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It was Yan Gui who held her and dressed her herself.

See her wake up light way "sleepy badly? If you are sleepy and continue to sleep, the carriage will lack nothing. "
Su mian tried to nod her head, but she fell asleep again with a blink of an eye. This time, no matter how Yan Gui moved, she didn’t wake up.
Yan Gui is funny. This little woman is really easy to serve after she has settled down.
Su Mian woke up in a rocking carriage and found it was dawn with one eye.
"Lord, are you awake? We’ve all been out of Yancheng for a long time, saying it’s noon to Ye State. "Indigo said.
"Well, where’s Surin?" Sue cotton asked a.
"The carriage behind Ringo is together," Indigo said, and helped her sit up and mouthwash.
Su Mian simply washed and waited for indigo naturalis to comb her hair, so she felt very hungry.
When the carriage slowed down, I saw Yan Gui strode across the curtain and brought in a chill.
"My concubine is hungry" Su Mian pouted and spoiled.
"I know that you are hungry and the king didn’t have breakfast together," Yan said with a smile.
Indigo took out the big box in the corner of the carriage and floated out with a fragrance.
Simple but delicious snacks: Su Mian drinks soup and side dishes and Yan Gui loves breakfast.
Su Mian Wen Wen drank a small bowl of soup and a few snacks, then she was full. Yan Gui looked at her and said, "Yang Yi cats eat more than you."
"There will be more report to eat at lunch," Su Mian said, putting a red bean bag for Yan Gui.
After breakfast, Yan Gui is too lazy to ride a horse. She is very comfortable to sit and drink tea. How can she sneak out?
Points are fair! But there is Yanling City, so it’s not too much to sit there. Now I want to go to Ye State or nothing. 9 Chapter 9 Ye State.
A few days later than expected, when it was dark, a group of talents arrived in Ye State.
Can’t be so fair to go in Su Mianyan to ride with Han Yun and Feng Ling together with Su Mian wench Su Lin to Sue’s home, and some people went into the inn in the city to live, and some people went into Yan Guiye State clause.
Someone had flown a horse back to Sue’s home to report that the old lady Sue was waiting with her family.
I saw the page running in in a panic and said, "Here we go, here we go! There are several big horses riding!"
"What’s the panic? Boss, take your buddies out to pick them up! " Sue the old lady majesty way
Su Wen should take his own son and three rooms to go out to meet Su Sanye and mew mew followed.
Out of the Su Fu door, I saw Yan Gui heading on horseback.
Su Wen was in a trance for many times. It’s been two years since this girl came to this house and waited for three girls!
Yan Gui stopped his horse and jumped to bring Masu cotton.
"Wang pays his respects to the fierce Wang Diansu!" Su Wen knelt down with his family.
"Get up," Yan Gui said, and took Su Mian’s hand and went into the hospital.
It’s called Su Wen, who is not used to it for a long time. He is busy with his family and got up to welcome him in.
In the courtyard, Mrs. Su, with Youshi, Hu, Liu and Su Yao, will kneel.
Su Mian held off the old lady with a load of eyes. "Grandma doesn’t want this."
More than a few people knelt down after all, and now they are no longer housewives, but civilians.
"Hurry in, I’m freezing," Su Miandao said.
"Hey, hey, please!" Sue the old lady said with a smile
Su Mian and Yan Gui were invited to sit in the first place, busy with handmaiden tea and good green tea.
Su Lin has been pulled into Liu’s arms. Niang looked at Liu with tears in her eyes and saw that he had grown taller and stronger. I couldn’t help but feel relieved.
"I don’t know … I don’t know whether the fierce Wang Dian stays overnight or … Wang arranges it well." Su Wen asked if the fierce Wang wanted to stay, he would have to arrange it well, although it had already been arranged.
Yan Gui saw Su Mian and saw her old lady Su’s eyes were red. "Wang has a place to go … Princess … stay overnight."