18, Jun 2024
Zhuo Qiang hurriedly retracted his hand. "Then put these things in a special room and enjoy them when I have nothing to do."

Ye Chuchu Liu Xiaolei several people hurriedly take these things carefully to go out and find a suitable room to place.
"Hey, give me these jade pendants, but these are mine." Christie said as she picked up the large and small jewelry items.
Liu Yaqi came over after taking a shower at this time. I didn’t know what was going on when I saw something in Liu Xiaolei’s hands, but the horse turned white.
"Ah, this, this is not yesterday, yesterday, the British Museum saw that generation of porcelain? Why did you run here? " She said as she approached Zhuo Qiang.
Zhuo Jiang smiled and said, "You actually saw it? Yes, this is something from the British Museum. "
"You you steal cultural relics" Liu Yaqi shouted.
"What steal this is know? These are all the ancient cultural relics of our country in Daxia, which the British Empire snatched from our country in Daxia. I took them back as a matter of course. How can they be regarded as stealing? We are contributing to our motherland, understand? " Zhuo Qiang taught Liu Yaqi earnestly.
Liu Yaqi still hasn’t recovered from the shock. "You really stole things from you. It’s reasonable."
Christie said nothing and took out a beautifully carved jade Buddha pendant from her arms and handed it to Liu Yaqi.
Liu Yaqi’s eyes were straight. She looked at the jade Buddha, which seemed to be colorful. She carefully took it over and looked at it carefully with her palms.
"Oh, it looks so beautiful that it’s not fake." Liu Yaqi kept rubbing the jade Buddha with her hands and her eyes shone with excitement.
"It’s yours," Christie said generously
"really?" Liu Yaqi grabbed the Jade Buddha as if she were afraid that it would run away, and kept her eyes on Christie for fear that she would change her mind again.
Seeing Christie nodded solemnly, Liu Yaqi screamed and held the Jade Buddha and ran out of the cab to go back to her room to play with this precious cultural relic.
Zhuo Qiang sat on the sofa and took out a cigarette contentedly, enjoying the joy after a victory.
"So strong, should we go home?" Christie’s hand turned to ask Zhuo Jiang playing with a semicircular jade lock.
Zhuo Qiang nodded. "Well, it’s time to go home."
However, before going home, he still needs to make sure whether a British empire has released their merchant ships detained in Daxia.
This is his main purpose here.
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I watched the news these two days on the remote control Zhuoqiang. com.
Sure enough, as he expected, the British Empire had released the merchant ships of Daxia, which was a perfect solution.
Of course, this news event is not important news compared with the other two things that just happened in the British Empire.
One is the attack on the Portsmouth base, and the other is the theft of the British Museum.
It’s been two days since the attack on Portsmouth base, and it hasn’t subsided yet when it comes to the British Museum.
The British empire has been really eventful these days, and everything has made the people of the British empire feel sad.
In addition to several people posting their sadness, some people hope that Holmes can come to London and they will solve the theft of the museum.
Of course, a fictional character can’t help the people of London.