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"Please give me some advice later."

And she looked up at the sky.
"It’s going to rain"
"Yes," Tang elder nodded.
"It won’t look small."
"Dadada … Dadada …"
Speaking, a man rode a bordeaux mount and rushed from a distance. A beautiful figure waved a whip rope in front of everyone to stop the furious rage.
"Lei Mei, did you send someone to assassinate my brother?"
"ah!" LeiMei one leng.
"White door, why are you here? Qiu Yingchen was assassinated?"
"Don’t put on airs!" Qiu Baimenqiao’s face was filled with evil spirit, and he suddenly waved his hand to cut off a long wisp of himself and stared angrily.
"I didn’t expect that I also misread the position of the leader. It’s really amazing. It makes people’s hearts change. In this case, the two of us will break off from today!"
"White door!" LeiMei face a change.
"Hum!" Qiu Baimen didn’t give her an opportunity to explain. As soon as his legs turned the mount, he ran out on his way.
"Xi Xi Li …"
The drizzle also made Lei Mei’s expression stiff.
for a long time
With a wry smile on her face, she hung her head gently and her eyes were melancholy.
"That’s what it’s like to be a Wang. Not only can you not have a woman’s kindness, but you must also know how to choose." Elder Tang took a sip.
"Sometimes I have to, sometimes I have to."
Chapter 12 Friends
The rain is thinning out.
Tian shopkeeper untied hemp fiber and dumped the mud on his shoes. He bowed in front of several guards and said the origin before stepping in.
A bunch of guards fought against inexplicable coercion, which made him feel relieved when he saw the figure sitting aside.
"Elder Zhou"
"Tian shopkeeper"
Zhou Jia let go and nodded.
"You come and sit down."
"Dare not" Tian shopkeeper repeatedly waved his hand in the face of a black iron strong man, and the identity gap made him dare not look straight up.
Take out a bottle of Dan medicine from the sleeve and present it.
"My family sent precious medicine this month."
"Please" Zhou Jia nodded and took the porcelain bottle with his hand.
A strong smell of medicine came to my face.
Long-term experience in medicine made Zhou Jia know a lot of ingredients in it by sniffing his nose gently, and a touch of satisfaction immediately appeared on his face.
"Miss Xu, who has a source medicine, has a heart."
"Should" tian shopkeeper nodding.
"My family also hopes that our business will get better and better after Elder Zhou’s completion, and we will always keep in mind the pharmacy."
"Well" Zhou Jia put away Dan medicine and looked up.
"Speaking of which, I haven’t heard Miss Xu talk about business for some time. What’s the current situation of that Xu Gong after he went back?"
"Xu Gong" Tian shopkeeper has a strange expression.
"On the same day, the landlord of Xueteng Building appeared and killed Xu Gong, the predecessor of Cai. He was frightened and bedridden for several days. Now it has been several months, and I heard that he still hasn’t recovered."
"Even …"
Speaking of which, bow your head and force down your smile.
He is from Shicheng.
Qian Xiaoyun and Xu Xiuzhi have long taken a fancy to the shopkeeper of Qianling Pavilion. With today’s identity, he is unwilling to change his family.
Zhou Jia raises eyebrows
He didn’t think that Xu Shang’s endurance would be so weak, but it would save a lot of trouble.
"Elder Zhou" Tian Zhangkoukou
"This batch of goods …"
"Go to my house to find Sanshui" Zhou Jia took a token from the body and handed it over.
"Let him take you to get it."
"Yes" Tian shopkeeper eyes a bright.
"The little man left."