8, Jul 2024
Pull out the cork and pour out a pill.

Danwan quail eggs are all in size, and the dark brown surface is uneven, which makes them heavy and has a strong medicinal taste.
Treasure medicine!
A pill of five herbs from Shi Bao.
After refining, you can add more than 30 points of spiritual experience.
This thing comes from Cao Honglai’s parcel. It seems uneconomical to pay for it in Zhou Jia’s view. Fortunately, refining is an unexpected gain and I don’t feel bad.
"Gollum …"
Treasure medicine is dry and bitter, and you have to choke your throat every time.
But practice? It’s nothing to eat bitterness.
As the head medicine gradually faded, a warm current emerged from the abdomen, and Zhou Jia’s mind was condensed to run the ternary dharma refining.
An hour later, with the heat rising, he slowly opened his eyes.
Name Zhou Jia
Five Easy Tendons in Xiufan Stage (143/4)
Yuanxing Dungeon Star (Characteristic Violence)
Introduction to Tri-element Orthodoxy (12/3)
Skilled in Wushu shield (22/3), skilled in shield attack (19/12), and introduction to cloak and axe (93/1)
Repairing has reached one third of the five easy muscles, while others have not changed much, and it is becoming more and more difficult to improve my experience in Wushu practice.
The cloak axe method needs seven points of experience to reach the proficiency stage, and I don’t know when it will be achieved.
The advantages of several people fighting Zhou Jia Taibai’s skillful martial arts
In the face of Cao Honglai, he was full of Wushu, except for mastering the level shield, but he could play everywhere, and other things were decorations.
It wouldn’t be so dangerous if you were proficient in cloak and axe
By violence …
Can be used as a card, once inspired, but failed to make achievements, facing the master is still a chopping board.
Fortunately, he still has two bottles of precious medicine at hand at present, with a total of not forty pills.
Even if it can’t last for half a year, it can be promoted to the fifth stage, and it should be promoted to the sixth in more than one year.
After six, I am afraid that I can resist violence.
Wish you have a bright and prosperous future!
In addition to dozens of pills of Dan medicine, Cao Honglai left more than 170 source stones, and a set of suspected armor made Zhou Jia feel rich overnight.
I don’t know how many years it will take to accumulate enough such wealth.
In addition, there is a secret technique called Naer.
This achievement method is not Wushu, but there is a wonderful thing.
Hide the breath
Different from Stuart Four, there must be someone who can see through the strength of others. Cao Honglai has been mistaken for practicing this method.
Zhou Jia, a character in the secret book market, has little difficulty in reading. Unfortunately, he failed to get started after trying for several days.
Come for a few days
Zhou Jia didn’t go out of town again. Every day, in addition to eating, drinking and sleeping normally, he practiced Wushu and realized the secret technique.
"Deputy director?"
Looking at Han Pang Zhou Jia with surprise.
"What do you mean, the mine needs to add a deputy supervisor position?"
"Yes" Han Pang nodded.
"Without Cao Honglai and deacon Lu, the output of the mine was almost doubled secretly, and other reasons led to the decision to increase manpower in the mine."
"Add five guards to the original supervisor and deputy supervisor. Congratulations to Brother Zhou, you are now the deputy supervisor of the mine."
"Four source stones for monthly money!"
There is no lack of envy in his tone.
Taking refuge in Wei Zhi pedestrians early is almost a confidant, and working hard is only two source stones in January.
Fortunately, Deyuan will be promoted to four this year, and there will be new arrangements when the time comes.
"Four source stones that’s good" Zhou Jia eyes a bright.
The source stone is naturally the more the better, even if he has nearly 200 source stones at hand, he won’t mind adding extra ones.
"By the way, who is the supervisor?"
"The supervisor is a woman named Samuel from Mu world."