5, Jul 2024
"This is the small bar. He is really a handsome guy."

"Yo, little guy how to cry? Who bullied you? "
"You are busy first, I’ll find the gardener." Grandma and her companions exchanged pleasantries and turned to leave.
Now Zhao Min, the gardener, is in charge of the whole front yard of the manor, but there are not many times when you need to do it yourself. But for Zhao Min, who has already studied, it is quite convenient to manage these people.
But you just have to deal with many emergencies every day.
Came to the front yard not far from the servant room. Grandma said that Zhao Min almost popped her eyes out. "What? You said you wanted to adopt a tiger? "
"Gardeners grow up. I don’t want to adopt tigers. I want to adopt Gou Gou, and if possible, I want to adopt his children."
Zhao Min thinks grandma has a fever.
"That’s what I want to do. I’ll be responsible for the expenses and help me work after I stay in the manor. I calculated that I only eat dozens of dollars a day, and I have a lot of energy to help me do a lot of farm work. If I have a hook, I can plant more and my family and hook are good friends. I also want to find a playmate for Xiao."
Hmm … It seems that it’s not impossible.
The domesticated animals in the manor are very good.
Gou Gou You Qicong This time, the landlord chose the ancestors of the three old tigers.
Dawei, Gou Gou and Xiao Guai
Last night, they had finished breeding, and there were hundreds more tigers in the zoo. The tiger hill was almost full, but the hook had also completed its historical mission. Next, they chose Cong Cong to mate and reproduce among the remaining cubs.
But this work is also very heavy, and it is not feasible to rely on manor servants.
The manor makes it easier for tourists to help with the inspection.
You can broadcast your own genes only if you are the best at interacting with humans and the most popular.
For humans, it is fun to play in the zoo, but for tigers, it is a competition for mating.
This manual selection is the only feasible and effective domestication method at present, which can effectively make up for the shortage of manpower in the manor when the flow of people is many times faster.
Cats, dogs, horses, cows, sheep, etc. are all domesticated from generation to generation and can do so temporarily when there is no other better way.
At this time, the hook can be separated from the whole process of reproduction and selection, and there is no problem in theory.
"I’ll ask the landlord to wait a moment," Zhao Min said to his little grandmother. "The landlord said no problem, but which child do you want to hook?"
"How many children are there?" Grandma asked, "I want to adopt if I can."
"About two hundred?"
Little grandma "…"
Finally, grandma adopted Gou Gou and his three children, one of whom was once nursed by Xiao Gou.
Little grandma was working hard in the farmland with a hook, playing with three little tigers and almost forgetting that they didn’t go home for dinner until Mr. and Mrs. Chen talked anxiously.