14, Jun 2024
"Little heart is really wide …"

"Wide is wide. What are you doing with your hand? Hey …"
"Take off your clothes for you … so lovely I have to hurt you …"
The spring in the temple is a beautiful room.
When I saw Long Weifeng shallow the next day, I thought something was wrong with her.
Not to mention being thin, it’s always been like this before. Have you been working as a coolie for many days?
"Wei Wei, what’s wrong with you these days?" Phoenix shallow and jun cold night said good morning and took Long Wei to ask questions.
Jun Hanxiao glanced at them in this direction and his face was not very good, but it seemed awkward to say that he was not as angry as more.
Feng squinted and saw Long Wei prevaricate. "You didn’t bully Wei Wei like this, did you?"
"Not him!" Long Wei hurriedly shook his head and looked at Feng Shao solemnly. "It’s really not him."
Long Wei remembers that he wants to play a loving couple with Jun Hanxiao. At this time, you can’t just tear him down.
Phoenix shallow obviously don’t believe it.
The position in the palace can be overwhelmed by Long Wei’s unification, so two people can bully the princess according to Long Wei’s nature.
To say it, it must still be because of your cold night!
However, before she came to say anything, she was scooped up by Jun Moying. "Let’s go to dinner and let the imperial kitchen prepare it. You said that the tea spicy chicken should also be tasted by them."
Say that finish, he held the show heart unwilling to phoenix shallow, and went in.
Looking at Long Wei in the cold night behind you, I am awkward.
Finally, I finally wanted to say something to her, so I was grunted by Long Wei and followed Feng Shallow behind them and never looked back.
Jun Han Xiao touched his nose in a passive manner.
Looked up and found Li Detong slightly surprised to see him.
Jun’s cold face suddenly turned blue. He left angrily and followed him in dally.
Li Detong leng leng almost didn’t laugh. This arrogant report finally found a nemesis!
Xijun Moying still gives Phoenix shallow food soup as usual, depending on the other two people.
Jun Hanxiao hesitated silently for a while and also picked a chicken wing and put it in Long Wei’s bowl, then stared at her nervously.
Long Wei sneer now know to please her? Want to just forget it?
Hehe, go to hell! She has been hungry for two days, and her stomach can’t be ignored!
Feng glanced at them briefly, hiding the light at the bottom of his eyes and exclaimed, "Oh, Duan Wang, don’t you know that Vivian is allergic to chicken?"
"Where can you remember this when you forget things?" Long Wei picked his eyebrows and immediately answered 15. Chapter 15 Don’t sabotage it.
The irony in Long Wei’s words is self-evident
Phoenix shallow more affirmed his guess jun cold night that fellow absolutely bullied Vivian! Otherwise, Wei Wei likes him so much, how could she say such a thing?
Jun Han Xiao chopsticks still stopped for half, and they were suddenly attacked and caught off guard. I didn’t know where to put them, so I was embarrassed.
Little Huang Sao is cheating him-when did Long Wei, a crazy woman, stop eating chicken? He went back to the house to see her eating with joy!
But I dare not say this if I borrow a hundred courage from you on a cold night.
A Long Wei has given him enough headaches, and now there is a woman who can’t even handle her brother. What can he do but surrender?
Especially when I see my brother watching a good show, you can break your teeth and swallow it in your stomach on a cold night.
"Is the king at that time neglected" jun cold night the veins stood out beating just put the chicken wings back from Long Wei bowl.
Phoenix shallow long sigh "end report is not I say you yourself think Long Wei a girl lonely, rely on her husband, shouldn’t you take good care of her? It’s really … "
Long Wei tugged at her sleeve. "Don’t talk about him. He is still very kind to me."