2, Jul 2024
The facial expressions are quite rich, and together they are three words-piss you off.

Bai Qilin gave him a dirty look at the same time as the tsunami.
Window at this time is very comfortable looking at the front was scared to stay around the real people in Chunyang, and there are other people with eyeliner around.
Shuxin clinic has always been regarded as a small school by them, relying on the sword school of Shushan to shake them this time.
"Seven-color rain has always been relatively large in size, but after research, one thing has been found, that is, let them control their wings, fold their bodies and spread their wings by about a third, but they are the fastest."
For Linglan to answer Wentao is also very serious.
"With this discovery, the first thing to do when training the seven-color rain naturally is to control the intensity, so that their speed and size are much smaller, and the overall feeling is one-fifth of the normal size, which makes them exert their maximum attack like a sword."
"But it makes sense to think of a problem in the future, so some of their seven-color rain will expand their bodies and wings to the maximum, which is nearly six or seven times larger than the most suitable attack state, because he has expanded his body except the wings, so that their flight speed and attack speed have actually dropped. I haven’t found any benefits in this way."
"Later, I suddenly thought of one thing. After they made a part of them bigger, the 57,000-color rain army wanted to pretend to be more than 100,000 points, so as to scare a pure-yang real person and then occupy a favorable position when negotiating with them, only to find that these seven-color rains combined to hit the body and there was a weak energy. Even if my mind could not see through it, I could feel it, but I couldn’t feel it."
"So I let the seven-color rain show in the back and the middle except in the outermost and the front, which caused more than ten times the effect. It seems that there are 500,000 million effects, especially when the strongest batch of seven-color rain is placed in front of the pure sunshine real people, their strength should be felt."
Wentao said with a smile and pointed to the front. "You see this effect is not bad. You are stunned."
"So that’s the way it is. I said that after the boss came back from the northern heaven and earth, he let these seven-color rain change in line and still practice formation." Although it’s not Luo Zhenfeng who asked, Luo Zhenfeng was very educated and nodded.
Naturally, I was despised by Bai Qilin and the tsunami.
Everyone nodded in succession. The former boss said that there was a way to go out this time without recklessly. Now, how can they go out in vain to scare Chunyang and then fly out fair and square?
Stunned people are not only pure Yang, but also the thunder.
What kind of world is it? So fierce and seven-color rain can not only be tamed, but also make so many millions. Isn’t it as strong as just now? How do you say that just now also has the power of three robberies and scattered fairy tales?
It’s scary to have 100 thousand as strong as that one just now, but it’s scary to have 10 thousand
And these seven colors of rain are all the early forces of Du Jie, which is simply an enemy army and just like an army.
No wonder Mr. Wen is so confident, so the cow turned out to be emboldened. Fortunately, he has never been disrespectful to him. Once, he tried to control Mr. Wen to get the secret idea of soaring to Du Jie, which was rectified by Mr. Wen
But now it seems that Mr. Wen is really thinking about showing mercy to Heng Hou Jian.
Whether facing the pure sun or thunder, or watching others around, I believe that there are so many reasons for the rain.
Compared with this million-strong army, it is like sending some weak and beaten soldiers to test and deliberately die.
Everyone has the same idea. It turns out that the tens of thousands of seven-color rain is just a test, and it is very likely that some waste will be used to deal with it. Now these are the real regular teams.
Wentao is in no hurry to go out and talk about it now. He just broke the silver dome of Chunyang Reality, and I’m sure Chunyang Reality didn’t have the guts to kill him.
At this time, another person almost ran away when he saw such a situation.
This person is more excited than Chunyang’s real person and others, and that is Mu Yin.
"Impossible … Boom …" Actually, Mu Yin has already come to the secular world. He knows his present situation very well. He has gone the real evil way. He dare not show up easily, hide in the dark, carefully arrange and wait for the soaring meeting before entering.
He doesn’t want to be psychic, but he can also know all the conditions here. Even if there is a slight difference, he will quickly inform him of the situation through communication.
Muyin smashed everything in front of him with one hand. There was no one else here. This was his own place, and he made no secret of it.
"Ah …" MuYin angry face upwards roar what happened.
I worked hard to abandon human nature and combine with Dongye to create today’s power.
Now, if the strength is absolutely stronger than the green sky, holding down the rain is the first step for Mu Yin. Wentao has become a knot in his heart. Even if he hasn’t confronted Wentao for a long time, everything he does is Wentao’s goal.
Now I find that I have worked so hard that I am not as good as Wentao to raise a group of animals.
"Damn …" Anger spread like crazy in Mu Yin’s eyes, and everyone was shaking.
"No, I won’t lose to you. I can make more people …"
Not to mention other aspects, seeing these seven-color rain is like a reaction, saying that the seven-color rain army is facing the real people.
At this time, it is a dilemma … What a joke. He is not impulsive or tough enough to take himself into the army of millions of seven colors of rain. How can he retreat? If he is scared off like this, the Great Kunlun still has a face.