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Li Tianlai frowned. "These two opponents are not as easy to fool as the black hand Buddha."

Yun Luo smiled strangely and looked at the silver dragon wolf and asked, "Do you want to consider my suggestion, two demon kings?"
Xiaolong said indifferently, "What advice?"
Yun Luo said, "My suggestion is very simple. Let’s get together and leave each other. You are hurt by your own separation."
Xiaolong laughed. "Little girl, you can’t afford this trick for us."
Yun Luoxiao still looked at the silver wolf and asked, "What about you, pervert?"
The two-headed silver wolf hummed, "Do you think we will agree with one sentence at this moment?"
Yun Luo was disappointed. "So you don’t agree with my suggestion. There’s nothing I can do. I have a trick to force you to leave."
Dragon silver Wolf looked at each other at different mouth fellow "trick? Ok, we just want to see a "
"Don’t regret it?" Yun Luo said with a bad smile on his face.
Jiaolong said, "Will a king regret his status?"
Yun Luo looked at the silver wolf again and asked, "Do you really want to see it?"
Silver Wolf said, "It’s natural to see one."
Yun Luo nodded. "Well, since you don’t regret it and you have to see my tricks, I can hardly make a fool of myself here."
Chapter five hundred and thirty-two A proud month appeared
Li Tianlai said with concern, "Are you sure? It’s not fun to piss them off. "
Yun Luo laughed. "You can rest assured that my drive to drive the wolf will be effective."
Li Tianlai wondered, "Drive the tiger to devour the wolf? Where is the tiger here? "
Yun Luo smiled mysteriously. "Don’t worry, you will know soon."
The words moved to Yunluo and came to Tianshi Valley. Looking at the dragon and silver wolf calmly, he smiled gently. "What do the two heavenly kings think?"
Jiaolong hummed, "Better than you."
Cloud Luo Xiao asked "is it? Then I found that there are masters around here but you didn’t notice? "
Xiaolong glanced at the silver wolf and found that he was also confused and couldn’t help but drink "Don’t talk nonsense and talk over my head."
Yun Luo laughed. "Since the two heavenly kings don’t believe me, I’ll ask the master who hides nearby to let him meet you. What do you think?"
Silver Wolf slightly narrowed his eyes and sank, "Little girl, is this your trick to drive the wolf?"
Yun Luo laughed. "Yeah, you don’t think I’m using psychological tactics, do you?"
Silver Wolf grunted, "That’s hard to say."
Yun Luo Jiao laughed. "In this case, I will invite this master to let you see the truth with your own eyes."
Xiaolong shouted, "Wait, I want to ask. How can you tell that man is a tiger and we are wolves?"
Yun Luo said with a smile, "It’s very simple. I know the origin of that person."
The silver wolf questioned, "So you know who that person is?"
Yun Luo proudly said, "This is a secret, it will not work. Okay, open your eyes and see clearly that the master will appear."
While speaking, Yun Luo’s body turned like a fairy scattered flowers, and the whole body gave off a silvery white light and instantly lit up the neighborhood.
When the figure appeared in the sky, the square of Tianshi Valley was about 100 feet high, and the silver light of two figures immediately revealed the sight of Xiaolong and Silver Wolf Li Tianlai.
Looked at Li Tianlai some startled cloud Luo Yan was not false.
The dragon and the silver wolf stared at the two figures and saw the appearance clearly. Both of them exclaimed, "It’s not good to be proud of the moon!"
At Yunluo, the Buddha looked surprised and seemed surprised that she was aware of her invisibility.
The clouded leopard’s face was stern and his eyes were cold. Four people didn’t have much expression.
Cloud ROM charming smile a return Li Tianlai side triumphant way "such as? This is a good move, right? "
Li Tianlai saw her with a smug wry smile. "It’s not cheap for us to refuse the tiger at the front door and lure the wolf at the back door."
Yun Luo laughed. "Don’t worry, there are some things that need long-term analysis."
Li Tianlai one leng can’t understand what medicine is sold in Yunluo’s gourd, which is quite mysterious in my heart.
Gu Shuang-headed Silver Wolf looked at Ao Yue Tian Zun warily and said, "Are you also a strange beast in the cave?"
The proud moon Buddha said indifferently, "Where is the Wolf King?"
The silver wolf is unwilling to say, "Are you determined to win?"
A proud moon Buddha said, "Things are like chess. Who can talk nonsense? I’m just watching."
Jiaolong grunted, "It’s easy to watch, but you are not so lofty."
A proud moon Buddha took a look at the dragon and said coldly, "Listen to your tone. You have a deep understanding of me. In this case, you will know more things if you go further."
Dragon mind a tight grunted "don’t be proud of the opportunity to learn sooner or later"
Never put off till tomorrow what you can, the figure of Xiaolong disappears into the air in a flash.
Silver Wolf saw this a little hesitation and finally chose to leave.
Gal in Tianshi Valley, there are only four people left: Aoyue Tianzun, Yunbao, Yunluo and Li Tianlai.
Smiling indifferently, the moon Buddha looked at Yunluo and asked, "Did you just learn to manifest yourself?"
Yun Luo’s eyes turned and smiled, "My master taught me."
Proud of the moon, the Buddha said, "It made the master Bing Yu’s remnant soul swordsmanship silver wire palm famous and not proficient in this Taoist mystery."
Yun Luojiao laughed. "I have more than one teacher. This is given by another teacher."
A proud month Buddha curious way "is it? Then who is your other master? "
Yun Luo hesitated, "Master has ordered me not to give his old man’s name."
Ao Yue Tian Zun did not force his eyes to move to the cave south of Tianshi Valley and whispered, "Do you know what this cave is?"