15, Jun 2024
"Could it be baby drain crystal? Or phoenix blood soup? Hey hey "south glory magic smile to Yang night crowded crowded eyes.

"No, no, no, the imperial doctor said it was nourishing essence and nourishing blood. I think it’s an elite dish." The scorching sun held back a serious smile and reached out and patted Yang Ye on the shoulder with sympathy.
Yang night silence for a long time to control yourself not to think about those disgusting dishes and then slowly looked at the south glory illusion and the scorching sun low asked, "what do you think? For this mound? "
Nan Rong Phantom and the scorching sun were all silent and hesitated for a moment. After that, Nan Rong Phantom first said, "I think this Qiu Ju looks very strange. He doesn’t feel a little surprised and strange about us, as if he had known us for a long time."
"I think he does know us." The scorching sun looks dignified. This fat bastard usually looks like fooling around, but his experience and analysis will play an important role when he often encounters problems.
"Ah?" Yang night and south glory illusion at the same time surprised a nasty asked "know us? Then who is this mound? "
"I don’t know the identity of this high-rise …" The expression of the hot sun continues to be dignified. This dead fat looks like mischief at ordinary times, but he often has no experience and analysis when he encounters problems.
Yang night and Nan Rong’s magic fists were all raised, and they stared at each other with a serious expression. At this time of the scorching sun, the reception room door opened, and the baby came out and saw Yang night. The three of them hurried forward in a few steps.
"Red Bi, what the hell is going on?" The baby turned over and questioned. "I have never seen my dad do this to anyone! Why do I feel like he knows you? Especially you! Red dragonfly! "
"Look, even the baby feels it." Nan Rong Magic stretched out his hand and took hold of the baby’s shoulders and looked at Yang Ye.
Yang Ye gave Nan Rong a look while avoiding Baby Long, and then smiled and said, "It’s fate, but it’s really my liking that Baby Long’s father can take me to Yangjia this time."
The baby suddenly realized the appearance and quickly said, "Oh ~ ~ ~ Yes! It’s Long Xiao and Furong, and maybe this Yang family! Then the strange disease of Mrs. Yang’s family may be that the two of them are trying to lead you there! "
"You finally get it." Yang Ye smiled and glanced at Baobao Long. "So it’s more convenient for me to have your father with me."
"Then I … I will go with the scorching sun!" South glory magic hug baby looked at Yang night some worry.
"No, where did Fu Longxiao and Furong find so many of us?" Yang Ye smiled and waved his hand easily. "You stay in the red and hot sun to protect the baby’s mother and take care of Xiaozheng."
"But what if … Ciren Valley also hides in the Yang family?" Nan Rong Huan is still not at ease.
"It’s unlikely that Ci Ren Gu is interested. I said that Ci Ren Gu wouldn’t hurt the Yang family. He knew that I would come to protect the baby. My family could come to Bao Ren Long’s house to find us fair and square." Yang Ye said this and hesitated in his heart. First, he was not afraid but excited. Yang Ye also wanted to meet Ci Ren Gu and wanted to know how powerful it was.
Yu Ci-ren Gu Yan is so famous and so big. This is indeed a temptation for Yang Ye. Is Ci-ren Gu so powerful? Besides, it’s a mystery to Yang Ye’s mind whether what the sculpture half face said is true or not.
Persuaded the south glory illusion and the scorching sun, although everything was still foggy, Yang Ye was thinking about going to Yang Jia’s house with Qiu Ju.
Not only to save his own mother, but also to find Long Xiao and Furong and Yang Ye, who have been thinking about themselves all the time. This time, I can find this and that ten years younger and teach him to scare him, so I’m worried about this even fragrance.
It’s already noon. I had lunch at noon. Of course, Nanrong Magic and scorching sun are ordinary foods. Eating it at night is a small stove special, which makes my stomach and intestines twitch.
At this time, Muyangzheng has woken up in Muyangzheng, the first room of Muyangzheng. I have no impression of everything last night. I have never called it Xia Qi Poison again, but I am crying for hunger. Muyangzheng asked the baby to get food and then sent it to Muyangzheng. He accompanied Muyangzheng to eat.
Nanrong Phantom and Baobaolong don’t know where they mysteriously went, and when they got to the scorching sun, they went to inspect the neighborhood of Baobaolong’s house. After all, we must at least ensure that Baobaolong’s family is safe first. Although Baobaolong’s family is more mysterious than one, it makes people suspicious.
Muyangzheng is still stupid and smirking, wolfing down the food delivered, sitting and watching Muyangzheng at night, but thinking about things after Yang’s home.
Suddenly, the subtle audio and video outside the door was someone knocking at the door, but the noise was very soft.
Yang night confused walked over to the door and saw Xu Jun’s expression, and his eyes were a little cold. Face to face with Yang night’s eyes, he did not put Yang night’s body but focused on it.
"Xu … Xu Shu have something?" Yang night hesitated a light asked
Xu Jun nodded his head at night and said, "Qiu Gong wants to see you."
"Qiu Gong?" Yang night one leng suddenly come over "oh hill offering" said and confused "want to see me? Now? "
"Yes," Xu said without saying a word. Then he turned and stretched out his hand and made a gesture, and turned to look at Yang night.
Yang night hesitated a little bit and turned his head to eat. Muyang just said, "Xiaozheng, I will go out for a while and you stay here honestly …"
Before the words were finished, Xu Jun said, "Take him with you."
Yang night surprised twist a head "take him? With Xiaozheng? "
Xu Jun nodded his head.
Yang Ye was suspicious and stared at Xu Jun with a low face and asked, "What?"
Xu Jun didn’t speak this time. He turned and walked out quickly. After a few steps, he stopped and turned to look at Yang Ye’s eyes.