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"My son is better than me, of course." Emperor Guyang’s face is bright and his eyes are full of pride and love that he has never shown before. Today, Gufan is better than he was, and the people behind Gufan are better than those behind him. Because Gufan is much older than him, Guling was the only one behind him!
"I haven’t stepped out of this Tana city for sixteen years. How many people remember me now? Will those little shrimps be surprised when they see me? Those who have been buried for almost twenty years should also move, "said Emperor Guyang lightly, then waved his head and never left Guling Kaaba.
"Chess is also the time to move. After 16 dormant, it must be shocked! If you don’t move, you will move! We, you build a huge stage, and it’s up to you to do your own thing. "Gulingtian whispered in the silent room, and the sound was powerful and an arrogance spread.
I left Guling Kaaba and looked around a circle. I have stayed in the mansion for more than ten years, and my mood is a little complicated. I am really reluctant to leave.
Gu Fan smiled and looked down at the simple ring of the little finger, then he went to the ancient house. He didn’t intend to inform people that several people had left the mansion, and he did seem lonely and didn’t need to inform people that he was leaving!
Gufan Cumin has nothing to clean up. The simple clothes have already been prepared in the primitive simplicity ring, and the spirit beads and magic weapons are also in the primitive simplicity ring. He has nothing valuable to leave like this!
It took nearly two hours for Gufan to walk out of Tana City. This time, it can be said that it is the first time that he really turned his back from Tana City and looked at the behemoth. Gufan said, "I, Gufan, have been away for several years, and when I come back, you will be famous and sing for generations because I have been here! Haha! "
Gufan laughed and left full of lofty sentiments. He will go to face the absolute narrow escape and experience. He has traveled through more than half of the dark forest. He has a four-star spiritual teacher. If it is said, people can’t believe that things will go wrong. Gufan is crazy. He is going to die, but just like Gufan is crazy. A wonderful work of the ancient family is crazy. Gufan is extremely strong and has no retreat. Men should go forward so bravely!
Thorns? Cut it! Difficult and dangerous? Degree is! Warcraft? Tu is!
When Gufan came to the dark forest, the sky was as hot as ever, and the temperature poured down the whole land. It was hotter than looking at the vast forest in front of him. Gufan stood slightly for half a ring. When he came here for the second time, his mood was completely different. At this time, he was alone and all he had to do was to sign this horrible place in front of him.
"The old man said yes homo habilis can’t become a real strong! Just because others can’t do things doesn’t necessarily mean that I can’t do it! " The ancient fan mumbled something in his mouth, and then stepped into the dark forest without hesitation. In a flash, the figure was blocked by the dense giant trees and branches and leaves. I don’t know how many years have passed, and the vicissitudes of life have been revealed everywhere. In the simple forest, the grass made a "crunching" sound and broke the silence in this forest.
Gufan doesn’t have a map, and he doesn’t know the structure in this forest, but he knows that if he keeps going north, he can cross the past, and it’s not far from the crime city when he gets to the other end of the forest.
Even a straight line is tens of thousands of miles away, and it will be dangerous if you don’t know them one by one in half a year. It has to be said that it is almost impossible to finish things, even if Gu Fan can really live, it will be difficult to cross the dark forest in half a year! I have to say that Guling Tianhe and Emperor Guyang are really cruel this time!
At that time, it was very urgent. As soon as Gufan entered the forest, there was no stagnation and he quickly went deep into the forest. Because it was still the periphery, he did not encounter any danger all the way. Even if he met a few first-class Warcraft, he felt that Gufan was too strong to attack, so he went around.
Gufan is also happy to be too lazy to pester those animals and check the demon of Warcraft again. Now it’s really nothing for him
Before you know it, it’s already dark in the evening. Even Gufan dare not hurry in the dark night. The night here is the day of Warcraft. It is possible to be ambushed everywhere. For safety reasons, Gufan chose a big tree to rest. A flaming bonfire was burning in front of him, stroking his fingers. Gufan looked at the bonfire and lost in thought. This time, to tell the truth, it was really a bit hasty. There were more than a dozen two-aura beads in the primitive ring. Those golden sore beads, Back to the gas beads and other spirit beads that have a miraculous effect on healing are not prepared to sigh an ancient tunnel. "It seems that it is absolutely impossible to find this forest and want to cross this dark forest without all preparations. I am afraid that this dilemma is also the most wanted by the master." Otherwise, do you want to leave yourself in such a hurry? "
"Sometimes I really doubt whether I am your pro-grandson or not." Gu Fan gave a wry smile and complained, but this sentence didn’t take it to heart. It was just a joke.
"No matter what, you have to face the risks, and the rewards are often proportional. Growth in life and death experience is the most effective and fastest. Now, let’s take a look at the mysterious level of spiritual skills."
Thought of here, Gufan’s mood is difficult, and his mind is a little excited. When he moves the ring of primitive simplicity, he flashes a faint light, and an ancient book appears in Gufan’s hands. This is exactly what Shengling will be rewarded with-a mysterious level of spiritual skill.
It’s funny to say that Gufan has never seen it since he got this spiritual skill. He has been so busy that he has no time to look at it now.
The name of this spiritual skill, Thousand Legs, is a powerful spiritual skill with legs and feet, and it is also a powerful melee spiritual skill. When the Thousand Legs are practiced to the extreme, their legs can be shattered and their feet can be split long and cracked!
Slowly leafing through Ji Gufan’s face, his expression became more and more excited. He couldn’t like the strong spirit skill in melee. He has a battle sword and a golden soul flame, which is already strong. It’s ridiculous. If you practice these thousand heavy legs, it’s good for melee. I suspect that it will be even more powerful and more unexpected! Will make their own strength to a higher level!
Ok, this will be another must-have skill for yourself! Is gradually looking at the ancient expression can not help but become a little stiff, secretly staggering. This is behind the explanation that to practice thousands of heavy legs, you must first practice your legs and feet as hard as a rock and as hard as king kong.
If you don’t reach this level, even if you are savvy and high-energy, you will soon understand the thousand-weight leg key, but if you force it, you will not be able to exert the power of the thousand-weight leg, but will make your legs and feet unbearable. If the special energy output is light, your legs and feet will be shattered, and your body and meridians will be broken and directly destroyed.
"I depend on * * sister, damn it, Sheng Ling will simply cheat such a broken spirit. What a fart! I knew there was no such thing as a good day. "After half a ring, Gufan was short of breath and swore.
This thousand-legged cultivation condition can definitely be said that cheat people should not only have super understanding to understand the thousand-legged method, but also exercise his legs to a abnormal intensity
Enlightenment can be said that this thousand-heavy leg makes the battle sword style far worse than the three styles. It is not difficult for the savvy pervert Gu Fan, but this physical strength can’t be drilled. If you want to have that strength, you have to pay relative sweat. This is all accumulated day and night to exercise. Gu Fan’s anger almost wants to tear this broken into pieces, but he finally endured it and thought about the fourteen domineering words "legs are broken by the mountains, feet are long and cracked". He still could not bear to give up.
"Has always been the more difficult it is to practice spirituality, the greater the power of this thousand-legged cultivation condition. So cheat people must think that these fourteen words will not be a cave to the wind. Forget it, just think that I am unlucky and bitter, tired and tired. Even if I pay more sweat, I will learn that you can’t waste a mysterious level of spiritual skills in vain as exercise! I want to see if you are really as abnormal as described! "
Gu Fan gritted his teeth and said that his heart is stubborn. Anyway, he will stay in this forest for at least half a year, so it’s nothing to exercise his body by the way. Gu Fan doesn’t want to miss a chance to be strong, and a strong body will definitely be good for him!
Now that I have decided to do it, Gu Fan has never been a procrastinator. lang might as well seize every moment to strengthen himself tonight.
When Gufan took off his boots and socks, he got up barefoot like that, took a deep breath and was full of spiritual strength. At this moment, he converged without a trace of spillover. At this time, Gufan looked like an ordinary person
"Drink" Gufan drank a low right leg and quickly lifted it. Suddenly, he threw it at the trunk in front of him. "Bang!" The giant tree didn’t move at all, even the branches and leaves didn’t shake, but Gufan felt a sharp pain in his feet.
This he didn’t use spiritual force to rely on physical strength, and he did not leave any discretion in his legs. Can you imagine how big the ancient people’s own strength can be? How can you shake several people around the tree? The hardness of the legs and feet is even worse than that of this ancient tree. The fierce impact suddenly made him feel pain, and he felt that his bones were about to crack. Generally, a red seal spread to his legs and feet (the second chapter came late)