7, Jul 2024
Attitude is somewhat ambiguous.

They both hope that Zhou Jia can bring him here and are afraid of his ruthless hands, and they are even more worried that he will watch a person be killed and move from the heart.
"What are your plans?"
Zhou Jia doesn’t care what others think of himself. He turns around and scans everyone.
"There are still a few months before Jicheng is fully integrated into the market world, and people don’t know when it will come. Where are you going to hide when it comes?"
The people in the field looked at each other.
"Uncle Zhou"
Liang xing took advantage of the two people’s small mouths
"You’re not coming with us?"
Others are also changing faces.
Zhou Jia’s body is extremely oppressive, and he kills people without blinking an eye. from ruin is very unpleasant, but his strength is there
With him, others can have a easier time when they pick him up.
And anyway, it’s better for the earth to go out than to meet foreigners before. Although it’s scary, it’s not as bait to catch monsters without them.
"I can’t always be with you."
Zhou Jiayin’s indifference
"I have my own thing to do."
They smell speech is not a heavy heart, but they don’t know what to say when they see Zhou Jia’s attitude.
"That …" Yang Li tried to think.
"Uncle can take us to find something to eat first? Otherwise, we will starve to death even if we have a hiding place. "
"eat?" Zhou Jia is thoughtful.
"Shout …"
Smell speech a group of people can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.
"I know a place!" Beam suddenly eyes a bright way
"There’s enough food and it’s safe there. Uncle Zhou might as well take us there and we’ll wait for someone to pick us up."
Zhou Jia raises eyebrows
"When I was on patrol, I found out about a local winery." Speaking of this position, my breath became short.
"Xiaoqian is also there!"
Liu Xiaoqian
It’s his girlfriend
Cong people are always good at benefiting group strength, especially when they have enough status. One person’s strength has its limits.
It is natural for some groups to get together.
dim light of night
The strange bat made a piercing strange call.
The special way of perception makes it easy for them to find some prey hidden in the dark and then call for ethnic exhibition and hunting.
"Going …"