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Zhou Zhao laughed and twisted his lips. "If we can ship back 10 thousand tons, we will have the support of Sima’s family."

"When the armored vehicle came, my heart was still pounding." A posh little man also joked. "I thought what should I do if they shout?"
"It’s okay to shoot."
Zhou Zhao’s voice just fell and he saw a magical knight flying to the middle of the roll, which seemed to roll several fighting knights into his hand.
The power is surging and there is no one to talk at the scene.
"Did any of you not sign the contract?" Yinsen’s brave voice is heavy and has a dignified taste.
After being arrested, the fighting knight refused to twist, but none of them succeeded. Finally, two fighting knights answered "I didn’t"
Yin Senyong turned his eyes to the remaining six people and said, "Did you sign a contract for Zhou Zhao?"
When I heard my name, I was observing the situation in the window. Zhou Zhao’s leg was weak and almost fell from the building. His design was different. In his view, it is normal for Yin Sen to talk about the channel Committee or the Zhou family or "other families". What is it to deliberately name himself?
"Don’t be afraid of anything!" Zhou Zhao looked at his partners and encouraged him. "When this is over, we will also hire some magical knights."
"Also" dressy or foppish seems to want to say something. Zhang mouth reached out to the front.
I don’t know what the six fighting knights said, but they were all picked by Yin Sen Yong and twisted inexplicably.
Crisp "click" floated in the distance.
That’s a broken neck.
Almost instantly, six fighting knights died with their necks cocked.
Several people quietly touch their necks.
There was a low gasp in the whole port, and Yin Sen’s brave voice was clear as if in a recording studio, asking two fighting knights who didn’t sign the contract, "Which family are you?"
"I’m not a family knight."
"I am Gaza, the Temple of the Fire Dragon."
The two answered successively.
Yin Senyong said, "Well, knights are not allowed to give it to people on earth without signing a contract. This is a prerequisite for entering the Xijiang city-state, right?"
"Kill yourselves. I’ll notify the Dragon Temple."
Two fighting knights stayed for a moment, pulled out their side weapons and committed suicide on the spot.
The whole process took place at a height of more than half a dozen meters. Look at the stunned workers from the earth. Those who were forced to cooperate with the indigenous workers kept retreating and said that they would not accompany them.
Yu Weichao came forward at this time in the armored vehicle side with an infantry battalion and entered the port area. Even if Zhou Zhao arranged cronies, he never dared to move again.
A group of armored soldiers arrived at the port building and rang the room where Zhou Zhao and others were located.
Chapter five hundred and sixty-three The new order ()
Five people, including Zhou Zhao, were pale and stuffed into armored vehicles by soldiers, and sweaty socks were filled. I don’t know which students contributed.
They are used to being pampered and humiliated, not only speechless, but also disgusting and rolling their eyes like fish jumping out of the water. It is impossible for them to go back to the time when they didn’t jump out before.
Without the command of the port area, the workers quietly dispersed, and the students of the martial arts school regained control of the port area and unloaded the newly moved materials.
The trouble is that it’s a little troublesome, but the jurisprudence is unobstructed
Liu Xinyu, dressed in 1 cm high heels, highlighted her figure. Walking alone in the port area, no one dared to stare at her and came back to Chen Yi with a smile. "The threat is lifted."
"You this test method …" It makes sense for Chen Yi to think carefully.
Yu Weichao dared not look down and asked, "How do the workers handle it?"
"They are also bewitched by people, first of all, let them feel at ease to resume their work." Chen Yi’s qualitative statement made many people breathe a sigh of relief. It is one thing to kill a fighting knight, and it is another thing to deal with workers. The tens of millions of participants don’t understand the nature of this matter-on the whole, they don’t understand the difference between the Western continent and the earth.
Chen Yi added, "For this time, the workers’ picket personnel department, which obeyed Zhou Zhao’s command, paid a lower salary and sent night shifts and heavy work directly to Zhou Zhao, and was responsible for organizing workers to pull them out and send them to the mining area to work for the minimum salary. Finally, the workers who followed the crowd told them to cancel the annual rank salary and technical salary, and if they didn’t want to continue working for half a year, they could pay them a one-time basic salary of three months and be repatriated when they stayed in the western continent for one year."
The wages in the western mainland are extremely high, especially in the port area. Three months’ wages are enough for them to live for more than a year, but when they are watching others earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, their depression is completely different, even if they reduce their wages, they should not be punished, because this is a permanent salary reduction, unless they choose another job, the salary will always be lower than others, and workers in state-owned enterprises usually will not choose another job.