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Chen Qiyi walked along the road and released the dragon and tiger to control the real law of all animals. In Fiona Fang, all the changes in vitality have become heart-warming. At the same time, he has induced several ideas to expand in tianmashan Dazhai, which makes Chen Qi particularly happy. It is because he has been gone for so long that tianmashan Dazhai has become more and more prosperous instead of being ruined.

Chapter three hundred and thirty Qilang temple base tower (a)
Chen Qi’s 72-pass mastery of the evil spirit and yin pulse is on the right track. It is no longer important for him where to practice, whether it is the sea of clouds and Qingcheng Mountain or the barren hills. Pure mind is the pure land of practice. Although the new evil spirit and yin pulse still need to be condensed, it still needs to be practiced step by step. However, Chen Qi’s current practice has surpassed that of Dayun Kyushu, and most of the gas refiners are only slightly worse than those top ones.
Now, in addition to practicing Buddhism in four ways, Chen Qi has also mastered the five senses, stepped into the realm of knowledge and mastered nine kinds of small magical powers. Now, the little thief head has counted several figures from the three Buddhist monks, and even these big monks are not necessarily better than Chen Qi in dharma practice.
Both Buddhism and Taoism are so tough. Chen Qi, my consciousness has been able to separate more than 100 thoughts and divide them together to cover a thousand miles of land. It is really said that thousands of miles of wind and grass change, and strangers whisper that animals are not aware of their migration. If these repairs are put on display, count the number of lives, and count them as a quasi-cover. He knows everything to pick and choose what others have said, and retelling is an iron mouth
Chen Qi put his thoughts into the whole tianmashan Dazhai and made a slight probe. He smiled at once. Although he said nothing about the changes in Dazhai, he lacked a general idea. Now tianmashan has changed the big castellan. The original big castellan, the black whirlwind, has been done by people. Now this big castellan is an acquaintance of Chen seven old, and the original second castellan, Liu Hao.
Chen Qi and Liu Hao broke up halfway and left a group of corpse soldiers to Liu Hao. After that, Chen Qi had forgotten about it, but Lu Hai led this group of corpse soldiers because of this opportunity. When he came back, he found an excuse to kill the black whirlwind of the big castle master. Although the martial arts are good, if you resist these soldiers who are not afraid of life and death and are invulnerable? He was easily killed by Liu Hao and took all his inheritance.
Chen Qi is familiar with tianmashan Da-zhai naturally, and it’s not long before he climbs slowly. His mouth is still the original tianmashan old man. Seeing Chen Qi’s shiran mountain, he jumped out and called out, "Where did the thief dare to break into my tianmashan Da-zhai? Don’t you know that our big stockade leader has delivered it to the door by himself? "
Chen Qi couldn’t help laughing softly when he heard this person say that he was fierce. "What children’s darling? I’m here to ask you to report it to Lu Hao quickly. Tell him that if an old friend visits me, he won’t inform me. This is the venue!" Chen Qi pinched the tactic, which means that a fire arrow flew out to detain and blew a big stone into pieces. The tianmashan leader was shocked. Although he had no eyesight, he also knew that this skill was powerful. He secretly thought, "Let the big castellan corpse soldiers come to the enemy later. We are all ordinary people. How can we resist it?"
The little leader ran away, and Chen Qi ignored him. He smiled gently and still walked up the mountain.
Not far away, Chen Qi saw Liu Hao with a group of troops and hurried to stay here. The faithful castellan saw Chen Qi’s appearance and couldn’t help wondering slightly. Chen Qi ha ha smiled and cried, "Don’t you recognize me, Liu Haoxiong? Anyway, I’m also the owner of the seven castellans in tianmashan, and everyone is also a robe. "
Chen Qishan was still a teenager. Now a few years later, he has changed a lot because of practicing Taoism. His temperament is even different. Even his appearance is different because of his refined mood. Although he looks familiar, he dare not recognize Liu Hao. He was surprised and delighted when he waited for Chen Qi’s mouth. "Is it Chen Qi’s brother?" Why did you suddenly act like this when you came back? "
Liu Hao came to pull Chen Qi. He knew that some details of Chen Qi didn’t dare to neglect. He immediately welcomed the little thief into the hall. Liu Hao ordered a group of thieves to prepare the banquet, but he pulled Chen Qi and asked, "Why didn’t you hear anything when you went there? Now tianmashan is no longer comparable to Dou Liang County. Besides the original three forces, you have to count me as tianmashan. Do you want to come back and continue to be the castellan?"
Chen Qi ha ha smiled. "I’m now a door feather scholar. Where is the idea of being a thief? I have other things to pass by. I’m homesick. I didn’t come back for a few days. I’m going to leave in the future. I’m afraid I won’t have a chance to come back." Liu Hao is also interested in listening to Chen Qi, so he didn’t rob him. It’s even more diligent to treat this little thief.
After talking with Liu Hao for a while, Chen Qi will go to the back hill for a leisurely walk. Liu Hao is also a wise man and does not retain Chen Qi. He walks alone with Chen Qi and walks to the back hill according to the path in his memory for half an hour and then finds another solitary grave.
This solitary grave is not even a tombstone. If Chen Qi is not familiar with this place, it is difficult to find it.
He kowtowed to his grave and prayed silently. Lu Hao looked at it and sighed lightly. "If Chen Xiong and his wife knew Chen Qi, you would be very happy now. Although I didn’t set up an inscription here, I often came to clean it. It’s hard to remember that we are mountain thieves."
Chen Qi nodded slightly, and the solitary grave was uprooted with a wave of his sleeve. He smiled at Liu Hao, "My parents’ bones are not good either. tianmashan always keeps them. Today, I will move you to help me clean the grave of my parents. I will accept your kindness, Liu Hao. What do you think? Why don’t you tell me? Maybe I can satisfy you!"
Chen Qi is also an eagle-eyed person who has seen this solitary grave for a long time. It turned out that someone came to hoe the grass and sweep the loess, so he gave Liu Hao a benefit. After listening to it, Liu Hao said, "I’m not qualified to study immortals, and I asked for a fairy method that can inherit future generations, so that I can also be a family of scattered repairs."
Lu Hao is much more knowledgeable than ordinary Beowulf, so he accepted such a request.
Chen Qi slightly thoughtfully laughed, "Let it be, let it be, you can live forever, but your grandchildren can feed their families with this scroll."
After listening to Liu Hao’s language, Chen Qi guessed that the big castellan was impatient to be a thief, but he had nothing to gain except martial arts. He didn’t want to be a big castellan to live a different life, and he was afraid that he would be miserable before asking Chen Qi for this spell in the future, Sun Mou.
With a pinch, Chen Qi condensed several fire spells in the fire crow array into one fire crow sutra. By removing the most basic part of the Tao tactic, he can get away with the gas refining induction at most, just like he Shan Dao Yu Shi Zhai Liu Zongmen. Chen Qi handed this fire crow sutra out at will to Lu Hao and left with a long laugh.
Liu Hao saw Chen Qihua’s flying rainbow, and his heart was filled with emotion. He took a fire crow back to Dazhai after cherishing it.
Chen Qi moved to his parents’ grave and thought, "If I am going to move Wuqi Mountain where I take care of it, I might as well do it, but it’s hard to say in the future. After all, if I choose a beautiful place, it may take hundreds of years for grave robbers to dig up places of interest. If I add a story to my parents, what scenery is beautiful and people come and go, everyone knows that there are no funerary objects in it, and it means that elegance can last for thousands of years."
When Chen Qi thought of this, he figured out several ideas and went straight to Yangzhou’s boundary. Now he has five Buddhist senses. In Lu Hao’s eyes, the rainbow light is actually a small magical power of Buddhism. Chen Qi’s dragon reading method is a recent realization, but it will not be faster than the step-by-step lotus god’s foot. It is much more beautiful and elegant to control the rainbow light from the dragon foot to the dragon foot than the step-by-step lotus god’s foot.
Chen Qi, who has been on the road for more than ten days, finally came up with an excellent idea.
On this day, Chen Qifu turned himself into a ruffian who waddled into Fuyang City and asked people if there was a cheap place to sell me in Fuyang City. Did others ask him to buy land? He said, "My parents liked to be busy before they died and asked me to bury their parents’ bones in a busy place. I thought that no matter how busy Yangzhou was, it was only this Fuyang Fucheng office that asked where there was land."
When others heard this, they all regarded Chen Qi as a fool, and people ignored him. Chen Qi, a little thief, waddled all the way to the Qilang Temple in Fuyang. It happened that Chen Qi’s enlightenment had scored a real fire that could change the flamingo’s ruffian wave. Today, he was lying in the sun outside the Qilang Temple. Suddenly, he saw a similar figure rushing into the Qilang Temple and was tempted to call out, "Don’t come, don’t come to this Qilang Temple, it’s not a place where other people can wander around." This ruffian wave was subjected to Chen Qi’s kindness
Chen Qi looked up and saw that he couldn’t help secretly laughing and said, "I’m here to find a place to bury my parents. Why did you stop me?"
Chapter three hundred and thirty-one Qilang temple base tower (2)
When Chen Qi said this, he couldn’t help laughing. "How can you come to the temple if you want to find a place for burial?" Chen Qi told his parents’ favorite hilarious words again. This ruffian wave scratched his head and thought for a long time before he smiled. "There are lively ones in Qilang Temple, but here is the Qilang God. Can you make your parents’ graves?"
Chen Qi heard ha ha a smile and said, "Just my nickname is also called Xiaoqi. Why don’t we discuss it in Qilang Temple? I think it’s pretty shabby here, too, and I’m willing to invest in building a 33-storey platform in exchange for my parents’ kindness? " When the ruffian heard this, he said generously, "If you really have this thing, I will make the decision to let you bury your parents behind Qilang Temple."
Chen Qi ha ha smiled and agreed to come to Qilang Temple for a while.
Chen Qi, although there are many people from various counties in Yangzhou who spontaneously built dozens of Qilang temples for him, there are no monks in the temple, and there are several idle Han people who come to clean most of the Qilang temples every day. Although there are many houses, few people usually live in Chen Qi’s Qilang Temple except some people come to worship incense, and some people come to take care of him. He has that ruffian wave and comes to see Chen Qi logging and transporting stones to build a high platform every day.
Chen Qi intends to publicize this matter, and gradually everyone in Fuyang city knows that there is a filial piety who wants to move his parents’ bones into Qilang Temple. This matter is not only blamed, but many people come to Qilang Temple to have a look at Chen Qi’s encouragement. Some people are willing to help or rich Jia is willing to give him a good piece of land. Although everyone praises his filial piety, no one believes that he can independently build a 33-storey platform. Chen Qi always smiles and refuses everyone’s kindness, and it seems that he is not in a hurry.
Gradually, Fuyang Fucheng, even other places in Yangzhou, promoted the story of Chen Qi. This little thief estimated that the publicity was enough. This made a spell to go to a nearby mountain in the middle of the night to carve and build a 33-storey platform based on the mountain. He hid his parents’ bones at the top of the mountain and hid it in the middle of the mountain. He also wrote a big word "Heaven and Earth are strict and kind, and seven men are disguised", and then he summoned all the small and medium-sized bat spirits in Wuqi Mountain to sing ballads in various counties and counties in Yangzhou. It took only one day to publicize this matter.
When I came, I didn’t believe that Chen Qi could build a 33-storey platform on his own. Those who heard this kind of news didn’t flock. Some people climbed the highest place along the steps of this platform and saw the word "Heaven and Earth are strict and kind, and Qilang disguised himself". It was an anecdote that Qilang God appeared to migrate his parents’ bones.
Everyone shows the original Qilang God. Therefore, the incense in this Qilang Temple in Fuyangfu is ten times more prosperous than before, and the praying power from all over Yangzhou has soared by more than three or four times. The Qilang Temple says that besides incense, poets are also willing to come here to play, which has become a scenic spot in Fuyangfu.
In particular, that ruffian has a lot of affection for Chen Qi since he came. The high platform of Qilang Temple has gradually changed, and it is even more amazing that the flamingo flies around. This strict desk calendar has been hidden in Yangzhou for thousands of years. If Chen seven old Spring knew that he had been a generation of robbers after his death, he would have people who worshipped flowers and fruits with incense.
Ancient clouds killed and set fire to the golden belt to repair bridges and roads, leaving the remains!