3, Jul 2024
"We have all heard the words of Li Shihua, the head of the first special warfare group during the day. I think we have to change the distribution method of the Tongtian special warfare group."

Except Xu tui, Zhao Hailong’s first mouth with the highest prestige was obviously discussed by all.
"As usual, I get two copies of the income from the trading base, and I get three copies of the income from selling maps and a lot of technical input."
In the end, everyone else got 29 grams of source crystal and got 6 grams of source crystal.
Another huge income.
Especially for other members, their consumption of the source crystal is limited, and the source crystal is not finished at one time. This will be another 300 grams, which is really anxious.
It would be a loss to let others help if the head of the regiment can’t retire before the time limit is set.
In these battles, the exchange of cultivation experience and the distribution of war benefits, the words and prestige of Tongtian Special Combat Team have reached a very high level
There is no doubt that if you make a retreat, it is estimated that no one will object to it now.
There is a word in one-night talk-gan!
Practice hard!
There is a long river-like landform 300 kilometers to the west of the 21st base, and dozens of wall caves are chiseled on the high side.
There are also automatic engineering robots running back and forth outside the river.
There is a patrol of Haotian Special Combat Team on duty.
One of the large-scale wall cave Haotian special warfare team management is getting together, and the atmosphere will be dignified.
"The head of the regiment just got the exact news that the Tongtian special warfare regiment has really attacked a new base and has successfully traded it to Taiyi special warfare regiment, and the base has been taken over by Taiyi special warfare regiment!"
With that, Changsha Yue, the deputy regiment, added, "The ore refining center is in good condition. According to the news, as soon as Taiyi Special War Group took over a large number of automatic engineering robots, it excavated the raw ore and made the base ore refining center run at full capacity.
The number of standard metal ingots obtained in one day has exceeded 300. "