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When he walked out of the fighting circle, Li Yuqiang suddenly remembered behind him.

"Wait! I won! You’re out of bounds! Everyone said yes? "
Zhang turned to twist a head to it was Li Yuqiang who spoke when the other party was in a circle and he was out of the circle!
"Strong boss wins, you lose, you are willing to lose the bet and bring your wife!" That Cheng Hua see Li Yuqiang practice know that the boss hasn’t changed or the original boss he little success, shouted.
"Zhang, if you lose, a man’s words are recalled. If you lose, you should keep your promise and take us to your wife to join our team." The three people who were seriously injured by Zhang said.
"You lost! We can all prove it! " A group of people shouted
"good! Ok! Black and white upside down, shameless natural enemy’s wife can’t be found back. If you want to kill me, you can kill me! " Zhang indifferent way he really moved to kill heart have never seen such a shameful group of people.
Zhang Yang’s hand suddenly appeared a blue spider with a big head, but it was a high-order blue poisonous spider!
Now Zhang Yang has a strong sense of murder. He wants to use his "body explosion" to kill these shameful guys even if he is seriously injured.
These people are bullying more than others, especially Zhang, who has been injured at this time, and it is even more difficult to run out of their range.
With Zhang’s hand, the body of the beast Li Yuqiang didn’t make a move, and he didn’t dare. Before that, he heard that Zhang had used the power of bombing, and he didn’t want to try.
However, Li Yuqiang still looks at Zhang Yang like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered. He said to himself, "My woman will definitely get the Tao Zhang Yang, and how many times can you play that bombing? When your method is played, you will die and that beauty will be me!"
"Brothers, this little boy didn’t give up somehow and killed cousin Qiang’s eldest brother. We gang up and arrested him and pressed his wife for a while." That Cheng Hua shouted.
A group of people appeared and daggers rushed to Zhang Yang!
In addition to Li Yuqiang, these people have never seen Zhang’s "body explosion" and they don’t know Zhang’s deeds. Zhang’s injury is very obvious, so they want to fish in troubled waters!
Zhang revealed a bitter smile. Nangong Qi once said to himself, Don’t trust people. Don’t trust people. I promised that I didn’t believe it at that time. Now it’s half a letter.
He said to himself, "I have to learn more from you when Boss Qi comes!"
With that, Zhang wanted to detonate the body of the blue poisonous spider!
"Want to learn? I will not teach you! " At this time, an indifferent but most familiar sound entered Zhang’s mind.
"odd boss!" Zhang Yang Jing Chapter 61 Damn it!
Chapter 61 Damn it!
A peak warrior rushed to Zhang Yang, and was then rushed to Nangong. He shot a sword through his throat and shot an arrow with blood more than one meter high.
Another five-star warrior was attacked by Li Dabao with a blow to his head. Li Dabao was rude and bloody.
"Sniff!" Then Wu Yu’s dagger flashed a cold light, and a six-star warrior fell to the ground clutching his throat.
As soon as three people appeared, they quickly killed three people without mercy!
"Back off!" The one-week master Cheng Huada shouted that he should back off.
He looked at Nangong’s strange eyes in fear, and he didn’t know how the other side made a sword. It was terrible to see a brother die.