xue’s!
"What are you crying about? There are plenty of men! "
Be agitated feeling seats Su Ling heart bursts of force to see Xia Xiaoxue cry almost heartbroken, she also this moment just white afraid of her love for burn three-dimensional glass is more ingrained than you think.
"Without the sky, there is a yellow glass. I like brother glass to have him alone!"
Su Ling listened to Xia Xiaoxue’s purring throat and nodded, and the wine strength made her make the glass in the hands of Iliad fall to the ground and break, which surprised Xiao Xiaoxue with a shudder.
"You give me closed! See what you look like. You’re just a Huang Yin Li. If you like it, I’ll find you 20 men and change their names to Huang Yin Li! If you want to order that, just order who you want to sleep with! "
"Burst" Su Ling’s voice fell behind. Somewhere near the palace, a heavy object suddenly landed. Su Ling’s eyes narrowed slightly, even if she nodded, but she was still awake.
Trying to keep a balance, I got up from the mat and looked a little messy. I left in the past, and my lips were still smiling, and my eyes were narrowing with malicious radians and said, "Who is that?" Get out? "
Su Ling walked slowly along the road in front of the palace to the cloister, but she was still lying on the mat. Xia Xiaoxue had completely drunk the mat and rubbed it with one person beside her. She looked around with misty eyes and shouted "Ling Ling?"
When Su Ling staggered to the corner of the cloister, she saw a flash of clothes on the edge of the cloister. Before she left, she held her breath without mercy, and then she heard an "ah …"
It’s broken! Why is it a woman?
Su Ling is not stupid. After hearing this cry, the wine also woke up. Most of them were open with bloodshot phoenix eyes, and they went straight to the corner side. As a result, they saw a scene of blindness!
At this time, Hector even Jinse’s skirt still hung a footprint, and she was probably not steady because of Su Ling’s attack. Her hands clung to the waist of Huang Yin’s dust and her face was still in pain!
"Yo ho * are you both stealing here? There are still rooms in the palace for you two? " Su Ling held her chest and looked at the cold line of sight of burn assumed dust. Hector even Jinse showed panic expression. The words sound just fell and Hector even Jinse turned around anxiously and said, "Don’t get me wrong, Princess! There is nothing wrong with my third brother! "
I wish you two had something!
"I don’t get me wrong? You think I’m blind! " Su Ling looked at Hector even Jinse with alcohol on his head. At this time, the nose is not nose, eyes are not eyes. Why did she suddenly hate her so much?
There’s a limit to being pretentious!
"Princess, I didn’t mean that! You just kicked me suddenly. If it weren’t for Brother San, I’m afraid I would fall down! How can you be so careless about manners because of drinking again? "
Hector even jinse a sermon tone completely ignited Su Ling anger in my heart!
Hug for you two!
Wine drive plus aversion to Hector even jinse burn assumed the dust that facial paralysis face Su Ling reason at this time some uncontrolled replaced by madness.
Took a deep breath and looked at Hector even Jinse also tightly stick to burn assumed the dust performance couldn’t help direct shots "you tube I regardless of etiquette! This is the Palace of Qi and Chu. This is your home! And you gave me your paw. You haven’t married him yet. Are you in such a hurry to throw yourself at him? Want to face? Do you know how to be reserved? "
Su Ling didn’t want Hector even Jinse to throw her weight around like this in her heart. Since she likes to burn the dust, she just wants to talk to her!
You want to hold him, she just won’t let her succeed!
Su Ling said, he directly took Hector even Jinse’s arm and pulled her away from the burnt dust. Don’t say that her skill is like relying on the fierce strength after drinking. I didn’t expect her strength to be so great that she was finally pulled by her, and she almost sat down!
Pull Hector even jinse and burn three-dimensional dust after two steps across to burn three-dimensional dust grinning, suddenly to directly pull the burn three-dimensional dust handsome face while pulling also said, "burn old three you two run this *? Do you think I’m not dead? I’m the princess of the royal family. Can you wait until she marries me? "
Su Ling’s move to burn the dust and the reaction still doesn’t show her face, but Hector even Jinse just steadied herself and suddenly gasped when she saw her move. "What are you doing, Princess!"
"The breeze! Get out of here! "
Glared at Su Ling mercilessly after burn assumed the dust and then let him coldly shouted a.
Sure enough, a figure stood in front of him with her voice falling behind, and her clothes seemed to be dusty!
When Su Ling’s eyes saw the dust in the clothes, she teased, "Was that you just now?" Is he bored from falling for a long time?
"The princess is Yushu!"
Yushu bowed his head in front of Su Ling with a face of shame. He wondered if the princess’s act of pinching the face of the report would be silenced by the report!
This Hector even infanta is really good for princess! Sure enough, you don’t have eyes!