17, Jun 2024
"I see. I’ll be careful."

"How is it over there?" Xiao Xun asked
"Nothing has settled down a lot now, which makes Lian feel a lot."
"That’s good."
"Oh, by the way, there is one more thing this time."
"The Duke’s family was silenced 16 years ago, and now it is found that there is still one person alive."
It is said that he seems to have been brought back to China.
"I’ll try to find him for nothing."
"He has royal blood, and you should be able to sense that you may make an heir after finding him, so you will be liberated," Piaoer said half jokingly.
"Well, it’s said that if he is an uncle or a child, I will find him." What if Xiao Xun’s eyes reveal that he is colder than N14?
Two days later, in a villa
"Why hasn’t Sister Kaoru come to Xuaner yet? Didn’t she say she would be back in a day or two?" Soft a little worried to say
"It’s almost time to return. What’s the matter? Do you want to call Miss Piaoer? " Hao Xuan son ear small ground to say
"Wait a minute!" Xuan son face were not much better.
Just then the doorbell rang and Muze went to the door. When he saw someone coming, he smiled and said, "Don’t you have a key?"
"well? The key seems to have been thrown away by me. Anyway, you have the key and you don’t have the key. "The wrong person is Xiao Xun who disappeared for two days."
"Sister Kaoru, you are back." Rourou said excitedly.
"Well, I worry you," said Xiao Xun, touching her soft hair.
"Xiao Xun who saved you that day?" Xiaoyuwen
"Friend" Xiao Xun did not say that he was going to plan.
"I’m hungry," said Xiao Xun, touching his belly.
The nangongshan MuZe glanced at her and consciously went into the kitchen to cook.
"Why didn’t they give you food?" Wan Wan said with a face of resentment
Xuan son and Hao face also revealed a puzzled expression. Miss Piaoer doesn’t want that kind of person.
"It’s not lobster, abalone, delicacies, and seafood." Xiao Xun muttered.
Everyone is silent … Aren’t you afraid of breaking down?
"None of this is a bowl of white water and a few grains of rice." Xiao Xun slowly filled these words.
"Ha-ha" Xuan son laughed with a beautiful conscience and said, "You’ve had enough of Xiao Xun these two days."